Small Business Guide to Running a Successful Fast Selling

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Quick sales are a great way to quickly generate interest and increase sales by offering customers deep discounts that trigger instant purchases. They provide an average of 35% increase in transaction rates.

Quick sales are a great way to quickly generate interest and increase sales when selling online. They provide customers with deep discounts that trigger instant buying, resulting in an average of 35% increase in transaction rates. It is a very effective marketing strategy when you plan them well.

To ensure a successful fast sale, you must consider certain factors. Correct timing, product selection and effective marketing are key. If your marketing is unclear on sale items or when and how the sale ends, a quick sale can damage your reputation.

Overview: What is a quick discount?

A quick sale is a promotion or discount offered for a limited time. This marketing technique is effective in making quick sales, getting rid of excess stock and increasing brand awareness. Higher discounts and limited availability trigger fears of missing out on an opportunity that leads to impulse purchases in customers.

Flash deals are an essential element of ecommerce optimization as a quick sell strategy is a great way to sell products that have been in stock for a very long time. For example, flash sales can help you get rid of last season’s swimwear before new season stocks arrive.

The most popular online flash sales are Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales. Consumers love them and wait for the sudden discount to make big purchases because they often get big discounts during this time.

5 benefits of fast discounting

Quick sells offer discounts to consumers, but there are great benefits to quick selling to businesses. Businesses tend to increase their risk, convert more sales and generate more customers during a quick sale.

Drive traffic to your website

Flash sales rely heavily on the heavy marketing of discounted products. Proper marketing of deep discounts increases website traffic generating interest. Big enough discounts will increase traffic to the website.

Affiliate marketing partners are motivated to share quick sales with their audience as it increases their chances of earning commissions. They will email their list and keep their audience informed of sales. This will drive more traffic to your flash selling site.

Increase brand awareness

The brand is highly visible during the marketing of the flash sale. The combination of sales-promoting affiliate marketers, social media ads, and engaging posts increases visibility and brand awareness. Many companies looking to expand their reach rely on fast sales to increase revenue during slow periods.

Get more income

The potential to make a sale is high during a flash sales promotion. The urgency created during a flash sale is a powerful tool that turns the unstable browser into a customer. When customers know that the price will not be permanent, they are more likely to take action.

Flash sales often show a rapid increase in revenue as well as an increase in conversion rates.

Bring new customers

Fast sales force people to decide whether they want to buy a product quickly. This eliminates tire triggers by encouraging them to become customers, as products are only significantly discounted for a short period of time.

To create loyal customers, it’s important to continue marketing to new customers post-purchase. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 5-20% for a new customer, while the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.

Build your email list

With more people visiting your website during a quick sale, it’s a great opportunity to get them signed up for your email list. New customers who love your discount won’t want to miss the next one and will be sure to sign up for your email list. People who missed out on the flash sale will be motivated to sign up for your email list to ensure they don’t miss your next flash sale if it sounds good.

How to make a successful fast sale for your store?

Business owners set themselves up for success when they plan their quick sales well. It’s imperative to promote the sale early, generate interest with great sales copies, and make sure you have enough products to send to your new customers. Below are the basic steps to planning a successful quick sale.

1. Choose a target for sales

Flash sales can accomplish many things. It is important to choose a goal to focus your efforts on. You can use a flash sale to stabilize your inventory, get rid of an unsold product, or increase traffic to your website. Having a goal will help you choose the right products to use for quick discount and decide how to market them.

2. Choose the right product for your target market

Fast sales work best when you find a product that truly benefits your target market. If you choose a product that is not selling well by your market, people are unlikely to share the sale on social media or buy it. Consider your brand’s unique selling proposition and make sure that the products you choose for sale match it.

3. Promote the discount early

For your flash sale, start advertising at least three days to a week before the sale. Make sure to include great deals that will be available in ads. Announcing the news early allows customers to research the product, read reviews, and share information with friends and family. This also gives you a chance to expand your target audience.

4. Write engaging sales text

It is very important to write a sales text that attracts attention when making a flash sale. Missing out on a good opportunity can feel painful to some, and they tend to avoid the pain rather than buy it. Be sure to emphasize that it is a limited time offer; they won’t want to miss a big sale.

When writing social media posts, use engaging hooks like “tag a friend who NEEDS this item” or “comment below on the item you’d like to buy”. These are quick ways to build social engagement and organic reach. Most importantly, your target audience will be interested and alerted to the ad campaign on the day of the sale.

Our Skin flash sale ad.

Our skin used the hashtag #TagAFriend to encourage engagement with a quick sell Facebook ad. Image source: Author

5. Set a short time frame

Sudden sales work well because they create urgency in a limited amount of time. They encourage impulsive purchases. Three-hour timeframes are ideal for flash sales. According to a study by Experian, fast three-hour sales result in email open rates 59% higher than average. Do not exceed 24 hours for your flash discount. An extra day gives the consumer time to reconsider their purchase.

The quick sale should be scheduled on the most popular day when people shop from your business. Check your sales analytics on your e-commerce platform to see what time of day people are accessing your website. Schedule the flash discount when your traffic is highest.

Flash sale ad from Solid Gold Jewelers Facebook.

Solid Gold Jewelers limits 40% off to just three hours to create urgency. Image source: Getty Images

6. Check your inventory

Make sure you have enough stock in stock for those who want to buy your products. A logistics company can help you determine how much you need. Selling a discounted item too early will leave people with a negative experience.

7. Prepare for shipment and delivery

Customer loyalty will suffer if your new customers have to wait a month for their purchased product. Most people expect same-day shipping. Prepare ahead of time for bulk shipping and delivery to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Chewy flash sale offering free shipping.

Chewy offers 1-2 days of free shipping to entice customers into one-day deals. Image source: Author

If free shipping is available, many customers are impressed with their purchase. On average, 93% of online shoppers are encouraged to buy more items when free shipping is offered. When pricing your quick sale items, consider including free shipping.


  • When running a quick sale, customers need to know exactly what is and is not discounted. It’s very disappointing to go to a website expecting to get 75% off on all products and discover that only a few items are discounted.

  • Almost half of flash sale products are selling out faster than expected. Quick sales are often used to get rid of old inventory. Customers need to know if supplies are limited. If they land on your website and the product they want is already out of stock, they get very angry.

  • A clear return policy helps reduce complaints from buyer regrets in the days after the sale. Let your customers know when sales are final or if you want to accept returns.

Fast sales success lies in good planning

Flash sales are a great marketing strategy when implemented correctly. Fast sales success lies in making sure you have the right product for your target marketing, time the sale right, and ensure customers have a great experience. Flash sales provide an increase in revenue, but also leads. Plan to retarget these leads with new products and future fast sales.

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