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Outgoing calling is not about blindly sending emails and messages to potential customers. It’s more about reaching interested potential customers and approaching them wisely. By defining similar user groups, it is easier to generate leads correctly. With that comes the inevitable hard part – reaching your potential customers.

Reaching potential customers is a part of the sales process that can be intimidating. Fear of rejection can hold you back. The truth is that most of your emails may not open at all, which is quite normal. You’ll want to increase your open rate, but your bigger goal is to convert leads into customers.

The average email open rate dropped to just 21.3% in 2020. By comparison, the average open rate in 2013 was about 30%. This is a significant drop. If you work as a retailer using cold emails as their primary promotional tool, you know that your open rate averages are only partially a measure of your business success.

If you send a lot of emails, 21.3% might be too much. The question is how do we convert this percentage into conversions? Try targeting highly valuable leads with messages that stand out in their inboxes. We recommend that you start using videos in your search.

Add video… why?

Can you say you read more texts or watch more videos? If you’re like the majority of modern people, you watch a lot more videos every day. The leap that video content has made in terms of usage is huge. It’s safe to call video the ruler of internet content.

It is estimated that 82% of internet traffic will come from videos by 2022. When you think about the rise of video consumption, it makes sense to start including videos in your outgoing search. Simply put, video content has become the most effective medium of communication. It is also easier and faster to process than plain old text.

Some may use video for entertainment, while others may use it for education, but the impact videos have on purchasing behavior is phenomenal. Multiple research statistics support this statement. Here’s just one example: 90% of consumers say they watch a video to help with their final purchasing decision.

When you receive an e-mail or message with visual content, you are likely to be more interested. Adding the word “video” to the subject line of your email has been a valid approach for years.

Video marketing tracker

Understand your audience to attract them

To get the most out of your outgoing calls using video, you’ll want to get to know your potential customers first. Because you want to create a highly personalized video, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and dig deep. Remember, you are making a video aimed at a person.

To create an effective video, you have to do a lot of research. You can use social media monitoring tools to get an overall picture of what it takes to create an attention-grabbing video. You can also monitor your competitors’ target audience by reading their comment sections or reviewing their respective users.

Some of the things you should keep in mind:

  • try to keep it short
  • make it personal
  • Use videos as an attachment, not a backup
  • Be friendly and reliable
  • Test different campaigns

By keeping it short, you’re not attracting the short-term attention of a modern user. Try to be concise about the message you want to send and get straight to the point. This way, interested viewers can quickly stand out from the crowd.

Sales reps who tend to spend more time learning about their target audiences often see the best results. They know that personalizing your email or LinkedIn connection request is the only way to increase your chances. Without personalization, any sales research strategy can fail.

The same is true here – get to know your buyers so you can tailor the video to their interests. Find out their needs, fears and wishes and you will be able to create the perfect video that will make them want to know more about your offer. If you do the research right, making the video is a breeze.

Your video should make the recipient perceive you as friendly and easier to do business with. It is important to stand out among the millions of messages users receive. If you can make your email look credible, you’ve done half the work. This is very difficult to achieve using just text. That’s why videos are often the tool to help you warm up a cold email.

By providing quick values ​​such as education or tips, your videos are likely to have an impact while appearing friendly and engaging. Remember, the video in your outbound call is part of a larger strategy. Don’t fail by trying to say it all in one short video – you’ll only confuse viewers and hit them with too much information. Always consider these videos as additions to your speech, not as a substitute.

Explanatory video example

Create the right video types

First, you’ll want to define your outbound strategy step-by-step. Here are some of the most effective video types that should go in that order:

  • Promotions
  • demos
  • follow-ups
  • summaries

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Introduction video

This is the most important video in your funnel. The text plays an important role here – if it looks like a sale or looks like a spam email, people may not open it or email clients may flag your messages as spam. It is important to spend a lot of time creating the first message and video.

Promotional videos are great for building connections. By customizing it for a particular company (or a responsible person), you increase their chances of watching the entire video. If you somehow teach them how to solve their problems, or even provide a real solution, you’ll likely get their full attention. That’s all you need to get started.

introduction video

Demo videos are often used as part of the sales funnel when users are already familiar with your brand. They may even have asked for a better look at your product.

Now do your part in the demo video. One-on-one live demos are impossible as they waste too much time both for you and especially for your potential customers. Short personalized chapters at both the beginning and the end of demo videos are the keys to success.

In the general, pre-recorded section, you should show how your product is relevant to and helping your potential customer. Here you visualize your services and product benefits. These videos will help you keep them engaged and keep moving forward in the funnel.

Remember, they need to be personalized with a short welcome greeting or a custom-made farewell message for each potential client.

follow up video

You may not even know if your recipients opened the first few emails or messages. Most of the sellers give up before this part. But this is a missed opportunity.

This opinion is based on research by WoodPecker that says follow-up emails/messages have a 40% higher chance of being answered than first ones.

The good thing is, you don’t need to change much of the script. Start with a summary, talk about the problem your buyer may have, and explain that you probably have a video that will help them in some way. Finally, you add pre-recorded video content.

Summary video

When you get to this part of the funnel, you want to make sure you close the deal with a strong message. This is where you need to make your Summary Video more personal.

Include everything from your previous communication and any relevant information you gathered at this stage. This helps your potential customer feel that there is a real person behind all this. Highlight everything you know about their problem and possible solutions so the recipient feels you can help them.

Do not pretend this is goodbye and try to look confident that you will meet again. Even if this time it doesn’t turn into a conversion, you’ll want to revisit them.

Video is the future of outgoing call

Try it or not, outgoing call video is fast becoming a necessity. You should at least consider trying it. There are many examples of how it has helped businesses, and the internet is full of research by competent experts. It works – you just have to use it correctly.

It takes time to produce all the content at first. But after a while, you’ll get used to it and create videos without spending too much time. A reasonable investment is possible – no need to be big, get started as soon as possible.

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