The newly launched iToken stands out in the DeFi space with Tesla model 3 giveaways

The newly launched iToken stands out in the DeFi space with Tesla model 3 giveaways

iToken, a secure and professional DeFi wallet with advanced financial planning services designed specifically for the Web3 world, has announced its successful upgrade and rebranding from its previous name, Huobi Wallet. Underlining its commitment to providing Web3 users with full financial autonomy in an increasingly decentralized world, iToken is moving forward with a Tesla Model 3 giveaway to participating users who experience iToken’s feature suite.

The birth of the Web3 and DeFi era has caused users to demand more features and functionality from their e-wallets, such as data security, cross-chain exchanges, asset management, and access to real-time market data. iToken, whose name represents the freedom of an individual user to take full control of every aspect of their digital assets, was launched to meet users’ growing demand for one-stop DeFi services.

In addition to digital asset storage, which is the main feature of Huobi Wallet, iToken offers users the added convenience of a decentralized investment platform that gives them access to various DeFi services and dApps.

Giveaway: Two more Tesla Model 3s

As part of the celebration opening, iToken announced, “iToken Launch, Earn 4 TeslaThe event where lucky users stopped to win one of four Tesla Model 3s. Performed in a series of four stages, each stage of the event gives a lottery chance to qualifying participants based on completed tasks. One lucky winner will be chosen from each stage who will go home with a Tesla Model 3.

The promotional event received a huge response from users and the lucky winners of Phases I and II have been announced – Dubai-based user Mohammed will receive his Tesla Model 3 at Tesla Motors Netherlands BV (Dubai Branch) #1, while Jakarta-based user Effendy will soon receive Tesla Received Model 3 at PT Gowa Modern Motor in Jakarta.

To continue its mission of empowering more people with truly custody-free and secure financial services, iToken will distribute two more Tesla Model 3s next month in line with the following schedule:

Phase III: 8 June, 10:00 – 14 June, 10:00 Tie Time: 14 June, 10:00
Phase IV: 15 June, 10:00 – 21 June, 10:00 Tie Time: 21 June, 10:00

All users who download the iToken app and complete the required tasks will be eligible to win a Tesla Model 3 at each stage. You will be given a lottery chance to complete different tasks every day. The more tasks completed, the higher the lottery chances and the higher the probability of winning. Lottery chances won in each stage will expire when the stage ends and cannot be transferred to the next stage.

The tasks are as follows:

  • Check-in (Up to 3 for each stage)
  • Deposit ≥ 3,000 USDT in ETH on iToken
  • recommend to a friend
  • Share on Twitter and tag 3 friends

Liser Lee, President of iToken, said:

“We are seeing an overwhelming demand for DeFi wallets that can operate independently of major cryptocurrency exchanges and provide one-stop access to all kinds of financial services, from investment products to blockchain-based games. We look forward to becoming the world’s most secure crypto wallet so users can enjoy stable and secure asset appreciation.”

About iToken

iToken consists of a global, professional team with the mission of empowering more people around the world with truly unattended, secure and convenient financial services. iToken aims to be the world’s most secure crypto wallet, leveraging its deep-rooted experience and expertise in both technology and operations to significantly reduce risk while ensuring an optimal user experience.

As a one-stop platform, iToken supports more than 20 major public chains and tens of thousands of tokens, and has integrated various functions to meet the diversified needs of users, such as DeFi TVL queuing, cross-chain swap, NFT sequencing, GameFi partition. , dApp browser etc.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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