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New Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing To Be Released By Udimi In January 2022

Find the Best Solo Ad Provider for Your Niche

Affiliate marketers looking for new solo ads for affiliate marketing on can now access newly added merchants in various niches in 2022.

Using ads alone is an easy way to build a huge email list of repeat purchases from you.”

— Kevin Watson

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2022 / — is a solo ad agency where members can buy solo ad traffic for a specific niche. This agency provides targeted solo ad traffic for subscribers looking to grow their client base in a particular niche. Udimi has recently added over 100 new solo ad vendors with new email traffic in the home business, cryptocurrency, fitness and personal development niches.

It has been carefully studied and tested for those who want to grow their email list quickly but don’t know how PPC marketing is done or how it works. Udimi is a place of transparency where subscribers can go to buy email traffic and have the confidence to know where their traffic is coming from without worrying about fake clicks or leads. Udimi’s mission is to provide fast, reliable and fresh email traffic to those who want to buy stand-alone ad traffic in a selected area.

By subscribing to Udimi’s advertising platform, individuals can use PPC marketing, YouTube marketing, social media marketing, etc. they can save thousands of dollars in wasted advertising costs by trying to learn. Once a subscriber signs up, members can choose a solo ad vendor, ad package that fits their budget, and sit back and let the vendor send new email traffic to a member’s squeeze page. After the email traffic is delivered, the member can see the actual email subscribers flowing to their autoresponder. The tracking feature in Udimi’s dashboard geographically shows members where leads are coming from.

Newly Added Updates to

Added over 100 solo ad vendors. These vendors have been rigorously tested and approved by Udimi owners to ensure that the email traffic their customers receive is real people, not robot traffic. The mailing lists of the seller selected by Udimi often have prospective buyers. This greatly increases members’ chances of making a sale once their email traffic has been delivered.

Also, the seller’s mailing lists are permission-based mailing lists. This means that people who subscribe to these lists voluntarily choose to receive emails in a particular domain. All vendors’ email lists are reviewed and verified to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act as specified by the FTC.

New Traffic Filter Feature. This feature allows members to choose which countries they want their email traffic to come from. Members can also choose whether they want their email traffic to come from mobile devices or desktop computers. Udimi also displays which vendors are selling to their customers.

Improved Transparency. Udimi has greatly improved the transparency of solo ad vendors. Users of this advertising platform can see at a glance under the seller profile:

*Seller’s fee per click
*Where is the seller from?
*Seller FAQ
*Other customer comments about the seller’s email traffic
*Seller disclosure of what type of email traffic is available
*How many sales a seller makes to customers and the frequency of sales’s solo ads for affiliate marketing is a fully transparent advertising platform available for members looking for buyer traffic in their niche. Udimi provides a secure advertising platform where those new or not so new to affiliate marketing can meet their clients’ marketing needs.

Brendan, co-author of Blogger and writes, “The hardest aspect of affiliate marketing is finding high-quality targeted traffic for affiliate offers. It’s even harder to find reliable solo ad vendors who will deliver solo ads that turn into sales. Udimi says advertisers get real-person offers. is the only advertising market where they can be sure to see their products and services.”

According to the article, Udimi allows members to successfully drive traffic from top traffic sources for affiliate marketing in various niches. The blogger also offers an in-depth tutorial on how to choose the best solo ad provider for their niche after signing up with Watch This Video to learn how solo ads for affiliate marketing work on the Udimi platform.

When a member signs up for the Udimi solo ad platform, the member can start looking for solo ad providers in their niche. Some of the niches available are solo ads for weight loss niche, Forex solo ads, crypto solo ads, personal growth solo ads etc. Members can also write their own ad copy for the seller to send, or members can request from the seller. to write it.

Members will also be able to contact their chosen vendor from the member dashboard on the Udimi platform. Here, a member can chat with a seller to see if a particular offer is suitable for the seller’s email traffic. A member can also access a members-only forum to get more answers about any other marketing needs a member may have.

“If you only want to buy ad traffic but have a tight budget, you’ve found the right place,” writes Brendan in his blog post. “Udimi members will have the ability to scale their affiliate marketing business and know they are building a business with high-quality solo ad traffic from the best solo ad provider for their niche.”

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