The Future of Social Media Marketing

According to an estimate by MarketingCharts, the average person in 2021 will spend at least 100 minutes of their day just watching videos. From a consumer’s perspective, this is not surprising at all. After all, videos are visual, comprehensive, and tell a story in the shortest and funniest way possible.

With the growing popularity of video, brands are starting to see the value of video as part of their sales and marketing strategies. They are now creating more engaging video content than ever before, whether in the form of augmented reality, live streams, commercials and more.

Regularly producing video content for beginners is a great way to increase brand awareness and visibility. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as it sounds with the wide availability of video editing tools available online. If you want to know all the details of video marketing, including the types of videos that best suit your brand, read on!

Why Choose Video as a Marketing Tool?

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There are many reasons why companies, both large and small, choose to make a name for themselves through video marketing on social media. Here are a few benefits (backed by numbers and data) that demonstrate how effective video marketing is for a company’s brand:

Videos are a great form of SEO

Videos are a great way to optimize your site’s search engine visibility. It drives site traffic, increases likes and shares (which can affect your ranking in the SERPs), and helps increase backlinks to your site. Rumor has it that Google prioritizes content with video over those without, so you don’t want to take that with a grain of salt.

Also, since YouTube is owned by Google, your video titles and tags on the platform affect their search engine placement. Make sure you use them as effectively as possible!

Videos are more likely to be remembered than other content

Videos, unlike written content, often have a lasting impact on people. Think about it: videos are very visual and often include special effects on screen or with sound for that added value. They allow any story to be told with a creative twist without losing its essence.

And that’s great! Because when customers hear information with visuals, they will retain an average of 65% of this information after three days. This is an increase of 55% compared to the information heard alone!

Videos are short and detailed

If you were once a student or an employee struggling to retain as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time, perhaps you are one of those who search for topics on YouTube to make your life easier. You’re not alone. We understand that videos are the fastest way to learn because they are comprehensive and they can explain the gist of a topic in the most understandable and concise way.

Videos are perfect for impatient people

Either for convenience or simply because we want to devote our precious time to something else, let’s face it: We often turn to videos to learn as quickly as possible. This applies perfectly to buyers as well.

Video content about a product not only explains the key features of a product and how to use it, but marketers often include real-life customer testimonials so other buyers are encouraged to take advantage of their product. This builds integrity between the brand and its markets.

People are four times more likely to watch a video about a product than read its description. People want to know the basics of the product, so highlight it!

Creating videos generates significant sales revenue

If your brand’s goal is to increase your sales (which we’re sure you do!), videos are an excellent marketing tool. A catchy ad or infotainment ad featuring a brand’s product, or even a viral video, can increase popularity significantly. “Oh look, that’s the product in that funny ad! Let me check it out and try it”

And this is backed up by research showing that 64-85% of people are more likely to buy a product they see from a video.
Videos attract new visitors

Videos attract new visitors

Video marketing - audience

Videos are a goldmine in search engine optimization. Type your desired topic into Google and immediately Google will show the most relevant videos that match your keywords.

Whether it’s for entertainment, education, how-tos, DIYs or leisure activities, we often go to video streaming sites to watch them in our spare time. In fact, almost 74% of online traffic in 2017 was due to video consumption. People love watching videos so much!

last words

Videos will never go out of style in providing useful information to the average consumer. Various areas of the marketing industry are already using this tool because it spreads like wildfire. Try it for your brand and see how much it will help you increase your visibility to potential customers!

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