New wave of blockchain gaming with Elemental Raiders

New wave of blockchain gaming with Elemental Raiders

In the last two years, the crypto and blockchain industry has exploded significantly. World adoption has reached a definite high of over 5% and is still rising, while this new wave of technology has brought freshness for multiple industries. It greatly impacts creators, artists, actors and individuals alike. As NFTs and P2E games have increased significantly, the power is now in the hands of the creators. That’s where Elemental Raiders comes in!

A highly sophisticated P2E gaming platform built by the veterans at G4AL, it aims to revolutionize the way you interact with blockchain games forever! With a truly gripping story, extremely rich graphics and a highly lucrative reward structure, users can expect a richer gaming experience, both literally and figuratively. From Axie Infinity to Illuvium, there has many Mega games dominating P2E sector. Niche locked these games. But ask yourself one. can I Play none these games without investment basis quantity? Easy Reply, You can not!

So what sets Elemental Raiders apart from the rest? Let’s find out!

The Future of the Game

Introducing Elemental Raiders, This kind P2E game gets take the user experience to another level. Developed by talented people related to G4AL, Elemental Raiders have defined problems he is available in today’s market. anyone who wants with to discover world blockchain games have to invest hundreds of dollar roll most ball. that’s when it happened to me: why fail users Play games where can they pamper themselves for fun and to make a decision if they also to want

This Where are Elemental Raiders come in. This is a level of AAA. the game it focuses over making P2E sector entertainment in the first place. A world where users can to fight together or only to provide engagement and pleasure. Again, if desired, users can earn money from the game all levels, from real earnings at game rewards for trade NFTs. This innovator P2E game how to redefine forever users interact with blockchain games.

Immersive Game

The game rotary around brought a tale of imminent ruin by evil gods in search of elemental crystals, leader for collapse related to The great kingdom of Runaria. Now most heroes of each element to fight these evil gods for victory. Elemental Raiders a free turn-based role-playing the game with blockchain technology. Players form a team of three heroes to battle powerful monsters in PvE scenarios and play against other players in the PvP arena.

In the PvP Arena, players can increase their rank by fighting other players and improving their skills with the rewards they receive. The game also includes a play-to-win feature that allows players to hold in-game assets and start earning coins by winning in the PvP Arena. Elemental Raiders want to ensure players with a competitive, high quality as well as the gaming experience. fun and user friendly the way to build them luck. The game has additional advantage rewarding players with tokens and NFTs variety of participation game content.

Roadmap ahead

The game has taken its first step in this field. recently Completed NFT auction three extremely custom 3D holograms NFTs representing each element. Development takes place in real time and most experienced minds has including most creating. Elemental Raiders Competing for a beta version planned for May 25th, then some lots exciting updates

War To go past: Thanks to the Battle Pass system, players can unlock and enjoy levels free content and all feature contents affects balance. the game can be unlocked by just playing games. if you pay for war late, you will get Additional features.

Tournaments: Elemental Raiders to be e-sports game by promoting various tournaments and great win awards and awards.

guilds and Guild Wars: By joining a guild, players can help other guild members, donate talent copies, and receive XP and runestones in return. There has also the Guild wars where guilds fight each other for special prizes.

Talent Card Rental: Players can rent NFT skills to other players for a fee and duration. Players create passive comes with in exchange for cryptocurrencies having a variety NFT skills.

New Heroes and Items: new addition heroes and completely new elements will After all will be added the game.

New game modes: new Game modes like PvE wars and fights will be available.

Runaria Islands: Miscellaneous islands will be available everywhere runaria players rivalry other players by collecting resources to earn money island rewards and cryptocurrencies. the island owner a Total% all resources collected over island.

There is an island without take control, and the players beneficiary to conquer and take the title island lord for a week, so don’t take awards.

Disclaimer: All future features are under development and subject to change.*

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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