Join the Action as ArcheWorld Starts the Alpha Test Phase

Get ready for high-octane MMORPG blockchain-based action as an epic open-world fantasy saga. ArcheWorldenters the alpha phase of the test. However, it offers rich opportunities for early access to this incredible new universe, while giving fans the first chance to win delicious prizes.

Building on the phenomenal success of the ArcheAge franchise, Korean developer XL Games has launched the franchise into the Web3 arena. The fantastic world of NFT ownership and blockchain-based tokens. The ultimate goal is to create a completely immersive world with its own built-in self-governing system.

Thus, players heading this way later in the month can start their work in the ArcheWorld universe and tackle the extreme adventures that lie within, with a chance to earn $BSLT for those who have the stones to complete all test missions. To get into the action, crafty adventurers must first Alpha Transition To activate a test account. Then the grand adventure of ArcheWorld will begin as these brave pioneers enter an incredible virtual world where death and victory await only the bravest souls!

Early Access favors the Brave!

From July 28, avid adventurers and NFT enthusiasts can jump right into action from the long-awaited alpha testing phase. However, only those with the coveted access pass will hold the key to this incredible early bird setting.

As such, this privileged gateway will be available free of charge to those with knowledge and luck. As we enter the month of July, the sword-wielding warrior is presented with two choices. ArcheWorld domain nameIt’s free for connoisseurs and completely dependent on the owner’s wallet.

Option #1 – Free Airdrop for NFT holders

The easiest and most reliable way to get your hands on a juicy AlphaPass. Therefore, all ArcheWorld Fandom Card NFT holders will automatically receive the coveted item via a scheduled airdrop.

Therefore, owners should observe the singular attribution factor of a snapshot taken at 00:00 KST. 7 Julyprovides some extra time for possible slippage. The airdrop will arrive a little later in the day at approximately 18:00 KST.

Browse ArcheWorld NFTs >> Here

Option 2 – Try Your Luck in the Challenges Draw

An additional opportunity presents itself for those who do not own ArcheWorld NFT. Those who complete a series of missions can get in on the action and get involved, while also getting a chance to win some additional physical and virtual rewards at the same time!

To participate, blockchain adventurers must first register and verify their wallet, then jump into the BORA and ArcheWorld Discord channels before submitting the entry form to finalize the application. After that, ArcheWorld will randomly choose 125 lucky participants Each week of the test, he also selected 20 of them for the $100 BORA coin reward, and only 5 members to receive a bag of ArcheWorld physical goods. Meanwhile, participants who are not so lucky will see their entries roll over to the next week.

Be the lucky one >> Apply here

ArcheWorld’s Leading Future

Later in the year, Korea-based XL Games will launch its trademark services to a wider audience who want to leverage its massive 20 million user base in this new era of blockchain gaming.

As a result, fans of the franchise will interact with this expanded universe by owning land, house, player characters, pets, vehicles and more in the form of NFT and a big in-game economy It is based on the ARCHEUM game coin. Players can exchange the token for NFTs or $BSLT followed by fully tradable $BORA tokens. Exciting times for virtual adventures from around the world!

Join the early access fun >> Here

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