Mars4 expands horizons with Latoken roster

win to play project Mars4 is growing fast. They continue to attract more attention with a recent successful game demo release and now the MARS4 dollar is listed on Latoken.

Mars4 was listed on several exchanges prior to this listing. Latoken was introduced to increase flexibility for traders.

What is Mars4?

Mars4 It is a blockchain-based project that brings humanity closer to Mars. While we can’t explore the Red Planet physically, we can do it virtually on Mars4 the game – and even earn from it.

The Mars4 project was created using two blockchain elements: cryptocurrency (MARS4 dollars) and NFTs. Both MARS4 dollars and NFTs will be integrated into the system. the game To create the best experience for players, giving them full control over their assets and the ability to win from the game.

Mars4 NFTs

MARS4 NFTs can be divided into two categories: land plots and in-game NFTs, both of which are revenue generating NFTs.

Plot NFTs They are unique pieces of Mars modeled using NASA data. The entire sphere of Mars was divided into smaller parcels – 99,888 parcels to be exact. More than half of these NFTs have already been sold.

Mars4 terrain NFTs will be used as playable zones in the game: this way you will be able to explore your unique terrain and terraform by constructing various buildings on the Red Planet.

In-game NFTs will be introduced soon. These NFTs will act as vehicles in the game and help owners earn more and faster.

MARS4 dollars

this MARS4 dollars It is an icon created to go hand in hand with the Mars4 game. It will be used throughout the game: from trading resources to completing quests, players will use it and earn. The entire economy uses the MARS4 dollar.

You can already use your MARS4 dollars. You can stake MARS4 tokens. SushiSwap – and soon a new pool will open on another exchange.

Before Latoken, MARS4 dollars were both decentralized (PancakesSwap, SushiSwap) and centralized (Bittrex, Mexican, KuCoin) swaps.

Earn MARS4 dollars passively

Traders on Mars4 will be able to passively earn MARS4 dollars. They will be able to lease their assets to other players and generate income from the community pool.

The community pool is a tool used to distribute income to the community. Every time a transaction occurs in the MARS4 ecosystem, some of it goes to the pool. Whether it’s a sale or advertising deal, it grows the community pool. Landowners vote to distribute content to Mars4 NFT owners. Having more NFTs increases your passive earnings.

Mars4 game: The first demo is already available!

The most important aspect of the Mars4 project is the game. It is a 3D player vs environment game where players struggle to survive on the Red Planet. Gather resources, trade, build stations and participate in a metadata like no other.

The fully developed game will be a multiplayer metaverse where everyone works together to increase their chances of survival.

Land owners have early access to the game demo. This version allows players to learn the basic mechanics of the game and set up their first station on Mars. To celebrate the launch, the Mars4 team is hosting two game-related competitions: the Building Challenge and the Treasure Hunt. The total prize pool is 15,606 USD.

The Building Challenge encourages players to build creative structures on Mars. The best ones will be rewarded with a prize pool of 17 NFT plots worth a total of $9,826.

Treasure Hunt is a competition for those who have not yet found the architect in them. The Mars4 team has added 4 stealth vehicles to the demo game map. Players who can find them all and post photos tagging Mars4 on Twitter will have a chance to win from a pool of 10 NFTs worth $5,780.

Landowners can compete in both of these competitions, at least as long as they own it. a black NFT. Be quick to log in as lots of players have already submitted their entries!


Mars4 It is a game-winning project that aims to bridge the gap between humanity and Mars. Currently, Mars4 is expanding rapidly, attracting additional cryptocurrency exchanges.

The addition of MARS4 dollars to Latoken provides a wider choice for traders. The appeal of Mars4 has increased due to the latest game demo release.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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