Huobi Global celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day with 50 BTC prize pool: Grab a slice today!

Huobi Global, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges, is announcing a special Primebox promotion to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. From May 19 to May 29, users can participate in the new Bitcoin Pizza Day Primebox promotion to earn a share of the 50 BTC prize pool and additional NFT rewards.

Bitcoin Pizza Day was celebrated on May 22, 2010 to commemorate an early cryptocurrency enthusiast who bought two pizzas using Bitcoins – an event that has become widely and affectionately known as the world’s first physical Bitcoin transaction. Since then, the value of the blockchain represented by Bitcoin has come to be recognized worldwide. Various events are held on this day to commemorate the first physical Bitcoin transaction and the role that Blockchain is expected to play in the near future.

In the upcoming Bitcoin Pizza Day Primebox promotion, users can complete tasks on the event page to collect five different ingredient cards: “flour”, “cheese”, “vegetables”, “meat” and “spices” to create a Bitcoin Pizza. and earn rewards such as a Rewards Hub badge, a Huobi Earn APY booster coupon, Pizza Day NFT, scorecard, Primelist allocation or CandyDrop allocation. Users can also earn cards by completing missions in the Rewards Hub, Invite Friends, CandyDrop, Primelist or Huobi Earn. These content cards can be gifted to a friend via their UID/DID number.

Besides cards, Primebox BTC fragments can also be found and collected on the event page. The 10 collected pieces can be exchanged for a random content card. Users who do not claim their Decentralized ID (DID) can claim one to earn a Pizza Day NFT that can be used as an avatar on Huobi. All Pizza Day NFTs are printed on the HECO chain and are tradable on the Huobi NFT platform.

Also, owners of any of the NFT collections like Prime Voyager, Women With Crypto, Hanazawa Kana, Easter Bunny, Holy Crab, Ula and Pizza Day have additional privileges. By using NFT as avatar, users can earn extra daily content cards based on NFT’s rarity. The number of extra cards awarded for the Pizza Day NFT for Prime Voyager, Women With Crypto, Hanazawa Kana, Easter Bunny Holy Crab and Ula collectibles will be doubled. The number of extra cards rewarded for a rare NFT is also double that of a regular NFT.

From May 19 at 12:00 (UTC) to May 26 at 12:00 (UTC), Huobi Earn, a program dedicated to giving users high APY for their deposits, will release a limited term deposit plan that allows users to earn higher interest. rates higher than usual. Users who perform a certain number of transactions during this period will also have the chance to own a Primebox card or win coupons that increase deposit interest rates by up to 8%.

CandyDrop, the token airdrop event launched by Huobi to encourage active traders, offers users more ways to participate in the Bitcoin Pizza day event.
1. When users register for CandyDrop events, they get a chance to receive content cards. Having five different content cards allows users to cook a Bitcoin Pizza.
2. BTC chunks will appear randomly on the CandyDrop page. Users can collect 10 shards to exchange for a content card.
3. Primebox rewards include CandyDrop sure winner tickets and double chance coupons.

For more information on the Bitcoin Pizza Day promotion, please click here.

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