Rich, monetizable messaging key to affiliate marketing reaching $8 billion in 2022

Affiliate marketing is expected to reach $8.2 billion by the end of 2022, and 80% of brands are likely to use affiliate campaigns this year. With DCB and RCS both having a huge impact, it is the twin forces of e-commerce and messaging that are driving this growth.

The link between affiliate marketing, DCB and messaging is becoming a critical part of e-commerce in 2022 and will be behind much of the growth seen in affiliate marketing and telemedia in the months ahead.

Rich messaging is key to creating this growth. RCS offers businesses a It brings a powerful tool for engaging consumers (see page 4) and the ability to send as many messages as needed – no 160 character limit here – and includes GIFs, videos and more. It’s not just making messages

ook more attractive, but it can also make them actionable.

This is where DCB comes into play. The addition of carrier billing to RCS marketing messages offers affiliates the opportunity to create messages that not only have interesting and graphic content, but can also be directly and quickly monetized by adding payments to the message.

The concept has already been demonstrated in the UK, where mGage is working with charity Oxfam to create monetizable RCS messages for illegal donations.


The move to monetize affiliate marketing messages is part of a broader move to build an ecosystem around rich messaging and carrier billing, and is already creating huge opportunities in emerging markets.

“DCB is already in a pole position in markets where market dynamics show micro-returns, spend more on mobile transactions compared to POS devices, digital wallets are preferred for payments and loyalty programs, and telecommunications companies are direct beneficiaries of a mobile phone. financial ecosystem,” says Arun Mathew, VP of Business Development, Cookies Digital.

While affiliate marketing is definitely here to stay, it is poised to thrive in developed markets as well. “As one of the pathways for such an evolution, we see the emergence of an industry-wide international market focused on the mVAS market,” says Igor Kholin, co-founder of Golden Goose. “The key advantage of such a marketplace will be its global reach, allowing you to drive traffic to any content offering in the world here and now. We have been developing such a marketplace based on our CPA platform for several years now.”

Rules, regulations and trust

However, there are some potential challenges that could slow the growth of rich messaging-based affiliate marketing.

“Affiliate marketing will continue to be a dominant force for telemedia offerings in the short term, but the longevity of this channel for purchases can only happen if providers show caution and restraint and use technologies that preserve the user experience,” Cookies says. ‘Mehmet. “When partners and carriers offer a DCB checkout experience, the onboarding journey is an equally important consideration, and affiliate marketing has yet to provide a seamless, error-free experience for consumers collectively.”

Mathew also sees trust as a key issue in achieving this flying. “As carrier billing services become increasingly important to a consumer’s purchase journey, ‘Trust’ has become a valuable asset and will soon become a ‘currency’ for providers looking to join the DCB majority,” he says. “Trust must exceed the right until purchased by carriers, content providers and a consumer.”

There are also issues with privacy rules. Mathew’s colleague, Paola Silano, founder of Cookies Factory, says: “For the future, we need to learn how to manage all the changes we face in the advertising scene – and I mean when privacy policy rules change and how it’s affected. about tracking users. We need to understand how the world will change and how we can follow the user on their journey.”

Top trends in affiliate marketing 2022

What services do affiliate marketers want to target in 2022?

• Live streaming and video – live streaming shopping and video marketing is on the rise. While Twitch and YouTube are key places for retailers and brands to stream live, TikTok is also becoming a major sales channel for brands looking to use short-form video to sell. Both of these are where affiliates turn to get consumers’ attention.

• Micro-influencers – There is a growing group of micro- and even nano-influencers using video, and they are a lucrative long tail for affiliates to get into bed as they attract very focused and loyal viewers.

• Co-marketing – Many more affiliates will enter co-branding and co-marketing partnerships to take advantage of these micro and nano influencers, as well as partnering to capture the right niches for their advertising.

• Crypto – cryptocurrencies are becoming more common, leading a number of crypto affiliate networks to make an early move into this interesting industry.

• Marketplaces – The rise of mVAS marketplaces will also shake up the partnership area. Services like Golden Goose’s DCB HUB are set to create an ecosystem for mVAS-DCB services that affiliates can leverage.

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