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Top 5 Games to Win – NFT Plazas

Providing rewards for human activities has been a groundbreaking achievement in the application of blockchain technology. In the last few years, games earned by playing have provided a fun way to earn blockchain-based rewards through gaming. Movement to win, however, is a more recent concept that uses these rewards for human behavior.

Move to win games is a new implementation of blockchain-based rewards where users earn incentives for participating in fitness events. These types of play provide sources of income and motivation to participate in various types of exercise, such as swimming, running, walking or jogging.

Action-to-win games gained popularity after Stepn’s release in 2021. The concept behind acting to win can be traced back to employee-sponsored games. fitness awards where employers reward their employees for completing their health goals. However, the main purpose of these games is to improve the quality of life. It reduces obesity and its chronic complications by motivating users to prioritize their lifestyle.

Since the launch of STEPN, the space has grown impressively with several new win-win games. We will discuss some of these games that have achieved significant success.

Top 5 Move-Win Games

Prizes in games that move to win vary by platform. Most of these platforms reward users with utility tokens after evaluating their data. The selling point continues to reward users for completing physical activity tasks. Without further ado, here are the five top-paying games.


STEPN is by far the most used and most popular win-win platform. STEPN is a mobile first win-win game where users can win by walking, jogging or running outdoors in NFT shoes. The Solana-based project launched in 2021 and hit a sensational success in 2022.

STEPN has achieved significant attention and adoption since its launch, thus placing it above other win-win projects. It also gets support from partnerships with top blockchain firms, including Binance, Solana Ventures, and several VC firms.

STEPN is backed by a dual token economy that includes GMT and GST tokens. this utility and reward token$GST has unlimited supply and a burning mechanic who controls its supply.

$GST has a supply of six billion and hyper-deflationary mechanics. Players can earn passively by staking $GST tokens for return rewards.

How to Earn with STEPN

To win with STEPN, players must purchase NFT shoes, which can be walkers, runners, trainers or runners. By the way, the characteristics and rarity of these sneakers directly affect the ability of players to win. Still, each of the 9,999 STEPN NFT sneakers is ideal for a beginner. It has a reasonable base price of 4.1 SOL ($160) in secondary markets.


Calo is another gaming health and lifestyle app to earn, built on BNB Chain. It has SocialFi features as well as GameFi mechanics.

With Calo, players can equip themselves with NFT assets and get a chance to improve their lifestyle through daily activities. It has attractive game modes; Single and Challenge mode where players can save their data and earn incentives.

There is life in the game in-game economy powered by a dual coin system. Tokens include the main utility $FIT and the in-game token. It has unlimited supply, but it has a hyper-deflationary system that controls the supply. There are also $CALO tokens that serve as the game’s governance token for DAO decisions. Other key features of Calo include:

  • social network
  • market place
  • Chain Wallet
  • Administration (Voting)

How to Earn with Calo

When getting started with Calo, players must sign up and purchase new NFT sneakers. The higher the rarity of the shoe, the higher the gain. Players can participate in various events in Solo or Challenge mode to earn coins or NFT rewards.

Step Application

This upcoming Avalanche based win-win game is a remarkable game after STEPN. Like STEPN, Step App has attracted many enthusiasts with its attractive incentive to engage in fitness activities.

Although Step App is a new plugin, 9.2 million registered users ahead of its highly anticipated launch in the third quarter of 2022. It also has a large social community on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

Like the STEPN Step App it also has a dual coin system. Staking includes $FITFI tokens, which are governance tokens useful for liquidity incentives and buybacks. $KCAL is the utility and reward token that players earn for participating in fitness events.

How to Earn with the Step App

Step App has similar gameplay to STEPN. Getting started, players should purchase upgradeable NFT sneakers. In return, they earn KCAL coin rewards for running or keeping fit. Players can also participate in local or global gamified events to increase their earnings and enhance their experience.

Players can win from micro-transactions, betting and tournament play. They can also earn by exchanging NFT sneakers for money in the market.


Genopets is the first win-win game that excels at inspiring and encouraging people. mind and body fitness. In Genopets, players can stay in shape through gamified experiences that Genopets generate. Genopets are in-game characters that players can trade and nurture to increase their earnings.

An important feature of Genopets is the free-to-play system that allows players to start earning without any initial investment. However, they can unlock an additional revenue stream with NFTs and in-game tokens.

Like its other counterparts, the game has a double coin economy. Players can make management decisions with $GENE tokens and receive rewards in $KI tokens.


DotMoovs is an Ethereum-based P2P win-win platform. Outside gamifying sports experiencesDotMoovs has DeFi, Artificial Intelligence and NFTs to reward users for challenging other players in their fitness activities.

DotMoovs is an innovative platform that uses AI and computer algorithms to detect the position of various limbs. Apart from that, there is an AI Anti-Cheat system that evaluates the reliability of users’ data.

With DotMoovs, users can earn by sharing and displaying their sports activities and competing with other users through challenge. All they have to do is record their activity with DotMoovs’ AI video referee to evaluate performance and allocate $MOOV coin rewards.

How Do Move To Win Games Work?

Carry-to-win games work by gamifying health activities and blending blockchain-based rewards with health and lifestyle. These platforms users’ health and physical activity data through digital devices. It uses the GPS feature of these devices to track and synchronize user-generated data with these applications.

Digital devices, including cell phones, fitness trackers, and wearables, are used in win-win games. Data is submitted for evaluation and players earn incentives from allocated tokens. Therefore, the higher the user activities, the greater the reward.

Besides user activities, the initial investment or barrier to entry also determines how much a player will earn with these games.

Action-to-win games have provided an alternative and valuable reason to promote wellness. It continues to gain more traction with more venture capital firms investing in these concepts and their projects.

Meanwhile, it offers a great way to earn money from our normal daily activities with little or no investment. In a world where the well-being of millions of people is at stake, the rise in adoption of win-win games is understandable, as they are fun as well as rewarding.

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