Step App's FITFI token gains 72% on OKX in 2 days, Pass to Earn momentum increases

Step App’s FITFI token gains 72% on OKX in 2 days, Pass to Earn momentum increases

The $FITFI token had the second largest trading volume with over $103.69 million on OKX on May 4.

Move to Earn is the thriving crypto industry now. The fitness market is valued at over $100 billion, and nearly every person engages in fitness pursuits at some point in their life, if not their lifetime. Step App is leading this explosion with a protocol approach. A single infrastructure for any person, developer or company to quickly deploy their FitFi app. It is the AWS of the FitFi economy, providing instant pluggable metadata transfer, low-cost layer 1, NFT infrastructure, smart contract chips, and more.

The project boots the users with its core application. Interest is growing – rapidly. UNTOLD, one of the biggest music festivals with millions of global fans, has already signed up to make its own dance2earn app in the protocol.

Two more apps associated with global brands with tens of millions of fans will launch this month. Step App is being adopted early and fast by companies that dominate the interests of mainstream audiences in different types of fitness.

OKX, the world’s leading cryptocurrency platform, is the primary exchange for $FITFI. saw $FITFI token surpasses all market pairs, as well as Bitcoin. Interest in Step App has continued unbelievably, with the token hitting a new ATH of price and volume every few days.

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Kirill Volgin, CEO of Step App, commented on the development: “The GameFi boom has been held back. Thousands of applications flew before a basic protocol existed. This created a lack of formability in the market. Also, mainstream firms have not been able to break in easily. Step App enters the FitFi boom at the most opportune time: the start. Before thousands of inevitable FitFi apps enter the industry, we now provide its core technology as a protocol. Step App is a fertile and fundamental ground for the growth and evolution of the FitFi economy.”

The project lowers the barrier to market entry in an interesting way: for both users and app publishers (enterprise and other). Expansion plans include licensing deals and global athletes as ambassadors. The team claimed that the mass user adoption plan will begin at the end of May.

About the step app

Step App creates a gamified metaverse for the fitness economy. Walk, run and run to socialize, play and win. Metastore and the next common frontier in the GameFi market is an arrangement of physical experiences connected to the metastore. Step App is rich in immersive, social and competitive experiences. The main goal is to attract audiences who will experience crypto for the first time. $FitFi is the native icon for the Step app.

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