Key Benefits for Your Affiliate Program

Whether you’re just starting out or growing fast, you want to make sure your affiliate program keeps up with your business.

This is actually something our team at Tapfiliate is proud of: to provide our customers with a product that can grow and scale in line with their needs. Every day, our customer success team works with both future and established brands. We’ve heard what works, what’s missing, and what’s needed to keep everything running smoothly.

With that in mind, we found the Pro Plan perfect for brands looking to take their affiliate marketing program to the next level.

Tapfiliate’s Professional Plan gives you an upgraded version of many of Tapfiliate’s core features, including:

  • New ways to encourage affiliates using bonus commissions
  • Extra customization options for affiliate engagement
  • More branding opportunities with custom field settings
  • Additional resources for program management through team members

Let’s explore what the Pro Plan can do for you.

Encourage affiliates with bonus commissions

Tapfiliate’s Basic Plan lets you set commission rates per affiliate group or even by item or category. However, if you’re looking for extra support to convert, bonus commissions You may have the answer.

With the Pro Plan, you can reward affiliates with bonus commissions.

Bonus affiliate commissions explained

Bonus commissions are awarded if affiliates reach a certain goal within a certain time period. This may include:

  • Reaching a certain conversion amount
  • Reaching the total amount of conversions

For example, it’s a slow season and you want to maximize conversions during this time. Thus, you encourage affiliates by setting a bonus target. If affiliates have 5 or more conversions, they will earn an extra 5%.

If an affiliate does a great job and gets 7 conversions, 5% is added to all 7 conversions. Then, when the bonus period ends, you will confirm the affiliate bonuses – in this example, it will be a 5% bonus added on top of the standard commission for that period.

When is a good time to use affiliate bonuses?

This is a great way to motivate affiliates to help you meet your sales goals. Here are some situations where bonuses can be useful:

  • Launch of new product or features
  • Seasonal and holiday sales
  • Decreased sales periods (i.e. tourism in winter)
  • Financial quarter or end of year

Personalization of the affiliate experience

There are several customization options currently available for your program with the Essential plan. The Professional Plan takes you further in personalizing the experience for your affiliates and gives you more ways to optimize your affiliate marketing efforts.

  • Find out how affiliates learn about your program for more targeted affiliate recruitment.
  • Understand which channels they will use for promotion to create relevant marketing materials.
  • Find out on a deeper level who your affiliates are so you can better communicate with them and help them succeed.

Exclusive recruitment and affiliate information disclosed

Set up custom recruiting fields to easily gather more information about your affiliates. With this information, you will have new information about your affiliate program.

Some custom fields you can add include:

  • Social media handles or social media channels
  • The size of their audience/followers
  • How do they plan to promote your brand or products?
  • How did they hear about your affiliate program?
  • The promotional strategies they use
  • Email of their account on your platform/store
  • their phone number
  • Their preferred coupon code (You will assign coupon codes in a later step)


For example, you can ask affiliates to provide their social media accounts and on which channels they plan to promote. If an affiliate says Instagram, you know you need to provide promotional codes and visually appealing marketing images. If they use YouTube, this is a great channel for in-depth product reviews, so you might want to consider offering special commission rates for specific products you want to feature in the videos.

End-to-end branding

With more and more online options available, we know how important it is to stand out from the competition, and we know that end-to-end branding is a must.

The Professional Plan allows you to set a custom domain for your affiliate program.

custom marking

Everything will match perfectly with your overall brand. This professionalizes the look and feel of your affiliate program and ensures a seamless experience when affiliates sign up.

Get expanded program management and admin controls

Whether it’s the finance department that pays commissions or the customer support teams that identify potential affiliates, your affiliate program is a team effort. This includes working across departments and with several different teams.

Make this collaboration easy with the Pro Plan feature called team members.

This Professional Plan feature allows you to add additional admin members to your account. This may include:

  • sales teams Who can find out how partners are impacting revenue or how they are performing during special offers.
  • customer support teams Those who want to help affiliates navigate the Tapfiliate platform and answer their questions.
  • creative teams Shareable assets and content creators for partners to share.
  • Product teams those who want to know which products are most popular among their affiliate audience.
  • finance teams Who can clear balances and make affiliate payments.
  • development teams helps you configure your monitoring scripts or create API automations.

Upgrade to Tapfiliate’s Professional Plan today

Tapfiliate’s Basic plan gets you into the affiliate marketing game, but the Pro Plan really gets your program in motion with more customization, more control, and enhanced functionality.

Reach the next level and start increasing your conversions today.

Easily upgrade to Tapfiliate Pro:

Go directly to the Billing page in your Tapfiliate account and click the button. Change plan.

Upgrade your Tapfiliate account

As soon as you click on Change plan, you will have the option to choose the Professional plan. click Upgrade to Pro From here.

Note: When you upgrade your current plan, your current billing cycle is prorated.

Have you used Tapfiliate a while ago but stopped? Feel free to renew your subscription.

I have questions? Contact customer support, we are always here to help.

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