Walken Launches Public Beta on June 7

Three months into its closed beta, the Walken team has announced the launch of the long-awaited public beta on June 7 for players to try the free-to-play win-win game before the main launch. The enhanced and fully polished Walken app will allow anyone to participate in the public beta available for download on both iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play Market. From P2P competing and motivating players to lead a healthier lifestyle, to the breeding of upcoming CAthlets and more, Walken promises to be a healthy win-win experience. The game’s first NFT public sale will go live in June, with the IEO following. Shima Capital and Infinity Ventures Crypto are among Web3 investors backing Walken in a $4.7 million funding round.

What is a Walken?

Walken a free to play win-win game It is built on the Solana blockchain. It combines sports and crypto while focusing on the natural human urge to walk and move. Players win by walking in real life Gems, which are in-game soft currency with the help of which you can upgrade your in-game characters and compete to earn $WLKN tokens. In turn, tokens can be used to raise a CAthlete’s level (and its three stats: speed, stamina, potency) or buy NFT items on the Marketplace that add extra stat points and help win more contests. Each CAthlete is generated from a unique gene sequence determining them appearance, stats and rarity. The values ​​of the stats significantly affect the chances of winning in a particular running discipline.

is game oriented Upgrade CAthlets and join the run competitions To earn $WLKN tokens. Each time a CAThlete’s level rises, its attributes increase as well. CAThlets compete in 6 Leagues with higher stake rewards in each subsequent League. From the very start, any CAThlete can enter League 1 and compete in 3 running disciplines: sprint, marathon, city running. To enter the next League, which offers a higher prize for each competition won, a player must bring their CAThlete to the next level. In summary, the more a player walks in real life, the higher a CAThlete’s stats will be, the more often he wins in competitions and can compete in higher level Leagues, the more WLKN he earns in the long run.

Greater Vision

Built in the simplest move2play win2earn mindset, Walken has the potential and capabilities to democratize blockchain gaming for those who need it most by engaging non-crypto people in DeFi in less than 30 seconds. Each player is given a crypto Wallet and an in-game character upon registration, so they are immediately ready to walk and win. mean the player It is set to provide returns with zero investment. However, players also have the option to start their journey with Walken by purchasing an NFT character and gear to speed up their progress and start earning more coins.

The team is also driven by the global vision to build the Walken protocol as a platform to bring together other developers and extend the web3 ecosystem with consumer-oriented products.

Therefore, our mission is to simplify the crypto experience for players, provide a new influx of users to the Web3, and provide stable environments for the $WLKN token while positively impacting their lives, and encouraging players to make a positive change in their lifestyle and well-being.

Getting Steam

turned out to be bold idea Inspired by Tamagotchi and Pokemon GO, Walken has come a long way from an early concept to a full-fledged move to win game running on the blockchain.

this closed Beta Launched in March 2022, a great success, welcomed 10,000 beta testers from 120 countries. And now the total number of testers from more than 120 countries has exceeded 10 thousand and their CAthlets have entered more than 1.25 million competitions in total. The Walken team saw the concept and implementation resonate deeply with the community: testers took a remarkable total of 830 million steps during the closed beta – that’s the equivalent of going around the world 13 times!

During the closed beta period, there were a number of significant changes to the Walken app: Redesigned competitions are now focused on displaying their stats and steps rather than visualizing the rival CAThlete running; Redesigned Wallet with transaction refinement and daily sorting; SOL support and QR code sharing as well as sending, receiving of players and all these features Walken in-game wallet full-fledged crypto wallet; Support for wearables for iOS and much more, and more to come!

Walken community has seen exponential growth and is now growing more and more every day, with a total of more than 286 thousand on all social networks. The team is extremely grateful for the community’s involvement and feedback – it’s the driving force of game development and helps improve the game day by day.

The Walken team is currently working on adding more game features and more ways to use tokens that will allow users to create and experiment with more strategies (eg. hybridization, Tournaments between users based on steps or competitive wins, etc.). Time-limited events and NFT lifecycle, where users can better monetize their activities in the app, along with more utility improvements will improve the gaming experience and strengthen players to earn more. In addition to walking win and competitive content, Walken has set up a CAThlete breeding system. With this, players will soon be able to spawn two CAthlets to create new CAThlets with different speed, stamina and strength stats, possibly colors and visual attributes. Players can even spawn the ultimate running champion who is extremely skilled in one of three stats!

Walken has acquired Blockwiz, a premium crypto marketing solutions provider, to help expand into new markets.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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