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Optimizing Your Ecommerce Store For The Holiday Season

Discover the best strategies for optimizing your ecommerce store for the holiday season to grow your business and drive more sales.

It’s that time of the year again! Retail’s biggest days are approaching, and e-commerce sales are expected to have another record-breaking year. With Cyber ​​Monday being the fastest growing sales day, online consumer spending is predicted to reach $143.7 billion this holiday season.

How can your brand prepare for the holiday wave and maximize your end-of-year sales?

Start by drafting your affiliate marketing strategy and promotional content. Then it’s time to optimize your e-commerce site. Here are some ways to get your site ready for the holiday sale:

Get In The Holiday Spirit

You’ll want to make sure your e-commerce store is fit for the holiday season, just as real-world businesses renovate their windows.

Start by bringing the holidays to your site content. This means holiday themes, colors, slogans and images. If you’re not sure where to start or need inspiration, Pinterest is here to help.

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Remember that you don’t want to get too lost in the festive themes. You still want customers to recognize your brand and have the same user-friendly shopping experience as they normally would.

Brighten Your Landing Page

Your Christmas landing pages should clearly promote your sale by showing your deals and savings, without your customers needing to scroll or search your site. Consider adding a sense of holiday urgency, such as the text “One-Day Sale” or “Deals End at Midnight.” Another way to highlight this is to use a countdown graph that shows the days or hours remaining for the sale.

Example from

Landing pages should allow holiday shoppers to browse easily with clear paths to conversions when they click the link to your site. This means prominent calls to action, such as “Buy Now” or “Check Out” buttons that can be converted in a few clicks.

Consider including positive reviews as part of your landing page content, as product reviews are becoming more and more important in the decision-making process.

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If you’re promoting specific products or categories, such as items in a giveaway guide, make sure each product’s landing pages match the referral link. This can be done using Tapfiliate’s deep linking feature.

You can also use product-specific landing pages to upsell items. For example, a landing page for mobile phones may also have a “you may like” section with phone cases, chargers, and screen protectors.

Example from

Coordinate with affiliates regarding promotions and your inventory. Avoid affiliate links that use referral links that lead customers to landing pages with products that are no longer available or sold out.

Make a Sales List and Double Check

Your vacation savings are how you keep customers on your page. After all, 74% of Americans say offers are the most important factor when deciding where and what to buy online.

As we mentioned above, it’s important to clearly display the discounts and promotions you offer. If sales are hidden on product pages or only applied at checkout, you risk losing customers looking for holiday deals.

Example from

Technically speaking, you’ll want to double-check that all sales prices are reflected in the product pages and final payment totals. If you’re using discount or coupon codes, make sure the code works on your site and matches the code used for affiliate promotions (think case sensitive, etc.)

It is important not to overlook checking sales prices. Encouraging sales but not reflecting at the time of purchase means high cart dropout rates and in some cases a customer service and PR nightmare.

Easy Pay Season Has Arrived

It’s no secret that the cart abandonment rate is highest during the checkout process. In cases of unexpected costs, too many form fields, technical glitches, or even a lack of trust in your payment portal, customers quickly give up.

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Take the complexity out of the vault and aim to provide an easy and straightforward experience to your customers.

Here are some tips for your payment process:

  • Always show cart and cart total
  • Be transparent about shipping, taxes and fees (this might be a good time for affiliates to promote “Free shipping” codes)
  • Offer fast guest checkout
  • Keep your payment on one page, the fewer clicks the better if possible
  • Clearly show your return policies, especially if there are exceptions for discounted items
  • Highlight security badges and payment compatibilities

Digital wallets are on the rise. Depending on your payment process, consider adding new payment methods such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet, MasterPass, Visa Checkout, and PayPal.

Be Cheerful and Active

More and more, it is used for mobile e-commerce transactions. This is especially true during the holiday season, when Shopify reported that 66% of its global sales came from a mobile device last holiday season.

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Some things to consider for mobile:

  • Optimize speed: Place sales content at the top of the page, consider the size and quantity of visual content along with load time, and avoid redirects

  • Easy Navigation: Shorten the purchase path, have clear call-to-action buttons, and simplify checkout with easy form fields and integrated digital wallets.

  • Social media promotions: Promote with mobile-friendly referral links, have referral links drive traffic to mobile-friendly landing pages

Share Seasonal Joy with Customer Referrals

With the increase in holiday sales, you also have the opportunity to gain new customers for your affiliate and referral programs. As an added bonus, it’s a great way to thank customers.

Using Tapfiliate’s Partner Recruitment feature, you can automatically invite new customers to promote your business. Using this tool, new customers (not yet affiliates) will be automatically sent a referral link that they can use instantly to spread the word about your business.

Be sure to enable this feature to harness the power of word-of-mouth this holiday season.

Great User Experience Gift

Holiday sales include site updates, but user experience always comes first.

Avoid making major structural changes to your store just before the holiday season. It may be tempting to try a flashy, interactive design, but you don’t want to slow down your site and leave customers with long load times.

Something as simple as a holiday color scheme, Happy Holidays written on your landing page, or some holiday icons like Christmas trees, gifts or snowflakes throughout the site navigation can go a long way.

example from

Interested in more?

We’re here to help you during the Christmas sale season. Check out how you can build your affiliate program and our holiday content ideas.

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