SHŌ Group in San Francisco Breaks Grounds at Hospitality-Centered Global NFT-Based Members Club

The SHŌ Group, a global experiential hospitality platform, seeks to revolutionize the hospitality world by using NFT technology to offer its members global access to all future SHŌ Club venues, experiences and more.

“Hospitality and food in general is a connecting channel. Food is a universal language, a language of love and something that brings people together,” explains Josh Sigel, CEO of SHŌ Group. “The SHŌ Club is the foundation of our community. Creating a affiliate program is a way of bringing together a special group of people to create synergistic value for our members.”

“The SHŌ Club membership provided as NFT becomes a value for our members. It can be verified by anyone on the blockchain and then sold or transferred on the secondary market.”

This accommodation group plans to build communities by creating one-of-a-kind guest experiences in fine dining, nightlife and retail food concepts, focusing on the utility benefits of NFTs.

It all starts in San Francisco.

Projected to open in 2023, SHŌ will be the flagship restaurant of the SHŌ Group. With its opening will come a culinary entertainment and nightlife experience never before seen in the Bay Area. SHŌ will be at the center of the members-only NFT community, a premier place for them to come together and meet.

Located atop the Transbay Joint Powers Authority’s Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco’s newest landmark in the heart of the city, the restaurant sits on the Center’s roof, a 5.4-acre public urban oasis in the sky called Salesforce Park.

The dining experience at SHŌ will be centered around a first-of-its-kind Japanese Irori grill. Described as rustic farmhouse cuisine centered around a fireplace, irori dishes are a Japanese culinary tradition that has yet to be introduced to America.

Using a combination of fermented products from the past; fresh farm ingredients such as miso, shōyu, dried bonito, konbu, kōji, black vinegar, and aged sake; and fresh seafood and meats, Executive Chef Shotaro “Sho” Kamio will present a unique food menu that keeps up with Japanese culture and tradition while being deeply influenced by his Bay Area roots.

SHŌ will offer private dining and omakase rooms, a fine dining room, and a rooftop sky lounge and sushi bar. It will also be a members-only club. The SHŌ Club Members exclusive menu will include rare ingredients and beverages that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to offer on a large scale. Both menus will have unique options and will consist of uniquely sourced ingredients.

While the restaurant is still under construction, this video gives you an idea of ​​how epic SHŌ and the venue will be. More information can be found on their website and on Twitter. @shoclubsf.

We chatted with SHŌ Group CEO Josh Sigel about the web3/NFT community, San Francisco nightlife, blockchain technology in the hospitality industry, and more. Here’s what he had to say.

How did the idea of ​​growing a web3/NFT community in sci-fi come to mind in the first place?

For us, it’s not about building a “web3/NFT community”. It’s about building an era of community and the value we place on building and serving the communities in which we operate.

During Covid, we were inspired by many customers who showed up in the US and even around the world to support local restaurants and venues they frequented before Covid. In turn, the owners of these restaurants fought every day to survive and continue to provide some level of normalcy, care and comfort through their food. It was a good thing to see, and for many, it brought to light communities they didn’t even know they had.

What was the mindset behind creating SHŌ’s NFT-based membership component?

We decided to leverage Web3 technology and more specifically offer our membership as an NFT because that’s not a great thing to do, but because we truly believe in the long-term utility value of NFTs.

We see this as an evolution in the mechanics of traditional membership programs, and we truly believe technology supports our mission to create communities that inspire people to explore, grow, support and connect in ways that would not otherwise be possible. It’s a long-term game for us and we’re committed to building and improving it for years to come.

Talk about how this would be San Francisco’s response to the nightlife scenes of other major cities.

Before Covid, San Francisco had a vibrant nightlife scene, which consisted mainly of smaller venues, more casual settings, and hyper-localized experiences in each neighborhood, offering a different ambiance and vibe depending on where you went.

