Pointspay Affiliate Marketing Is Changing How Frequent Flyers Shop Online

In the busy days of the pandemic, travel restrictions highlighted the vulnerability of the travel and hospitality industry and the need for change. The travel loyalty industry was already in a race for compliance, along with the battle for the share of consumers’ minds and wallets. Restrictions spurred the global experiment to be productive from home, and for a time, featured local travel, making the industry ready for change.

As the industry experienced the turbulence of short-term survival time, its leaders were charting a new course and broadening their vision to prepare for the next step. One such leader, Loylogic, a provider of points trading solutions for loyalty programs, instead of sitting in the wings and waiting, was building a new podium with the accelerated rollout of many new features on Pointspay, a new affiliate marketing platform. way for frequent flyers to shop online and earn or redeem points.

Of all the industries negatively impacted by COVID, travel and hospitality certainly seem to be the ones most impacted, with many pauses and starts. In a post-COVID world where consumers seem more conscious of where, why and how they spend their money, travel and accommodation providers will have to exit the COVID vacuum and return to individual and individual life. company budgets.

“For a long time, frequent flyer programs have been particularly dependent on business travelers. We know it will take some time for FFPs to return to normal,” said Gabi Kool, Loylogic’s Chief Commercial Officer. Kool opened up the world of frequent flyer programs from Loylogic’s enhanced product Pointspay. “COVID has shown us that there are too many alternative meeting options, so travel budgets may have been lifted and reallocated by companies and individuals. In the last few months, the number of miles earned on flight and travel activities has been much less. For travel and accommodation brands, we have to figure it out.” One of the business challenges is how do we get members to engage when loyalty programs aren’t on their minds?”

The most important thing for consumers was daily spending The online commerce space was one of the sectors with no participation problem and Kool seized the opportunity in this area for FFPs. “We see that one of the only ways to give miles for 2022 is through online commerce. We needed to make sure our customers’ programs were part of this e-commerce win-and-burn cycle.”

This is certainly not the first attempt by FFPs to land in that area. The affiliate market landscape is pretty crowded, and there’s no shortage of retail partners that FFPs sign up to fall into their day-to-day spending categories. But Kool reflects that The market is ready to evolve and it’s time to move beyond traditional affiliate models and rotting co-brand credit cards. Enter Pointspay.

“We are now working with our partners and merchants to once again keep FFPs in mind and make them a part of consumer daily life.” says Kool, referring to Pointspay’s motivation to change the customer experience. “The user journey in the affiliate market is broken. No one really starts shopping from FFP’s landing page. We wanted to create a more natural experience this does not distort or create friction for the customer. Earn or redeem points and miles balances while shopping online — this may be because they have more credentials to remember or because they are switching websites.

Kool talks about providing a new checkout experience that allows users to pay securely and conveniently, where they feel rewarded with the ease of shopping and the experience of earning and cashback. The integration of miles and points balances with Pointspay can seamlessly expand the customer’s spending power, subsequently influencing the market mindset. “The old fashioned way, FFPs were trying to do this backwards. Instead of looking at how they could be a better, more responsive partner to retailers, they were trying to manage a large pool of retailers within their own customer experience.” A mindset shift is taking place for FFP operators in this cycle, where it will actually be much more productive for airlines, hotels and operators to be part of the online checkout payment process rather than creating a new affiliate mall.

There is also a change that can be offered for purchase that benefits both members and program operators. For operators, it’s about optimization and revenue maximization. Trying to find products and services that feel like natural extensions of the travel and accommodation experience, instead of wasting energy to build and maintain countless relationships. FFPs – as payment service providers – can harmonize any product and any service. In this model, FFPs and their hyperextended teams no longer have to self-provision 100s of logos to offer a sufficiently wide range of brands and products within their program experience that match their brand values.

“It’s MarPay” Talking about this transformation of the industry to become a meaningful part of consumers’ daily online spending, Kool says that aspirational, occasional spending is closer and more accessible. kool faucets The overlap of Affiliate Marketing and Payment Systems as a new system that creates more loyalty from program members who will have more earning, rewards and cashback options – not narrowed down by what fits the specific loyalty program experience, but rather expanded by the expanded member wallet.

Kool sees Pointspay succeed when it matures in the eyes of members. payment mark so that members can spend and earn miles in a very seamless experience:

“To win, we have integrated with leading Payment Service Providers and Affiliate networks and working with them to enable many relevant online merchants so that a new merchant can be opened in our network almost instantly, while also benefiting from existing partnered affiliate marketing commissions in addition to these strategies. “

There are new heights as MarPay is working to take the travel and hospitality industry to the next level. Kool seeks strategic global partnerships that will expand members’ options and achieve programs. As Pointspay takes its place as a global leader in affiliate marketing to generate new revenue for itineraries through accelerated earnings offers, the question arises if there’s room to mind, but Kool is confident he’s in a good, smart company.

“There is a lot to be gained by working together to make our industry better,” he says when asked this question. “We look forward to working and growing with our partners and support our shared success as we develop our industry and better serve our members and get them further afield from their loyalty programs. Affiliate marketing has never been a strong source of revenue for our collective industry, and the time has come for us as loyalty professionals to take matters into our own hands and help members, programs and retailers make the most of this fast-growing and sizable market.”

This is Marpay: How Pointspay Rethinks the Road Frequent Flyers Shop Online and Redefines Affiliate Marketing Along the Road

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