What your influencer wants you to know about working with them

Whether you’re a company considering working with influencers for the first time or a seasoned veteran in running a campaign, influencer marketing can be a huge learning curve. That’s why we asked some influencers what they want brands to know when it comes to working with them. From advice not to be intimidated by an influencer to trusting your influencer with content for their audience, here are some great tips. Prepare your notebooks!

Austen Tosone

i am unique

The biggest thing I want brands to understand about working with me is that I have a diverse professional experience background that makes working with me unique. I’ve previously worked as a magazine editor and content director at a tech startup, and these experiences fuel my creative process and enable me to meet deadlines, respond to emails in a timely manner, and take a professional and proactive approach to everyone. from my brand partnerships. Creating content may seem easy, but there’s a lot that goes into creating content and staying organized throughout the process, and with years of experience, I’m always up for the task.

Austen Tosone, NYC-based fashion and beauty content creator Keep Calm and Chiffon

Ciara Strickland

see me as a person for who I am

As a creator, I want brands and companies to understand and see who I am as a person, from my audiences to how I use my platforms. I hope brands continue to use social media and all the tools it brings with it as an educational force. Working with me, I hope brands will allow me to use my platforms and create content with creative freedom. Very stylish, [we] limited by creative freedom that may hinder performance as it does not seem original to our audience.

Ciara Strickland, Photographer and Creative Director of The New Mixx

Shyla's Day

make sure we align

As an influencer, I find it important to align with brands that have a mission that aligns with mine. At the end of the day, affirming your brand brings our brands directly together, so I would appreciate it if a brand has a similar mission or supports the same causes that I like to support.

And the thing is, most of us have spent x years building a platform that is valuable enough that you want to advertise on it, and we truly appreciate and value our followers. At the end of the day, we want to support brands that we truly love and enjoy! Authentic support is better than anything else.

Shyla Day, Award-Winning Music Artist, TEDx Speaker, Best Selling Author, Social Media Influencer, and International Humanitarian, Shyladay.com

Stephanie O'Quigley

I know what content works for my target audience

Influencers want partnerships to work both ways. For example, they want to make sure they are helping brands achieve their campaign goals and that the partnership is right for them. I wish brands knew that the influencer was the best person to advise on what content would work to help get them there. If brands are leading with a budget and KPIs, they should look to the influencer for direction on how it should be spent.

I also want brands to know that follower count doesn’t always guarantee success. I’ve seen insights from influencers who have half a million followers and the same engagement as someone with 20,000 followers. It’s important to do your research!

Stephanie O’Quigley, Influencer and podcast host.

Junae Benne

Looking for progress and change

I want brands to know that I’m all about accessibility, DEI and tech, and opening the door to more Black women in gaming. I’m not interested in exposure, I’m interested in progress and change. I will work with brands that are growing and doing business even if the rates are lower than I would like. Giving back to the community is a priority. Everything I do and every brand I work with has a glimmer of how I can use it to promote or share knowledge with others!

Junae Benne, Esports/Gaming Journalist, Author and Content Creator

Ashley, the novel thief

Honesty is important in my reviews

As a book blogger, I’ve spoken to several brands about working with them in the book influencer world. One of the things I want brands to know very much is that I value honesty in my book reviews and book postings, and when I choose to work with you, I want to make sure we’re both honest with our audiences. Just because I didn’t like your book doesn’t mean someone else might not get my review, read your book, and absolutely love it!

Ashley, The Novel Thief

Copy of Influencer Eva (1600 x 500 pixels)

I am flexible about content type

If there’s one thing I can say to a brand that wants to collaborate, I’ll go beyond anything to create the content that brand is looking for. I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone to try something new or learn something new. The topic is what kind of content will be created, on which platforms the content will be promoted, etc. I am very flexible about things. I am always in pursuit of mutually beneficial collaborations as much as possible!
Eva Keller of DiscoveringHiddenGems.com

Eva Keller from DiscoveringHiddenGems.com Eva Keller Discovers Hidden Gems

Danasia Fantastic (1600 x 500 pixels)

I am also a business

All I want brands to know about working with me is that I’m a business, and that’s how I should be treated with the same level of respect and professionalism. Brands often think that because we are individuals, they can delay our payments or belittle us when it comes to compensation, but that’s not the case. My fees are like that because as a business it costs me to create the content they want, as well as provide access to my audience.

Danasia Fantastic, Founder of TheUrbanRealist

Vicky Smith

please respect me

All I want brands to know about working with me is that I have a job, which means I should be treated with the same level of respect and professionalism. Brands often think that because we are individuals, they can delay our payments or belittle us when it comes to compensation, but that’s not the case. My fees are like that because as a business it costs me to create the content they want, as well as provide access to my audience.

Vicky Smith, blogger More Than A Mummy

Maria Juvakka

Always choose clarity

The more clarity in the summary you present to influencers, the better the content influencers will generate for you. You want adequate guidance on your expectations – including how the product is used and your expectations for output – without being too rigid to stifle your creativity. One of the best things about working with influencers is that you benefit from their creative minds and their uniqueness that makes them popular with their audience. They provide a gateway for you to reach their audience, so you want to give them the freedom to do it their way but also be really open about what you expect.

It’s not great to spend hours on images and/or video only to be told that everything needs to be re-shot just because the product isn’t shown at the right angle or just right. If you want the content to showcase a specific element of the product, be clear about it with the influencer. A great summary will explain: exactly what you want the influencer to create (posts, videos, stories, blog articles, and on which channels), any theme your campaign focuses on, how you want to see your products or services on display, anything you don’t want to see in ads, deadline (online) including whether you want final approval before anything is published) and the fee. If all this is agreed in advance, you will have a much better working relationship now and in the future!

Maria Juvakka, founder of Chic Pursuit

Krissy Hadick (1600 x 500 pixels)

Too many discounted texts don’t reach my target audience

As an influencer, I want brands to know that they can count on influencers to know their audience. Some collaborations I’ve received require discounted paragraphs of text that brands want included in posts. While it’s important to highlight the product’s features, too much sales text doesn’t engage the audience. I’ve found that my best posts are those where I have the flexibility to be my true self.

Krissy Hadick, owner of The Hadicks

Jodie Filogomo (1600 x 500 pixels)

It’s all about the details

I’d say all I want brands to know about working with you is that I appreciate as much detail as possible about a campaign and company. In fact, I’m the type to answer any question to know the ins and outs of what I’m talking about. Getting inside information about the brand really helps the company stand out when I share my content. For example, how the company started or something unique about the company.

Jodie Filogomo Jodie’s Touch of Style

Brock McGoff

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box in terms of what you want. Maybe your favorite influencers aren’t just promoting you on Instagram. Maybe they’ll take product photos for you too, maybe even reset your TikTok account.

Brock McGoff, Editor The Modest Man

vikki lenola

more time is always better

It’s better for you to give me plenty of time to create quality images. As a result, you will have MUCH more eyes to pay attention to your promotion this way.

Vikki Lenola, Influenced Vikki Lenola

Steph and Katie Burton

Quality prints require effort.

We’d love for our customers and partners to know how much work has gone into creating quality output! Influencer marketing is still such a new industry, not everyone sees the value of influencer-generated content. They don’t understand how much time and skill goes into creating photos, videos and written content. We wear a lot of hats as influencers. We are photographers, videographers, editors, copywriters, marketers, creative directors and we run our own business. We have built audiences that trust us, which we have grown through years of consistent work. All of this is incredibly valuable and is reflected in our prices.

Steph and Katie Burlton Lez See the World

Make sure to keep these in mind for your next influencer campaign.

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