The recent bitcoin price action indicates that the time has come for a more adult culture of building, development and adoption around Bitcoin.

Why Doesn’t Bitcoin Price Matter?

“Bear markets are the best time to be alive and in the industry. It’s depressing for those who don’t know what they’re doing, it’s great for those with a long-term perspective.” – Simon Dixon

The difference between bitcoin and everything else is that bitcoin price doesn’t matter. In the long run, the bitcoin price has risen, yes, but bitcoin’s value proposition as hard, impregnable and truly decentralized money really matters. Price is not hype, not pump. Because of this, traders and speculators have lost interest in Bitcoin and continue to flock instantly to the latest pumped-up decentralized finance (DeFi) or non-tradable token (NFT) project. This loss of interest from speculators is seen by many as a negative development for Bitcoin, but it is actually very positive. What we currently see represented in the low bitcoin price is the value of its real functional utility and the absence of the retail speculation capital that was there before. This article will explain why this is a good thing.

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