PlanetQuest has launched its first Planet Sale!

After PlanetQuest came out of secrecy at the end of 2021, it has quickly established itself as one of the most anticipated blockchain games today. This versatile project is created by well-established talents from Hollywood and the gaming world. So it might come as no surprise that the PlanetQuest community has hit a power of over 240K. PlanetQuest is set to become a vast multiverse that lets you travel to a distant future where humanity has reached the stars.

The people of the universe are divided into three groups, among which the Universal Council maintains a fragile peace. But despite all that futuristic technology and storytelling, the most innovative and groundbreaking thing about PlanetQuest is their first Community Planet Sale. In this article we will tell you everything.

PQ Community

PlanetQuest is built on the principle that the game is co-created from the ground up with the community. That’s why PlanetQuest’s Discord server (which you can easily join via is at the center of everything they do. On Discord, the so-called “Travellers” get the latest updates, access exclusive content and events, and play a role in shaping PlanetQuest’s history.

Each week, community members represent their chosen faction and vote on a decision to be made by the Universe Council. The results of these actions and the spins of this story are shared on Discord every week. The fate of the PlanetQuest universe is literally in the hands of the Explorers.

Explorers who are active in the community also gain access to exclusive NFT rewards. These rewards are earned by collecting points on Discord. All of these NFTs are part of a complex in-game economy where they serve a purpose for the game as well as for the Play and Win aspect of the game. The most exciting of these NFTs are undoubtedly PlanetQuest’s groundbreaking planets.

Genesis Engine

PlanetQuest pushes the boundaries of player ownership and NFTs with the Genesis Engine. This program can procedurally generate whole planets that look realistic and beautiful and also follow the laws of nature. These planets are generated directly in the user’s browser, along with intricate details such as temperature, water, vegetation, polar caps and much more. When PlanetQuest gameplay goes live, users will be able to land on their planet’s surface and explore them firsthand.

What are PQ Planets?

PQ Planets are 3D rendered planets that are divided into 4 different tiers based on their rarity. These are Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. This distinction is based on 2 principles: the number of moons and/or rings a planet has, and the planet’s Quantum stability.

A Legendary Desert Planet (containing three moons and a ring)

Ordinary planets are placed alone among the stars, Rare planets have a moon, Epic planets have a majestic ring and a moon stretching across their horizon, and Mythical planets have a generous ring system and multiple moons.

Quantum is the platform’s in-game currency and can be used to power weapons and artifacts, and to purchase armor and equipment. Although quantum can be found and harvested on any planet, it has been refined from its raw form to the $PQX coin on the user’s home planet. Planets with higher quantum stability yield better and more refined yields.

Except for the 4 layers mentioned above, all planets are divided into 6 different classes: Jungle Planets, Desert Planets, Tropical Planets, Volcanic Planets, Strange Planets, and Ice Planets. All classes have their own rules of vegetation, creatures, ecosystems and artifacts.

What will the sale be like?

Of course, you are probably wondering how you can have these beautiful planets. PlanetQuest recently launched the first Planet Sale where they will offer a limited number of planets. This includes 1800 common planets, 900 rare planets, 300 epic planets and 30 legendary planets. To ensure that the first planets go to the most valued members of the PlanetQuest community, the platform has chosen to set up a review system.

Applications will be reviewed and graded using this process, and successful ones will acquire planets in the PlanetQuest universe. This process will apply to both individuals and groups. These rankings will be based on the applicant’s motivation and the points they have earned as an active member of the community. All this ensures that the sale is sustainable and community priority!

PQX and the in-game economy

Planets created by the Genesis Engine are not only beautiful parts of the PlanetQuest universe, but also play an important role in the in-game economy. The PlanetQuest platform uses a single coin model so that the coin can provide ample benefits in the game while the supply and rewards can be more tightly controlled. This helps the platform deliver a sustainable economy fueled by $PQX tokens spent on in-game purchases, royalties from sales, gear building, and profits from comics, novels, and cinematic spinoffs of its Multiverse.

By owning a planet, you automatically benefit from this complex economy and receive a portion of the income from the game! For more information, check out their PlanetQuest Medium blog where they spill all the secrets about their innovative economic system.


The PlanetQuest platform focuses on developing a universe of their community and provides them with an engaging story. The Genesis Engine provides beautifully rendered and rendered planets with a lot of potential when the game goes live.

The ongoing Planet sale gives users the chance to be a part of this universe and take full ownership of the universe, while also getting a share of the value it generates. You definitely don’t want to miss this exceptional project, so head over to their website and become an Explorer yourself!

Please check for more information on PlanetQuest. official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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