NFT Space is shaking! MetaRuffy launches the latter

New York, July 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MetaRuffy International FZCO (a Dubai-based company) already operates RuffyWorld, the entertainment-focused metaverse world, and proudly announces their second product release,

LooBr is fully powered by MetaRuffy and is an all-in-one cross-chain social NFT Marketplace and meeting place for creators, merchants and social media users. CEO Cihan Şaşmaz and the MetaRuffy creative and core team conceived, designed and created the platform with the end user in mind.

“Loobr Marketplace is amazing, easy to use and the first of its kind built-in social media platform! Working with the MetaRuffy Creative Team was so professional, I highly recommend them to anyone new to NFT creation!!! “ FarmPro, LooBr user – June 2022

LooBr looks stylish and easy to use and the website is fast and responsive. It also offers the lowest transaction fees (1%) of any other major platform in the entire digital art space. The site is ad-free and has an integrated KYC/verified badge, real-time notifications, creator royalties, fixed price, auction and mystery NFT features, and end-to-end encryption.

LooBr is a great platform to build and sell my NFT collections with the ability to communicate with my potential buyers in one place. It was easy to get started and upload all my information. I know I will be working with quality people with the option of verification and KYC.” BuildingStones, LooBr user – 2022

The technology is cutting-edge and the first of its kind integrated social media capability.

Virtual world, Music, domains, In-Game assets for RuffyWorld and of course all kinds of digital art from NFTs are welcome and available on LooBr.

Creators, Traders and Players have a place in LooBr; Creators have a place to showcase and sell their art in the form of NFTs. Additionally, Merchants can purchase verified digital artworks from verified creators. Finally, Social Media goers can use “end-to-end” encrypted communication to chat, like, comment, and mingle with friends, family and people of choice.

“A platform from creators to creators, traders to traders, players to players. We love to create. We love to trade. We love to play.”

MetaRuffy CEO Cihan Şaşmaz

LooBr gives users full control over their data and is built with the latest security technology. Users can create a simple account with just an email and password and browse the site or experience the entire package and add and authenticate a crypto wallet to their profile to exchange, buy and sell digital art with KYC in a safe and secure environment. other users.

“We have established a market place that we will use daily” MetaRuffy CEO Cihan Şaşmaz

I highly recommend LooBr to anyone looking to buy or sell NFT. Many of its features are not available anywhere else, including a scoring system that is rolled over with the sale! The site is easy to navigate and all aspects appear to have been developed by real users.” CryptoDiva, LooBr user – June 2022

LooBr also sets a new standard in the e-commerce of NFTs with a unique feature called the LooBr Score.

LooBr Score imports all metadata collected from owner to owner (trade and owner history, social media posts, comments, likes, etc.) from the original, print and listing in LooBr to each relist for all NFTs on the LooBr platform.

“You’re not just buying an NFT; you’re buying the whole history” MetaRuffy CEO Cihan Şaşmaz

Marketplace works with the primary service token $LooBr (can be purchased directly from Marketplace). Prices will be displayed as $LooBr for digital arts such as NFTs when listed, purchased and sold. $LooBr is also the management token of the platform and will allow its owners to add their voices to its future development. Additionally, $LooBr coin holders are rewarded for holding $LooBr and receive $MR (MetaRuffy’s native token).

“Grow to become the largest Marketplace in the world! We look forward to seeing you at and providing the best possible experience to everyone.” MetaRuffy CEO Cihan Şaşmaz

The marketplace is available now and will soon be available on Android and iOS.

Pre-sale: (July 15, 2022 – 20UTC)

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