Salvo Agency Co-founders, Oladipo Victor and Saviors Daniel Launch Academy to Empower 500,000 Entrepreneurs

Salvo Agency Co-founders, Oladipo Victor and Saviors Daniel Launch Academy to Empower 500,000 Entrepreneurs

By Fadekemi Ajakaiye

Salvo Agency Co-Founders Oladipo Victor and Saviors Daniel Launch an Academy to Empower 500,000 Entrepreneurs in Africa and Beyond.

Known as Air Money Academy, the academy is an online education platform that provides course builders, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs in Africa and the diaspora with relevant knowledge to make money online.

Speaking at the academy’s inaugural, Saviors Daniel said the startup was born out of a comprehensive research model to explore all the challenges course creators and affiliate marketers face.

“Growing up as someone with an early knowledge of internet marketing and spending nearly half of our lives online has empowered us with indescribable marketing skills and experience.
“Confident in our capabilities, my partner Oladipo Victor and I co-founded Salvo Agency Int’l, a Nigeria-based marketing agency that helps individuals and businesses turn their ideas into products, as well as helping them with their entire marketing strategy.

“After working as sales consultants, sales and marketing managers with beginner course creators, local big names and international clients, we have discovered chapters that seem mountainous to many course creators. Therefore, whenever we see deficiencies in course builders, we are afraid and desperately want to help. If you live in this part of the continent and are familiar with course building, you would know that this is the latest trend that is constantly creating wealth for those who can touch it. We’ve seen the struggles many aspiring or amateur course creators go through. In fact, many so-called experts struggle to scale in some ways,” Daniel explained.

“As a creator, you absolutely need to validate your course idea. You can’t make money without knowing what your audience’s needs are – which means you can’t sell your course if no one wants to buy it.

“So, after testing African internet markets in general, we started a research plan to have a verified knowledge of the real problem and the appropriate solutions needed. This is all about overcoming the challenges and helping course creators and affiliate supporters gain indispensable insights and more online. It has allowed us to build a community focused on helping them make money.”

Oladipo Victor, who sheds more light on the activities of the Academy, stated that the platform will positively impact entrepreneurs both now and in the near future.

“There are several actionable steps to follow when it comes to creating comprehensive and out-of-the-box puzzle-solving courses. You have to validate your course idea, organize your content, design your offer, price your offer, and also get people to help you get your product right in the eyes of consumers, it’s an army of affiliates. .

“They are the people who help course creators put their product in front of the right audience that needs them and are rewarded for every performance action taken by the audience. Overtime, we’ve found that only a few percent of people take advantage of this lucrative business model because they think it’s difficult to implement, and another one percent believe it’s a scam.

“This lack of affiliates hits course creators a lot as few segments of the target audience are reached. This means that sales will be below the expected total sales. We just sat and watched doing nothing. “We are now taking mass action to pull 500,000 people out of the clutches of mediocrity and fear, and they are rolling towards where they are making an insane amount of money legally online,” Oladipo said.

“We are launching a community to help educate course builders and affiliate marketers; make more money with the work they know; We will also recommend products to help business owners make more money with their businesses.”

The duo also announced that they will initially only focus on creators and entrepreneurs in 10 African countries that include Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Malawi and the diaspora.

“In the first 12 months of launching this community, we undoubtedly want to recruit 500,000 (five hundred thousand) subscribers from course creators and affiliate marketers in Africa and the diaspora, and then reach another milestone.
Then we will open our wings to other African countries, including sub-Saharan.” they said.

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