Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Software of 2022

One of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing arsenal is affiliate marketing. Without the need for further advertising, an effective affiliate marketing strategy can help you get exceptionally high-quality leads.

Affiliate marketing software helps businesses manage and track the success of their affiliate programs. Practice, tracking and reporting sales and clicks, managing referrals, maximizing site traffic, and paying commissions are all part of this process. If you know which activities are successful, you can build your affiliate marketing program more successfully.

Data can be viewed in various performance metrics such as CR, TO, eCPM, eRPM, EPC and much more. Automation, monitoring and fraud detection are the most important benefits you can gain by using the services of these platforms.

Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Software and their basic pricing

one. Offer18

Offer18 is an “Award Winning” Performance Marketing Solution with advanced tracking features for Affiliate Networks, Advertisers and Agencies. Offer18 allows digital professionals to develop their own affiliate networks, optimize their campaigns, and leverage every bit of their traffic source to generate return on investment using built-in advanced technology tools.

Offer18 is designed not only for tracking and control, but also for maximizing the success of the campaign. It is the most versatile SaaS platform in Performance Marketing that has been in the market for a long time. With advanced features, facilities are more cost-effective. And the inclusion of new technology that your current service provider may be missing.

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Offer18 delivers better services while its main focus remains cost-effective. Advanced features continue to be updated based on the latest technology. The latest innovative features are Campaign Automation, Powerful Bid Sync API, Smart Bidding, Fraud Prevention Tool and many more.

Advanced targeting options allow users to make good use of their traffic. Smart Bidding helps users run multiple campaigns under a single bid. Advanced reports with multiple filters and stunning graphics help users get an overview of their performance and how to optimize it. Leading brands are showing their trust and are constantly switching from existing technology providers to Offer18.

2. cake

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Alongside lead distribution, omnichannel marketing, Getcake offers performance marketing solutions to monitor, manage and measure campaign performance, enabling advertisers, affiliates and ad networks to improve performance.

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The Omnichannel Marketing Solution compares the true cost of acquiring customers across channels with the lifetime value of customers, allowing promotions and omnichannel events to be more efficient throughout the customer journey.

Pricing: You need to contact them.

3. Set

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TUNE develops technology that enables mobile and web-based performance marketing partnerships to create, manage and enhance partner programs and networks in the business. TUNE is trusted by creative affiliate marketers, performance ad networks and various brands all over the world.

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  • Bootstrap – $499/Month
  • Starting – $879/Month
  • Scale – $1,500/Month

4. Audience

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For Agencies, Brands and Advertising Networks, Trackier provides profitable partnerships and performance marketing. It allows any company to monitor campaigns and affiliates at scale. Fraud detection, targeted checking, traffic optimization, conversion-based pricing and a host of other features are available in Trackier. These capabilities allow you to automate, measure and optimize all your marketing operations in one place, allowing you to leverage performance marketing improvements.

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  • Professional – $299/Month
  • Agent – ​​$499/Month
  • Corporate – Private

5. Poster

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It provides a traffic monitoring tool that allows companies to build their own affiliate networks. It helps marketers, agencies and networks manage publisher relationships directly with a configurable offer. Everything you need is here, including creatives, conversions, and publishers that are easy to manage and evaluate.

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  • Scale – $499/Month
  • Contact Special-Sales

6. Reference Rock

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Referral Rock is referral marketing software along with affiliate and affiliate marketing software that helps big business giants create effective programs that are easy to use and include best practices.

Referral marketing is based on the concept of word of mouth marketing, but it is a more proactive and scalable method of acquiring new customers.

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  • Starting – $200/Month
  • Growth – $400/Month
  • Installed – $800/Month

7.continuous flow

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Everflow manages large size through Google Cloud, in-depth analytics, reporting, and Smart Switch.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the platform has become more sophisticated in terms of KPI standards and combating widespread fraud. Everflow can manage large datasets thanks to Google Cloud, in-depth analytics functionality, reporting and Smart Switch.

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  • From – $395/Month
  • Traction – 50k+ Clicks
  • Value-added services – $750/10Hour

8. Scale

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Scaleo is a rapidly evolving affiliate marketing platform with a user-friendly and modern layout, variety of features and essential business tools. With over ten years of experience in technology monitoring and connected software development, Scaleo has a dedicated network of professionals. A great solution for affiliates, marketers and networks, Scaleo came together with an experienced team in 2015.

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  • Professional- $299
  • Corporate- $499
  • Special- $999

9. PartnerStack

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As a B2B SaaS partnership platform, PartnerStack helps affiliate, referral and reseller channel partners generate recurring revenue. This platform will help you choose the right partners to cooperate with and motivate your partners to sell more goods.

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Provide Custom pricing based on usage

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