Seven Kickass Women Leading NFTs and Web3

Seven Kickass Women Leading NFTs and Web3

The Web3 space, and especially the NFT niche, welcomes more and more women. After all, NFTs are fun, exciting, offer room for creativity and act as a gateway to crypto for people with non-technical backgrounds.

There are already many incredible women working hard behind the scenes and pushing the field forward. Whether starting a Web3 company, educating other women about NFTs, or creating an NFT project for a cause, many women have found a place in the Web3 world for their skills, talents and creativity.

That’s the beauty of where we’re at in this space in general right now – there’s still a lot of room for creativity, expression, trial and error, and there’s still plenty of room to connect with people who are wide-eyed, enthusiastic, and motivated to explore it. new world of possibilities.

For this post, we’ve captured some kick-ass women waving through the space and included others that we didn’t get a chance to chat with but still deserve their place here.

Kelly Ann Collins

Kelly’s career as a journalist goes way back, helped launch America Today, and was one of the first people to jump onto the blogging scene, explaining to big companies what a blog is. In his own words, he’s worked pretty hard on Web1, Web2, and now Web3!

Like many, he had heard a lot about Bitcoin from his friends, but became heavily involved in NFTs during the pandemic. She packed her bags, left town and went to stay at her grandparents’ farm and suddenly found herself in the water. Exploring Pancake Swap and Shiba. After joining the community, he found people one day asking him if they could do an NFT. And the rest is history!

Kelly, Inc. Magazine named one of the top 100 businesswomen, she also founded Vult Lab, an award-winning agency that advises brands at the intersection of Web2, Web3, and social influence. She also has a blog about crypto and a Women Who Rock group on Twitter Spaces, which aims to help women living in underserved areas. Kelly believes NFTs will be a big part of our future and wants to bring as many people into space as possible!

Diana Montañez

Diana He is the silent and secret superpower behind the growth of Metaverse and NFT services company Grow Your Base (GYB). You won’t see her sharing her opinions on social media or bragging about her knowledge and success, but Diana, at just 22 years old, already has an enviable array of blockchain and NFT skills.

Her story is an inspiration to young people who don’t know where to start, and experienced employers willing to bet on potential but inexperienced young people.

Originally from Colombia, he started his business and NFT journey in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he met other passionate blockchain entrepreneurs at the college Toulouse Business School (TBS). He started reading books because he had a difficult financial background. financial freedom He was 12 years old and knew at the time that it was his dream and desire to achieve it.

Moving to Spain as a Colombian was not easy, but he did so with great courage and determination. While in college, he and his friends founded a blockchain startup called Eagle Check, and the company won a field competition by MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator.

During the venture, he made connections with leading investors and innovators in the field and met the founders of GYB here. He started working there in 2019, doing very basic tasks like sending orders and tracking NFT transactions. He has since evolved into the company’s portfolio manager role, a highly trusted role where he works with the business development team and deals with making and approving investment decisions, operational and security work, and managing wallets.

Amy Street

Amy Street is a fire cracker and a fun house! This incredible lady is all over the NFT show and has just launched Season One of her own NFT podcast called ‘NFT***ingT’.

His journey started with Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. At the Clubhouse, she hosted ‘Women Tell All’, where women talk about annoying dating and sex questions. The show was an absolute hit and Spotify soon contacted him to turn the show into a podcast called ‘Inappropriate and Explicit’.

Staying true to her wild and creative personality, she soon longed to start something new, and that’s when she gave birth to another successful Twitter Spaces talk show. The show was not intended to be about NFTs, but NFT’s jokes about men and women soon became the highlight of the show.

Amy then decided to really learn about NFTs after being told by various people that she was using them for influence, and that’s when her love affair with NFTs began. He really got into the music NFTs and taught himself tokenomics, smart contracts, price action, etc. about. He watched all his YouTube videos, read articles, and took to other Twitter Spaces to absorb everything he could.

He then joined Art Basel, his first real-life event in Miami, and expanded his network even further. Being in the Web3 space, he could use his natural talents to entertain, educate, and chat with all kinds of people. He has now started his own Web3 on-the-job hunting company called Web3 Street Smarts and uses its extensive network to connect people in the NFT space.

Melissa Jun Rowley

Balm He is a true advocate and leader of adopting decentralized ways. Melissa saw firsthand the power and possibilities of building transparency and trust by eliminating third parties, and what not doing business at the mercy of centralized organizations can do for efficiency.

Despite being skeptical of NFTs for the first time, he has been writing about blockchain for social impact since 2015. It didn’t start NFTs until December 2021 during Miami Art Week. In fact, you can read all about his NFT journey in his article on the Rolling Stones entitled ‘Why I Moved From Being Anti-NFT to Believing in Bonafide’.

Initially, he wasn’t a fan of what he saw as an outsider about the NFT space, like the usual footage of Cool Cats, Bored Apes, and other specialty animal pfpss. Although he believed these projects were great for proof of concept, what put him off was the privilege associated with these collections until he attended an event on Wellness, Web3 and Wine.

The event was packed with various creators talking about how creating wealth and being NFT creators allows them to have integrity in their art and also create wealth through their art, something they never thought was possible. This inspired him to pursue ways he could support the ecosystem to be more inclusive.

He believes success in Web3 has four pillars: commitment, vulnerability, creativity and open-mindedness. To be successful on Web3, one must be willing to show vulnerability and reach out to connect with others.

Melissa runs a Web3 production studio, Warrior Love Productions, as well as an NFT for women initiative called HerVoice, and has also recently launched Web3 movie incubator Mintworthy. She believes Film3 will bring a huge evolution for the industry, as film projects will now allow token holders to be a part of the creative process.

In fact, Mintworthy recently announced a grant program for filmmakers at the Cannes Film Festival. Participants at any level of Web3 training, even those with zero knowledge, can apply. The only criterion is that scenarios, themes, and stories should focus on tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems through solutions.


holly He is a super friendly networking and communication guru. He is Head of Creative Relations at Rarible and has more than 20 years of experience working with creatives from many different industries, including art, sports and fashion.

Prior to working for Rarible, he was director of the Wood Society of the Arts and led collaborations for luxury brands such as BMW and Dior. With his impeccable skills in engaging new creators in blockchain technology and NFTs, NFT has done a lot for the arts community.

Beryl Li

Beryl Li a real powerhouse! He is the co-founder of Yield Guild Games (YGG), one of the most popular gaming guilds for play-to-win blockchain games. He first heard of Bitcoin in 2013 and was immediately fascinated by the technology behind it.

After crypto and blockchain got into the rabbit hole, he began consulting with governments and financial institutions on tokenization, among other things. During the pandemic, went into DeFi and NFTs, this led him to become the founding partner of YGG.

Before launching YGG with Gabby Dizon and Owl of Moistness, she was already passionate about financial democratization and how to design alternative ‘non-financial’ products for users.

Beryl believes we’ll see more NFTs in the form of tickets for entering metaverse events, authenticating physical assets, and identity NFTs like avatars.


mycol has been a driving force for CryptoArt for the past two years. In June 2020, he and four other team members launched the curation studio and platform for NFT art known as ‘Vertical Crypto Art’.

Surprisingly, Micol doesn’t come from an art background. She was working in more technical roles for Instagram and Facebook until she discovered the world of NFTs and blockchain through a friend who raided NFTs at SuperRare.

Vertical Crypto Art has its own auction platform and live auctions, organizes artwork for other platforms, and also has a really great incubator and Web3 art residency program for emerging artists.

The team participates in events around the world and has played a large role in connecting artists with different brands, projects and bringing digital artists to NFTs.

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