myNFT Prepares to Launch the Game-Changing NFT Marketplace

myNFT Prepares to Launch the Game-Changing NFT Marketplace

Although developing at an alarming rate, the NFT world still has a long way to go before it represents a perfectly functioning ecosystem for the mass market. Things like gas prices that are already in the way, deterring and paralyzing new and small investors. Slow transaction speeds with little confidence in the technology for new users. Cross-chain compatibility issues prevent people from easily moving their assets between blockchains, plus poor UX and mediocre fiat on launchers.

But now, myNFT had, a multi-chain NFT platform aims to fix all these annoying annoyances through a stylish, highly intuitive marketplace designed to outperform its competitors in every category. It will offer low platform fees (2%) and low cost eco-friendly tier 2 transactions, and will extend to an innovative ‘bid-to-win’ auction feature designed to put the NFT world at the center.

The resulting package takes an innovative no-compromise approach where only the absolute best cuts the mustard, bringing with it a game-changing approach to how we interact with the world of NFTs.

Under the Hood

myNFT is the latest innovation from London-based technology firm Perpetual Altruism Ltd. A next-generation Web3 platform opens up the incredible world of NFTs to a much wider audience and provides flexibility for everyone living to join the NFT revolution. .

Built on the Moonbeam parachain, part of the Polkadot architecture, the system offers unmatched compatibility along with all the transactional benefits of a layer 2 chain without sacrificing security.

The MyNFT marketplace will operate from the very beginning with a number of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks such as Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, and will continuously integrate new blockchain networks.

In addition to this excellent multi-chain wizardry, myNFT also offers a wide variety of payment options. Users of the platform can trade in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and use a range of fiat-based options including US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros and more.

Revolutionary Bid-Win Mechanic

Through its sister organization GBM, myNFT aims to introduce an innovative bid-win purchase mechanic, meaning that when a collector bids on an item, they will be faced with one of two positive outcomes. They either win the bid and take the prize home, or they lose, earning a monetary return.

Either way, it’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Securing the Future with Investment

To add major weight to the myNFT project, the team recently raised an impressive $7 million in Series A funding. With investment strength, Scytale Ventures is leading the way and adding support from SevenX Ventures, Future Perfect Ventures, Signum Growth Investments and more.

This fine amount is further supported by a Moonbeam Foundation grant for services. Web3 infrastructure, both will help expand the myNFT offering and fine-tune the impressive platform. After launch, their plan is to release a next-generation money making tool with many other features the NFT industry has yet to see.

A Well-Oiled Machine

At the start of myNFT, he sees a new, fully fledged, fully doxxed trio of NFT veterans behind a good ship leading the Cryptographer to NFT glory. Now that it has expanded its product portfolio into the NFT marketplace sector, Perpetual Altruism Ltd may become unstoppable.

If all that said doesn’t make your non-mushroom taste buds drool, interested parties can sign up for early access now and also participate in an excellent NFT sweepstakes with a chance to win delicious $10k worth of NFT prizes.

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