Vacation guide to increasing affiliate program revenue

Vacation Guide to Increase Your Affiliate Program Income

Christmas is approaching and whether you have an affiliate program or not, this is an important part of your year to make sales and increase your income. However, if you have an affiliate program, this period may be an opportunity for you to have a full year. Learning how to take advantage of this period with your members will help you gain more traction during this busy season. Here are the best strategies to increase your revenue using affiliates.

Get organized

The first step is to make sure you’re organized and ready for the season. It sounds obvious, but because she’s so busy it can be easy to skip this stage and move on to other things you think are more important. Affiliate managers will tell you that it is very important to get this right because if you are late to the party with your organization, you will have a hard time joining different campaigns with affiliates.

Editing tip: Make a list of everything you need ahead of time and start working on it.

The following tips will give you a great idea of ​​what you might need. Also consider what your affiliates will need if you are running a special campaign with them – coupon codes, images, free products, access to software for product reviews, etc.

Create a shareable marketing planning calendar for the holidays

Having informed affiliates will go a long way towards building a great relationship with them. One of the best ways to do this is to create a marketing calendar that you can share with your affiliates so they know what you focus on and when. That way, they can tailor their promotions to your calendar and everyone wins – they can also plan their content by knowing holiday deals ahead of time. This will put them in a better position to publicly promote your products. For example, if they know your website will focus on winter dresses, they can tailor their content to it – perhaps an article about their 10 favorite winter dresses.

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ask for deals

The best and easiest way to maximize your profits is to ask your current affiliates what opportunities they have for additional promotion on their website during the holiday season. This can be anything from appearing in gift guides and putting your promotions in a prime position to posting your brand’s products on Instagram.

The most important thing to remember is to be as broad and open as possible when asking and sending an email to all of your existing affiliate email lists, because there will always be opportunities you haven’t thought of.

In addition, establishing close relationships with your top-earning affiliates can make a huge difference in increasing your sales. Emailing them personally and one-on-one to discuss opportunities they have will help you get your brand ahead of them.

Consider offering coupon codes, commission increases or incentives

When requesting deals from affiliates, some of these come at an additional cost – usually commission increases, so make sure you have some flexible room when choosing your initial commission rates so you don’t miss out on deals during the festival. period. Affiliate incentives are not uncommon.

Another thing to consider is offering special coupon codes or promo codes to your top performing affiliates or a general coupon code for all your affiliates. This can help convert customers and doesn’t have to be a specific percentage off – you can do this for free shipping (if you haven’t already offered it) or free express shipping. You can also use coupon codes very strategically – if you know your average order value is $50, you can try increasing the AOV, for example by offering a 10% discount on a $75 spend.

Another way to encourage your affiliates is to offer a commission increase on all sales between certain dates. For example, you could say “We’ll give you an additional 2% commission on all sales in November” to encourage affiliates to promote you more to their target audience. Or you can do it differently and say, “If you make 100 sales this month, we’ll give you a commission bonus for the next month.”

Update your banners

Having up-to-date creatives for the holiday season is essential. do you have any sales? Or is it a free shipping offer? Having banners to reflect your promotions will increase your sales because when someone clicks on a banner they already know what to expect.

For example, they’re already interested because they clicked on a banner that says “Free shipping.” Generic banners are great when there’s nothing on the site, but they convert more when banners are more specific. This can help your affiliates promote your brand with minimal effort.

Make sure you’re using an automated data feed

An automated data feed or product feed can help you drive more sales this holiday season. The data feed is a list of all your products and can show if they are in stock. Some affiliates use them for comparison sites or fashion websites. This can help affiliates using data streams transform their audiences; For example, an affiliate might use a data feed on a shopping comparison website. As a customer, there is nothing worse than clicking on something they think will be out of stock and finding it completely out of stock.

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Expand your horizons and work with different types of partnerships

Many businesses rely on one or two types of affiliates to generate income for their business. By diversifying your affiliate types, you are diversifying your income. It won’t hurt your business as a whole if a few of your affiliate’s revenues are affected. A lot of people focus on influencers, but there are just too many options. There are several different types of affiliates and many different ways to work with them. We encourage bloggers, comparison websites, cashback sites, paid search partners, coupon websites, remarketing partners, etc. think.

Communicate regularly with your affiliates during the holiday period

Communication is essential when preparing your business partners for success. During the festive period, be sure to send out a more regular affiliate newsletter. Inform them about the best sellers and the most converting landing pages. Let them know about upcoming promotions, your marketing calendar, news about upcoming incentives or commission bonuses, and the specific keywords they should target.

On top of that, make sure you’re also in regular contact with the affiliates you run special offers on – make sure they know you’re ready to answer any questions, provide them with everything they need, and keep the lines of communication open. If an affiliate has a great experience with you, they will want to continue working with you in the future.

Increase your income this holiday season

Hopefully, this has given you some great ideas to help you have a full holiday season with your affiliate program. Remember that the top priority is organization – you should have already started planning and organizing some campaigns.

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