MDHearingAid Boosts Conversions with Tapfiliate’s Rest API

Access and affordability are everything at MDHearingAid.

MDHearingAid has over a decade of experience selling high quality, affordable hearing aids directly to consumers and has begun to improve patients’ access to affordable hearing solutions. The company delivers on this commitment by charging thousands less than the $4,600 average a consumer pays for hearing aids, while also streamlining the purchasing process so customers can have their FDA-registered hearing aids delivered right to their doorstep.

“Our goal is to help one million Americans hear better by 2025.” says Doug Breaker, CEO of MDHearingAid.

To achieve this goal, MDHearingAid looked to industry professionals who take a genuine interest in their mission and can help spread the word about their products.

The calls took the company to Tapfiliate. Tapfiliate’s REST API has made it easy for MDHearingAid to launch an affiliate marketing program that tracks conversions over the phone and automatically gives commissions to their affiliates.

How MDHearingAid increased conversions with affiliate marketing

Since more than half of its orders were picked up by phone, it made sense for MDHearingAid to use phone attribution tracking for its affiliate marketing efforts. When affiliates sign up, they are automatically given a trackable phone number and receive credit for their phone sales without having to do any extra work.

This setup, along with having a solid affiliate strategy, was key to the success of the company’s affiliate program. “When we really started putting effort into our affiliate program, we went from $0 per month in last click/phone affiliate revenue to over $100,000 per month in affiliate revenue.

MDHearingAid added: “Since we added Tapfiliate, we have one of the highest weekly conversion rates of 1.76 in this calendar year (also in our fiscal year). Before Tapfiliate, we had an average weekly conversion rate of 1.26!”

Tapfiliate’s API provides a robust monitoring solution

When MDHearingAid started looking for a platform to run their affiliate program, they found that other solutions were more complex and charged significant fees. An unhappy affiliate became the catalyst for a change to an affiliate marketing software that lived up to the expectations of both MDHearingAid and its affiliates.

And those expectations were met with Tapfiliate. This includes having:

  • Technical capabilities, especially REST API
  • Timely and helpful support team
  • Comprehensive documentation

“The process was quick and painless. The Tapfiliate support team responded very quickly to our questions and almost always provided documentation for further guidance.”

MDHearingAid used the Tapfiliate Rest API to automate tracking phone conversions. Each affiliate is given their own phone number(s) and will show this phone number to any visitor they post to the website. The affiliate post this phone number on their website, email, etc. can also be published. The phone number is associated with each affiliate via the unique coupon code – this is converted into a conversion using the Tapfiliate Coupon API.

Streamline workflows with automatic commission approval

In addition to tracking phone conversions, MDHearingAid was able to use the REST API to automate conversion confirmation based on the company’s 45-day free trial. Commissions are confirmed or disapproved based on whether an order is returned after the free trial ends.

This eliminates the need for affiliate managers to manually approve/disapprove commission, giving them more time to recruit.

The time savings resulted in the company being able to have a more involved, proactive affiliate program. This includes having a dedicated manager who always monitors affiliate relationships and performance. “Having someone who can both nurture existing relationships and attract potential partners is crucial. We’re here to help our affiliates succeed, and we certainly don’t operate with a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality.”

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For those familiar with affiliate marketing, one of the most common challenges businesses face is finding great affiliates to promote their products.

Since they started using Tapfiliate, MDHearingAid has seen a huge increase in the number of members added to their program. Ability to register affiliates manually or with an easy-to-use registration form, The company doubled its membership in just one month!

Alongside its growing affiliate network, MDHearingAid credits their success to partnering with passionate affiliates. The company’s affiliates are primarily made up of industry professionals or their niche in senior healthcare. “Our best affiliates are those who show a genuine interest in our mission and goal of improving patients’ access to affordable hearing solutions and making people’s lives better by helping them hear.”

Alongside the attractive commission structure, MDHearingAid feels they have created a valuable affiliate program among a dedicated affiliate manager to work directly with their affiliates for their content strategy. Having strong affiliate relationships has helped the company build brand loyalty and also become more visible and present in countless places online.

Want to know more about MDHearingAid?

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