Tectum: Offers unparalleled speed in the digital financial ecosystem

Tectum: Offers unparalleled speed in the digital financial ecosystem

In 2008, at the height of one of the biggest financial crises in history,

The enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto has released a new type of electronic transaction technology called blockchain. The rise of technology like a phoenix is ​​one of the most discussed and debated technologies in recent years. Many scholars have characterized it as a disruptive technology that has had an impact on various societal domains.

As the scope of this technology has expanded, a number of blockchain platforms have emerged that offer a wide variety of services and products. However, only a few of these platforms offer technologies that offer users a unique experience and set them apart from others.

tectum is one of them blockchain technology using a proprietary registry change signature management algorithm. The platform’s technology exceeds 1 million transactions per second and provides instant event status delivery and ownership updates across the blockchain network, along with distributed access levels to functional system modules.

What is a tectum?

tectum It is a distributed ledger protocol platform that uses a high-speed registry change signature management algorithm called “HashDrive”. HashDrive allows users to issue near-instant event updates across the entire blockchain without clogging nodes with large chunks of data.

The Tectum is perfect for lightweight, high-volume applications, especially record keeping; so users can effectively use technology to notarize and store municipal, legal, logistics and invoice records.

Transaction rates of other cryptocurrencies are very small compared to the 1 million transactions per second achieved by Tectum.

Extra Edge

The general rule for blockchains is that the higher the security, the slower it is. Conversely, if users want a fast blockchain, there will be security concerns as everything comes at a cost.

Tectum aims to solve this as the platform splits data levels into multiple tiers. The mechanism of isolating the system event formalization process from big data leads to unprecedented throughput capabilities of the mainnet.

What gives Tectum an advantage is Tectum’s high speed, and this is due to the three node levels of the blockchain, which includes a master node that is intended to carry all the heavy data, and a top level that uses hashes for communication.

Tectum hashes packets, blocks, and pretty much everything else and keeps them at the higher level of the blockchain, which makes the platform pretty fast.

Softnote: The future of transactionless payment

Tectum technology has brought together many revolutionary ideas to the digital payment market. soft notePositioned as the first transactionless payment system with instant payment, zero fee policy, the flagship product of the platform ensures complete anonymity of users.

SoftNote is identified by a serial number, Value Store, value, and the user’s Value Unit equivalent.

On Tectum’s blockchain, the issuance of Softnotes and the isolation of the collateral currency from local network circulation are recorded, resulting in the SoftNote Bill, which is a digital copy of real money.

A Softnote invoice can be printed on paper, does not require confirmation of the Bitcoin network, does not charge fees, and has no geographic boundaries. It can be used as person-to-person payment or sent as an image file via any Messenger.

The difference between Softnote money is the same as between a Letter of Credit and a bag of physical Cash, but with SoftNote, users do not need to request Cash from the issuer to get real value.

SoftNote invoice carries value within itself, and blockchain technology unlocks the freedom to make unlimited remittances in true peer-to-peer mode. Because Softnote deals with digital assets, keeping records of fees and transactions becomes a technological effort rather than a logistical one; this is not a problem as all participants are digital and Blockchain acts as a trust point between intermediaries.

SoftNote key features

Some of SoftNote’s highlighting features include:

  • Instant payment processing: Payment deemed received as fast as the receiving party can verify and unlock SoftNote.
  • complete anonymity: SoftNote is relatively more anonymous than a Bitcoin wallet as BTC transactions cannot be tracked by a public address.
  • Network isolation and independence: SoftNote provides technological isolation from various traditional banking and crypto systems. Payment Rollover functionality protects users from local network performance issues and users only need a ‘proof of balance’ which can be easily accomplished by verifying SoftNote balance.
  • No commission payment procedure: Commissions apply only in the case of retail or commercial payment transactions to recipient party accounts.
  • Internet freedom: As long as the recipient is connected to the Tectum network, the payer can use the physical format, paper-printed SoftNote invoice for payments.

The implementation process will begin with the issuance of a series of Softnote Bonds with serial numbers, denominations and security features using Bitcoin and USDT as a Store of Value, with the emission going into circulation in selected regions. Tectum’s online wallet and mobile app can be used to purchase Softnotes.

Tectum Wallet

Built on the rock-solid foundation of the Tectum blockchain, Tectum Wallet provides a fast, low-cost and highly secure payment service while eliminating the use of unnecessary derivatives clearinghouses of value and additional liquidity contracts.

The key features of the Tectum Wallet are:

  • Instant transfers are limited only by Internet bandwidth.
  • Transactions are sent instantly, excluding the possibility of overspending or double spending.
  • It offers cheap transfer costs between 1% and 10% of the local currency cost for the Bitcoin Network, which is below 2%.
  • 100% guaranteed settlement with local networks instantly confirmed by miners.
  • Easy integration with fiat (traditional) currency platforms.
  • Low operating cost allows a single database to easily serve more than one million users.
  • Great potential profitability for software partners due to low transaction fees.
  • Fully tested technology solution developed by a trusted blockchain development firm.
  • Robust and mature core technology framework.
  • Proprietary and copyrighted intellectual property.

Last word

Tectum offers a number of Internet of Things applications, such as logging the geolocation of a drone or the system status of a vehicle several times per second.

Tectum’s unrivaled speed outperforms any other blockchain currently available, making it an ideal choice for high-volume, high-speed distributed ledger transactions such as financial transaction processing and real-time digital archiving.

Thus, the platform comes close to being the lightning-fast distributed ledger powering the superconducting digital financial environment of the future.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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