Polars Announces Reward-Based NFTs for Companies, Brands and Content Creators

Polars Brings Web2 Businesses and Users to Web3 with a Reliable and Easy-to-Use Marketplace Focused on Useful NFTs Gives Owners Real-Life Awards

LONDON, UK, July 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockchain startup Polarys is developing an end-to-end platform for traditional businesses, brands and creators to create and market reward-based NFTs. Immutable tokens (NFTs) are a radical solution to the critical problems businesses and brands face when creating and protecting their assets in the digital world.

Identifying and identifying new use cases for NFTs beyond collectibles and art is key to ensuring their widespread adoption. Polars makes benefit-based NFTs (i.e. NFTs that give holders access to a set of tangible rewards) accessible to all, by providing a solution that enables easy engagement, better customer relationship management, better community engagement, and new revenue streams for brands. . creators. The NFT-As-A-Service rewards and membership platform will reinvent customer loyalty and engagement for brands and was developed with creators and communities in mind. The company aims to be the first European-based compliant one-stop shop for businesses of all sizes, from small to large, to create, run and monetize NFT-based rewards memberships without any crypto or coding experience. Users will be able to buy and hold NFTs from trusted businesses they know, thus avoiding the scams seen in over 80% of projects on current market-leading platforms.

Community building has become much more than simple marketing strategies. It is becoming the backbone of the modern business world. Leveraging next-generation technology enables brands to prepare themselves for the future and that their customer engagement and retention initiatives are aligned with today’s next-generation audience. It shouldn’t be difficult for businesses to break into the web3 space. That’s why the Polarys team is creating an easy and simple way for any business or creator to build community, monetize and increase loyalty with its end-to-end NFT-as-a-Service offering.

“We believe we need to provide traditional Web2 businesses and users a reliable and easy marketplace with end-to-end support focused on NFTs, from easy onboarding to rewards and invoice management,” says Selin Suntay, Polarys CEO.

“With Polarys’ one-stop shop for brand and corporate NFTs, users will get the best and smoothest onboarding experience possible. We are passionate about making NFTs accessible to everyone and contributing to the widespread adoption of Web3 and by even more brands across all industries,” commented Whitney James, Marketing Leader, Polars.

Polars is developing the $METIS network known for its high speeds, high security, low fees and local storage. The team behind Metis has some interesting characters working on the protocol.

Polars will launch the Genesis NFT collection on July 22, giving owners exclusive access to the platform, priority whitelist access to all campaigns launched on Polarys, and an airdrop of the platform’s unique deflation tool token, POLAR. You can be the first to access custom whitelists and receive updates at platform launch.

About Polar

Polarys offers the smoothest Web3 onboarding experience for Web2 businesses, creators and entrepreneurs. It provides traditional businesses and users with a reliable and easy-to-use marketplace focused on utility NFTs that deliver real-life rewards to their owners, with end-to-end support from easy onboarding to reward and invoice management. Unlocking the power of community with NFTs, it brings Web3 to today’s brands by changing the way they drive customer loyalty, engagement and retention. Polarys believes that community-led companies are the future and a thriving community is a company’s most valuable asset. The company is headquartered in Lithuania and England.

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