StreamCoin Launches Locally Developed NFT Ecosystem

Over the past year, the Web3 world has turned into a major innovation theater where blockchain-savvy entrepreneurs try to use technology in new and innovative ways. They helped advance the industry as they found their feet in this new interconnected environment.

Now, the blockchain company invoking this spirit of discovery StreamCoinlaunched its own bespoke NFT platform, STRMNFT. The result is a symphony of pioneering technology as the team builds the infrastructure from the ground up. Hence having a stylish and powerful in-house developed stock chain proof, all powered by the latest technologies in energy efficient, environmentally friendly NFT protocols.

A Powerhouse in Usability

Despite having some of the most carefully engineered technologies under the hood, STRMNFT maintains a level of user friendliness that even a grandma can grasp. It uses a sleek and intuitive user interface that allows its users to switch functions gracefully.

Inside, NFT fans can effortlessly scroll through various filters to find this dream entity, as well as create both video and static NFTs. versatile mintage protocol. All the while, there is virtually no downtime due to transaction speeds and bottlenecks.

Supporting this outstanding offering, STRMNFT includes a number of innovative touches such as following preferred creators, creating playlists for video NFTs and sorting content by different categories. However, if all that wasn’t enough, to get the ball rolling, STRMNFT will also waive any mintage fees until July, so now is the perfect time to give it a whirl.

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“Based on our approach to developing a user-to-tech ecosystem, we designed STRMNFT to be an easy-to-use marketplace and an open space for all kinds of users. With our platforms and services, we aim to pave the way between crypto enthusiasts and modern Web 2.0 users with no previous blockchain or crypto experience.” – Michael Ein Chaybeh – CEO of StreamCoin.

Powered by Bespoke Flow Chain

Unlike most NFT compatriots, the big minds at StreamCoin have developed their own powerful blockchain from the ground up, giving developers ultimate control and customizability.

The incredible build uses the latest technology to power the platform and is a Double Represented Proof of Stake (DDPos) protocol is supported by a total of 21 geographically distributed master nodes. Thus, it provides ultimate security as well as lightning-fast operations with little impact on the environment.

While observing how the world is consumed every day by high-capacity servers, power-hungry blockchain networks and other high-carbon-emission platforms, we found an alternative, responsible and environmentally friendly solution. speed and efficiency as well as contribute to a much better future for our planet” Michael Ein Chaybeh.

State of the art NFT technology

No self-respecting blockchain would be complete without its own custom built NFT protocol. Therefore, to lead this new market revolution, STRMNFT basically includes a Proof of Deed mechanism powered by the native blockchain and is a highly adaptable method for printing and verifying NFTs via the platform. This adds to the added benefit of providing an additional layer of eco-friendly efficiency.

Therefore, STRMNFT is working to launch the next evolution of NFT and blockchain technology to provide a new and secure method to manage collectibles along with free coinage until July!

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