At the same time, some look to Los Angeles and Las Vegas and other major nightlife venues when they want to go out and “party” on the weekends. We’ve put a lot of thought into what needs to be done to bridge this gap and how we can help rebuild San Francisco’s nightlife scene in this new post-Covid world.

How can we build a space and create an experience that is real to SF and at the same time create a heightened experience unfamiliar to SF? A place that brings together the best of both worlds and offers a level of grandeur, hospitality, excellent cuisine and nightlife entertainment under one roof. We believe that to do this, you need to create a target location.

It’s a place where people don’t want to go often just to go there in terms of both travel and dressing to make them feel good and create a clear distinction between normalcy and something that makes you feel pampered. and special. From the moment you set foot in the park, our aim is to keep this feeling alive.

One of the main goals of SHŌ Group is to build a strong network and community and to take advantage of the NFT world to do so. Talk about it and the way you do it.

Community building is specific to the NFT domain. This is one of the core tenants and something we believe must be true for you to be successful. It’s not about building a client or client list. We are clear on this distinction and it is imperative that our members experience it from day one.

We have a responsibility to our members and our community to create exponential value and to make them feel appreciated at all times for what they currently have.

Building a strong network and community is very important to us, and using an NFT as a means of securing our membership certainly supports this goal. However, it’s not just something we rely on, the technology itself doesn’t build community.

Our flagship restaurant, SHŌ, will be at the heart of the community and offer a world-class destination for our members to come together and meet. Additionally, we will host ongoing member events, online classes, pop-ups, and early previews of our menu and beverage programs.

Members will have the opportunity to meet at the members-only SHŌ Club Sky Lounge. Additionally, beyond the physical world, our members will have many ways to interact with each other and our team, including via Twitter, our Discord server, and other tools.

Do you believe that blockchain technology will grow even more in the hospitality industry? What do you think the future of hospitality will look like if it continues to grow with blockchain technology?

We believe that blockchain technology will become more prominent in all industries. Again, we’re not about technology for technology’s sake. As we embrace new technologies, it’s critical to use that we’re doing it for the right reasons and that those reasons will always start with our members and guest experience. Beyond the blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies and NFTs, there are many other uses of blockchain technology in the hospitality industry.

From food safety and supply chain transparency to delivering a coveted restaurant reservation as NFT, to making it transferable and verifiable, blockchain technology will continue to grow in hospitality and eventually touch many aspects of the industry.

NFTs can improve the way people have and interact with memberships and experiences. The NFT community is at the forefront of the digital ownership negotiation, and the SHŌ Club represents practical use cases for NFTs.

We think it’s important to legitimize NFTs within the hosting space and for the broader public as well as those in the business community who can understand blockchain technology but see little application of NFTs. We hope to introduce these individuals into the space, expand mass adoption, and spark a new wave of excitement for blockchain technology.

Talk about SHŌ Club NFT membership. What are the tiers, what does each offer, advantages… etc. Why would a person want to become a member?

SHŌ Club has three membership tiers whose names are inspired by the first three Japanese elements: “Earth”, “Water” and “Fire”. Each layer has its own unique features. Whether it’s a private dining experience, a private entrance, or members-only menu items, SHŌ Club membership provides a more dynamic and intimate way to experience SHŌ hospitality in Salesforce Park.

All initial SHŌ Club members will receive one lifetime global access membership. Founding members will have access to all future SHŌ Group venues and experiences.

More details, including detailed benefits, pricing and availability, will be available at on June 7, when SHŌ Club officially starts.

Talk about the restaurant and it’s inspiration?

SHŌ will feature a Japanese culinary tradition never before introduced in America: IRORI dishes or rustic farmhouse cuisine centered around the fireplace. Once quite common in Japan, especially in the rugged north where the Sho came from, this style of food is a dynamic expression of many unusual features of Japanese food culture and history. The Irori dish showcases the ingredients and time-saving cooking techniques of Japan’s villages before they evolved along with modern cooking technology.

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