Lil Cherry & GOLDBUUDA on NFT’s, ‘SPACE TALK’ Album

South Korean sibling duo Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA follow their 2020 album CHEF TALK with a recording titled SPACE TALKreleased 12 tracks with a signature style that just doesn’t fit in one genre.

The project came after both Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA released solo tracks – the younger sister worked on a single called “CATWALK” with Rico Nasty and accompanied the track with “CATWALK PYE CARAT DIAMOND” NFT. Meanwhile, GOLDBUUDA reunited with Mudd the Student and Tyroné Laurent on “Power Rangers.”

The duo have returned to creating as a duo, with Cherry’s history of poetry shaping their music alongside their upbringing in Seoul, Miami, and New York. SPACE TALK It is led by titles such as “Let Angels Dance” and “GGOOM” featuring Jvcki Wai, as well as “WHO WE R*” featuring missA’s Min and Lil Kirby.

“I strongly recommend that everyone always read all my words. I love to feel free when creating music… The ability of a song to capture the energy of a moment and preserve it timelessly is one of the greatest blessings I have felt as a musician,” Cherry says in our interview, and her brother adds: “I spent the most time and energy on this project, and besides being an artist, I wanted to prove that I was talented in many ways. The beauty of mixing hip hop elements with different genres? I like.”

Keep scrolling to read our last conversation with the sibling duo. SPACE TALK It is now available on all major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Tell us about the main inspirations behind your new album. What messages do you want to convey? SPACE TALK? Which piece did you enjoy working on the most and why?

lil cherry I really liked the free flow nature of our work for track 3 “Golden Mulan” and track 10 “WHO WE R *”. For the latter, when Buuda produced the rhythm it also came with the hook, the melody and the words “This is who we are” and then missA’s Min unnie took it to the next level with her voice and harmony. Then Lil Kirby’s surprise dropped her knee and I was immediately familiar with the nostalgic and angelic flow of the Korean lyrics. This very special blend of nostalgia and angelic sonic flow is one of my favorite elements a hyperpop artist brings to a song. The next day I put down my poetry and after watching it in a black comedy drama, I made sure to keep the angelic mood while writing about my new love for Lucy Liu. Why Do Women Kill?then a Angels of Charlie marathon.

I strongly recommend that everyone always read all my words. I like to feel free when creating music and I felt quite free while recording songs like “WHO WE R *”, “Golden Mulan” and “MEMORY”. Even now, when I listen to them again, I feel quite free. The ability of a song to capture the energy of a moment and preserve it timelessly is one of the greatest blessings I have felt as a musician.

GOLDBUUDA Thanks to this album, Cherry and I were once again able to showcase a variety of genres. From compilations of SoundCloud hits SOS TALKto get certified within the hip hop community CHEF TALKAnd finally, the final stamp of our duo trilogy, we wanted to break into the mainstream world and attract more listeners and fans around the world.

as the main producer SPACE TALKI spent the most time and energy on this project and wanted to prove to myself that I am talented in many ways besides being an artist. The beauty of mixing hip hop elements with different genres? I love him. We’ve been trying this since our first mixtape on SoundCloud and now SPACE TALK new cherry on top.

My favorite track on the album has to be “Golden Mulan”. It is a sequel to “All You Can Eat” but has taken it to the next level. We spent a lot of time perfecting the overall sound reproduction, but surprisingly it only took less than 20 minutes to record.

Although the two of you have released a lot of music together as a duo, you’ve also released songs separately in the past year. Was there a reason for this? How has your creativity and work process as a duo changed over the past few years?

LC For those wondering why we get into solo projects, it’s because, as you can imagine, there are different ways to approach storytelling. Some are best done in duos and solo. BUUDA and I are usually in the studio together, and our vocal chemistry and synergy are on point, whether we’re working on a duo or solo project. BUUDA is a super producer and after joining executive producer SOS TALK and CHEF TALKstarted to produce parts directly for SPACE TALK. I am very excited to see other projects he will undertake. SPACE TALK to be a new starting point for him as a sound designer, director and executive producer.

GB Our duos and solos may have different color and we want fans and listeners to enjoy a range of different sounds. We’ll always be a family, but sometimes you have to be able to eat by yourself. We encourage each other as we create another world as independent artists for all our individual projects.

Developing as an artist is inevitable. The most exciting thing about hip hop and internet culture is that it is completely organic. We love and have the ability to push boundaries and adapt to new trends to support new movements that we believe will enrich our culture.

Tell us a little about the aesthetic and visual direction you went this time. Did you cooperate with Yarntogo for this version as well?

Yarntogo will always be our lifelong partner in this amazing journey. For visuals in “Power Rangers” and “CATWALK” SPACE TALK We wanted to highlight the characters we portrayed on the album, so we went for a more conceptual look than an avant-garde look. Power Rangers and Cat Woman was such a great idea, of course we always like to have our own high fashion sense so Yarntogo has helped us here with a lot of reform and accessory ideas. Amazon mom!

We can see you working with Keely Majewski (@poiandkeely) on the album cover. How did this collaboration come about?

Our previous album cover art CHEF TALK it was a precious childhood photograph and this picture was so meaningful that SPACE TALK the artwork was mind blowing. We had long discussions about whether we wanted to prepare a new photo shoot or collaborate with a new 3D artist and which direction we wanted to take the drawing. When we saw Keely’s style, we were confident that this adventurous synergy would result in the most enjoyable character design to express and present Keely’s new sonic adventures. SPACE TALK.

You’ve been showing a lot of interest in digital art and NFTs over the past few months. How do you use your work to expand this space and were there any digital art or NFT elements you included? SPACE TALK?

LC My first PYE COLLECTION NFT collaboration with OP3N was a blast. Then CATWALK PYE CARAT DIAMOND NFT was even more special because there was only one in this universe. From now on, our pye gang lovers can expect more personalized NFTs from us soon, such as BUUDA’s drawings and maybe a few short poems from me. 기둘려~! (Hold your horses~!)

Can you share if you have additional projects that you are doing?

LC There will be a lot more dancing, pyebaby! I’m bringing wu-tang dancing to Korea.

GB Yes, another wave of entertainment will be provided when the time comes. We will be posting lots of new ticks and toks for culture as well as music! Millennials for credentials, you feel me.

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