Ultron Foundation Promotes Staking Hub NFT as a New Way

Ultron Foundation Promotes Staking Hub NFT as a New Way

DUBAI, UAE, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Primarily known for the first single native Layer 1 coin, Ultron Foundation has released an innovative digital asset growth tool called Staking Hub NFT. There are many established approaches to raising capital for new crypto projects or funding existing ones, but only a handful of projects are attempting to take advantage of the endless possibilities of blockchain technology. One such technology is immutable tokens (NFTs), a promising tool that changes the way we perceive property rights and intellectual property. But the problem is that they often don’t provide much benefit, making them primarily a speculative asset.

Ultron Staking Hub NFT: Funding Future Development with Benefit Centric NFTs

Funding for a new crypto project is primarily done in one of the following two ways: either by raising funds traditionally, i.e. with the help of venture capital or angel investors, or through an initial coin offering (ICO). Second, it was the most preferred method to finance new crypto projects in 2017 when so many projects were funded in this way. Unfortunately, due to their relatively unregulated nature, the projects have attracted many malicious players and brought significant losses to the crypto community. The distrust caused by fraudulent actions inspired the Ultron team to use the security features provided by NFTs in a way never before seen in the crypto space. Well aware of the crypto community’s distrust of ICOs, Ultron’s team came up with the first-of-its-kind Staking Hub NFT solution, while trying to bring real-world benefit to NFTs.

Ultron’s whitepaper describes Staking Hub NFT as an innovative digital asset growth tool that allows users to receive daily APR returns as ULX tokens. Ownership of Staking Hub NFT entitles them to receive passive digital asset rewards that can be claimed daily. What Ultron Foundation offers is the option for users to stake their funds over a predefined lockdown period, for which a Staking NFT is awarded. Meanwhile, users will receive daily ULX rewards of up to 0.2% per day, which can be further used in auto betting, giving individuals even greater returns.

Further clarification on the soon-to-be-implemented solution was provided by one of Ultron’s representatives: “The coins produced through these hubs will be locked for a fixed period of time and are gradually unlocked each year, while users’ coins are a secondary market, promising sufficient liquidity for the entire ecosystem. “

ULX Staking Incentive: First Single Local Tier 1 Coin

Ultron’s Staking Hub NFT is a truly exciting innovation, but pales in comparison to native Tier 1 coins (ULX). The team set themselves an important goal of creating an ecosystem that would use the first single native Tier 1 coin to fuel all operations. An ecosystem is expected to include dozens of dApps starting with a decentralized exchange (DEX), De-Fi applications such as farming, swap and liquidity pools, and a native NFT platform – ULX will support all of the above services.

By promoting ULX as a single native Tier 1 coin, users will be able to participate in all the above-mentioned events with ease and have the option to stake ULX coins when not needed. The possibility of staking will once again provide additional financial gains for users who decide to stake their unused ULX coins. By doing this, they will be able to receive a 5% APY or lock their tokens for up to 365 days for up to two weeks for a proportional reward rate of up to 13%.

Having a single native Tier 1 coin provides significant savings in transaction costs and completely eliminates the need for the user to exchange tokens for different transactions. Ultron’s team acknowledges that mostly crypto assets are not being actively used, so with the ULX coin, users will have the advantage of staking their ULX holdings. Staking will be done effortlessly through a simple user interface where users will have the option to stake their ULX at any time with a validator node. By doing this, they will be able to receive a 5% APY or lock their tokens for up to 365 days for up to two weeks for a proportional reward rate of up to 13%.

About the Ultron Foundation

The Ultron Foundation is an emerging blockchain project that aims to deliver scalability, security, and faster transaction throughput without sacrificing one over the other. Adopting the latest technologies and developing its native token ULX, the team is on its way to becoming one of the new leaders in the crypto space. The Ultron Foundation is building a healthy ecosystem that will roll out new dApps quickly, the first of which will be released in the next two weeks, and even more at the end of the month.

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