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This NYC Gallery Lets NFT Owners View Their Art Remotely From Anywhere


  • Web3 NYC Gallery is a new NFT gallery opening in Manhattan on June 15.
  • The gallery’s Genesis NFTs allow owners to control a display in space so they can show and even sell their NFTs.

Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue is a lauded strip of stores with luxury retailers and other big brands fighting for the attention of shoppers. Come next week, a NFT the gallery will join their ranks Web3 NYC Gallery will open in Midtown.

But the location itself may not even be the most interesting piece of the puzzle. What really stands out is the talent for everyone, anywhere have the exclusive rights to display and sell their own NFTs created or collected on one of the screens and control them remotely.

This is the hook offered by Web3 NYC Gallery, which opens its doors at 510 5th Avenue in New York on June 15. As part of their offering, the location will feature 300 NFT displays from the common Tokenframe that can only be controlled by the owner of an associated object. Genesis NFT.

“I think we have 20 times more NFT frames than we have in a room before,” said co-founder and CEO Nick Rotola. decrypt. These are also user-controlled frameworks only. There are hundreds more to use for brand partnerships and other product offerings.

If you purchase a Genesis NFT (whether during the initial primary sale or from a future secondary marketplace) you can display almost any NFT you want in the gallery. Web3 NYC Gallery developed a software platform that allows its holders to connect an Ethereum purse via a website and choose which images to display. (Tokenframe plans to add support for other public blockchains like Solana and Tezos in the future.)

Inside the gallery, visitors can scan a QR code in the frame and purchase any NFT available for sale. Rotola told decrypt He said the store will have NFT-savvy partners to assist buyers with setting up wallets and purchasing artwork, helping them understand the process and ensure they don’t buy counterfeit collectibles.

“We took our tallest wall and said, ‘This is going to belong to the people,'” Rotola said. “People will have the same access to Fifth Avenue that Louis Vuitton has and all these big, amazing, incredible brands have. They can be on Fifth Avenue, but so are these people.”

An NFT works like proof of ownership of a digital item, and NFTs often represent things like digital artwork, profile pictures, sports and entertainment collectibles, and video game items. The market expanded significantly in 2021 and some $25 billion trading volumeand 2022 volume currently on track to smash this total despite a volatile market.

Web3 NYC Gallery offers displays connected to Genesis NFTs in three different tiers: 160 10-inch Collector’s Club displays ranging from 1.5 ETH ($2,680) to 2 ETH ($3,580), 110 units of 21 ranging from 5 ETH ($8,950), The 5-inch Degen Club display is 10 ETH ($17,900) and 30 43-inch Alpha Club displays sold at unlisted prices.

No ongoing payment or rent is required for NFT owners to use their respective displays. Genesis holders can display their NFTs from their wallets. Fored Ape Yacht Club avatar on Ethereum or their favorite copy or Art Blocks piece. They can even show off their own created NFTs, giving project creators a way to market their product.

However, since Web3 NYC Gallery is a public domain, there will be limitations on pornographic content and they aim to eliminate “deceptive” content as well. Rotola said the gallery uses “very proven AI to test each image” for objectionable content.

recruiting the masses

As noted, while collector-operated displays make up a large part of Web3 NYC Gallery’s footprint, there’s more going on in the space. There will be additional Web3 content such as crypto games and metaverse offerings, among other display areas for partnerships with brands and NFT creators.

There is also a special club for Genesis NFT holders at alpha level and several benefits for each level of NFT holders. Rotola also said the gallery has multiple revenue streams on works, including Genesis NFT sales and secondary royalties, commission deals with brands and artists, sponsorships, events, and exclusive clubs for high-value collectors.

Web3 NYC Gallery is not the first NFT gallery in New York City—one opened early last year– leave the rest of the world. decrypt includes gallery openings London, Chicagoand Los Angeles, e.g. Even the newly opened Quantum Space LA has its own NFT membership program focused on event access and NFT drops.

Beyond its ability to let NFT owners control their screen bezels, Rotola suggested that what sets Web3 NYC Gallery apart from other galleries of this type is its focus on engaging audiences.

With its prominent Fifth Avenue location, it sees significant potential for the gallery to serve as a ramp to the new and potentially confusing world of Web3. Rotola wants Web3 NYC Gallery to be the “Best Buy for Web3” that encompasses a host of initiatives in the Web3 space, helpful staff, and a range of things to see and interact with.

“If you look at what Best Buy and Circuit City did for Web1, this should be it for Web3,” he said. “You will not involve the masses in chat rooms and they will not come. CryptoMondays or such things. They really need something simple.”

Web3 NYC Gallery’s solution is to have knowledgeable partners who can get buyers’ hands on how to set up wallets and understand space. But he also wants to make things tangible in some ways, like proposing things. printed sheets and jackets showing one’s NFTs and also add vending machine This is ideal for kids to buy and trade digital packs of their NFT collections.

with the future virtual universe expected to be one multi trillion dollar opportunity these crypto producers and tech giants are the same Web3 NYC Gallery is also looking at expansion. It plans a franchise model that will allow crypto and NFT founders to open their own local outposts using the same kind of approach, complete with Genesis NFTs for each domain.

“Eventually there will be 2 billion Web3 users,” Rotola said. “How do we get to 2 billion already? I think you need stores like ours to hold people’s hands from start to finish, and we’re betting on that.”

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