Huobi Global: Providing profit opportunities in the crypto winter

Since the collapse of algorithmic stablecoin LUNA in early May, the crypto market has seen more than US$45 billion in value, shattering the dreams of thousands of investors, some of whom invest their savings in what they consider a safe haven.

Last week, crypto fund holdings fell to their lowest point since July 2021, with Bitcoin (BTC) falling from $47,444 to $25,892 just two months ago.

Terra founder Do Kwon has since made an effort to reward investors by creating a fork of the Terra blockchain by building a new chain that does not include the UST stablecoin project. Naming the original chain Terra Classic, Token LUNC and the new forked chain Terra, Token LUNA, Kwon seeks to rebuild the Terra ecosystem.

LUNA’s original token holders have received an initial airdrop of new LUNA tokens, and a long-term annual distribution plan will be made over time to compensate users for losses incurred. Since Kwon and various market players’ efforts to stabilize the crypto space, BTC has rebounded and stabilized at around $30,000, and prices for another tier 1 token, including ETH and SOL, have also reached stable levels.

In a time of market crash and enormous volatility, Huobi’s initial response was to protect its investors and offer other opportunities for trading profits. Shortly after the crash, Huobi’s derivatives and spot trading platforms delisted LUNA to protect traders from further losses; When Terra 2.0 launched its recovery plan and airdrop, the new LUNA token was immediately relisted to provide certain levels of compensation to the original investors. Since then, Huobi has also introduced new strategies and rewards powered by Huobi’s own liquidity to help traders profit even in the crypto winter.

Exciting Airdrops and Rewards

Earlier this month, Huobi Global introduced new innovative products and strategies that offer $31 million in monthly rewards. The series of promotional events aimed at attracting more investors to the crypto space of all levels of financial knowledge is the launch of a series of campaigns by Huobi, such as PrimeList and PrimeEarn.

In March of this year, Huobi also launched the CandyDrop campaign, a promotional event that offers free coin airdrops every day and a prize pool of 4.34 million USDT last month. The results of the event, which was attended by 1.25 million people in total and over 320,000 participants successfully received airdrop awards, were quite positive. A single user won 2,470 USDT worth of rewards based on the highest value on the day of listing.

Competitive Investment Strategies

While exchanges profited through higher trading fees and lower returns on deposit products, Huobi has worked to bring competitive rates that can help its users earn better profits on deposits and derivatives. PrimeEarn, the debut of its crypto asset management and deposit product, offered users particularly high APYs for fixed deposits of mainstream assets. Users had a chance to earn up to 30% APY by staking mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, USDT, and ETH when participating in Huobi PrimeEarn High Yield Tuesday events.

The 20%-30% APY offered on USDT and ETH deposits with PrimeEarn are the highest rates offered by crypto asset exchanges in the market today and are much more lucrative compared to others, as a result of Huobi’s commitment to providing competitive rates to its users. Average rates of 7% for mainstream assets offered by exchanges like Binance. As for PrimeEarn, the pool of deposits accumulated in the last 5 events totaled 660 million USDT and prizes for users participating in group competitions reached 5 million USDT.

Alongside its deposit products, Huobi also hosts competitive discounts on derivatives and was the first exchange to offer all users producer fee discounts for futures with a 0.015% USDT margin.

With more attractive returns and APYs, Huobi hopes to attract more users of all experience levels. Crypto derivatives in particular can prove to be a useful way to protect investor pockets, especially in volatile market conditions, as they can diversify portfolios and offer sophisticated strategies. With trading products such as Huobi Options and Huobi futures, traders can speculate on future prices of the underlying asset or hedge their current positions for income at a much lower cost than the asset itself.

Expanding Global Market

An established digital asset trading platform based on nearly 9 years of market boom and bust, it has deep enough capital liquidity and a large enough ecosystem to support the effects of a negative market. Within the Huobi network, there are hundreds of localized business centers around the world that provide investors with numerous assets and services combined to meet a wide variety of trading needs and asset pairs anywhere and anytime.

Even during a market downturn, Huobi leverages its mature enterprise ecosystem to expand its offerings in emerging markets and enhances its compliance capabilities by acquiring new licenses and regulated service assets. Recently, Huobi announced Buying BitexA regional cryptocurrency exchange operating in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. This is the first of a series of expansion investments and acquisitions planned for 2022, each designed to accelerate Huobi’s global growth.

Throughout the crypto winter, Huobi continues to rise with expansionary strategies and aims to help more users worldwide find new opportunities to trade and ultimately support the long-term growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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