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Irreplaceable tokens are all the rage right now. So where do investors buy these assets? With the ever-increasing popularity of NFTs, numerous online marketplaces have sprung up selling everything from virtual collectibles to digital art at every imaginable price point.

Top 10 NFT Marketplaces

Here are some of the leading platforms you can use to join the current NFT craze and beyond.

1. Offshore

This is perhaps the most popular and by far the largest NFT market today. It is the original peer-to-peer alternative to buying and selling non-tradable tokens online, and has recently exceeded $20 billion in trading volume. Open Sea supports multiple blockchains and offers a wide variety of NFT options, including:

  • In-game items
  • Collection
  • artwork
  • Music
  • GIFs

This platform is perfect for those looking for an alternative backed by industry leaders like Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Blockstack, Pascal Capital, and Dapper. In addition, it not only allows you to purchase large numbers of NFTs, but also allows you to upload your own NFTs.

2. CryptoPunks/Larva Labs

CryptoPunks is one of the earliest examples of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. It consists of a set of 10,000 pixel art characters with unique features. Initially, CryptoPunk collections were free. But nowadays the only way to have one of these is to buy them. Be warned that buying one is very costly. The most affordable CryptoPunk is 75.95 ETH, which equates to $81,262.70.

Larva Labs is the original creator of this collectible kit and is currently one of the highest volume trading markets with 643,540 ETH valued at approximately $1.95 billion. This NFT marketplace lets you bid on your favorite products when they go on sale. You can buy your CryptoPunks here instead of using third parties.

3. Rare

This community-owned marketplace is one of the largest NFT marketplaces on Ethereum. It showcases a wide variety of digital art and collectibles and currently has $297.88 million in trading volume.

Rarible lets you buy and sell all kinds of media, and sellers can create multiple NFTs for a single piece and sell them multiple times. To enter this market, you can use various crypto wallets such as:

  • coin base
  • My EtherWallet
  • metamask

4. Super Rare

This marketplace is branding itself as a high-end version of Rarible. It has a more sophisticated interface with a cleaner, more minimalist aesthetic and is more heavily curated.

SuperRare works closely with artists and requires that they submit their work for approval before listing their work. This platform chooses quality over quantity. If you want a top-notch NFT art purchasing experience, SuperRare is the way to go.

5. Known Origin

This marketplace is a smaller alternative to others on this list. It is similar to SuperRare in that it aims to give buyers a more curated experience. Additionally, it offers users Interplanetary File System files for efficient, low-cost distribution of their rare assets.

Known Origin has a strong focus on digital art and artists must apply for their work to be included. This platform has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily connect your wallet to start bidding right away.

good to know that

It is important to look for a reliable seller when purchasing NFT. Marketplaces like the ones listed here take all the guesswork out of your buying experience and ensure you get what you pay for.

6. MakersPlace

This is another boutique NFT market with a luxury approach. It offers its clients leading collections of digital fine art and unique creations. The MakersPlace artist community is currently invite-only – yes, it’s that special. Some of the famous names that signed up for the platform as creators are Shakira, T-Pain, and Tom Morello.

7. Solarart

While most NFT marketplaces are located on the Ethereum blockchain, Solanart was the first on competitor Solana blockchain. It offers a fairly limited selection of NFTs, including collectibles such as Aurory and SolPunks. Just like Ethereum-based exchanges, Solanart requires you to download one of their compatible wallets in order to sign up. Once you meet this requirement, you can easily start bidding and purchasing your favorite NFT artworks.

8. Stylish Gateway

This marketplace is powered by Gemini, a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform. Since its inception during the first wave of NFT online stores, Nifty Gateway has made headlines with its multi-million dollar transactions.

If you’re looking for a heavily curated selection of NFTs, Nifty Gateway may be your marketplace of choice. It offers a quarterly discount and has hosted famous artists such as Michael Kagan, Eminem, Grimes and Weekend. However, unlike the more selective marketplaces that hold all NFTs on their platforms, Nifty Gateway also confirms the downfall of creators who submit works independently.

9. Theta Drop

This NFT marketplace is designed to distribute online video and TV distribution. It is a relatively new platform that emerged alongside the World Poker Tour digital collections in 2021. Theta Drop uses its own blockchain technology and requires users to purchase their own token, TFuel, to participate in their offers.

10. Foundation

Foundation is another recently launched marketplace and positions itself as a Web3 destination that provides a simple way to bid on digital art. This platform uses Ethereum for all its transactions and works on an invitation-only basis for creators.

Last Shot

With so many marketplace options available, it’s now easier than ever to buy non-tradable tokens. The list above is to give you the best alternatives to start your NFT buying journey.

Daria Uhlig contributed to the reporting of this article.

Information correct as of 12 July 2022.

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