How to Use Co-Brand Landing Pages with Affiliates

How to Use Co-Brand Landing Pages with Affiliates

If you are looking for ways to increase your affiliate sales, you should consider co-branded landing pages with your top affiliates.

If done right, co-branded landing pages can be a cost-effective way to take your affiliate revenue to the next level.

It’s no secret that affiliate revenue is Pareto lawful – 20% of your affiliate channels probably account for 80% of your affiliate revenue.

Imagine what would happen if you provided highly converting co-branded landing pages to your top affiliates. You increase your revenue significantly for minimal incremental cost.

This article will discuss creating and getting the most out of co-branded landing pages with your top affiliates. You’ll also learn some tips on how to increase your conversion rates on these landing pages.

This includes:

What Are Co-Branded Landing Pages and Why Should You Use Them?

Co-branded partner landing pages are pages specifically designed to maximize conversions for your most effective affiliates.

You can create these individual landing pages long-term or campaign-specific (for a limited time). What you do will depend on your business needs and experimenting with what converts better.

Creating and updating landing pages for individual campaigns may seem like a waste of time (though this can be accelerated with the use of AI authoring tools), but it is crucial for other brands to succeed.

Because these influencers have large audiences and their words carry weight, co-branding allows you to spread their voice in your marketing.

Custom landing pages are landing pages on your website combined with your affiliate’s content. The landing page URL is personalized to your affiliate or their website and can increase conversions for your brand.

For example, a personalized landing page often includes the affiliate’s name and company logo, and special incentives (for example, additional discounts, free credits or coupons) for people who are not found anywhere else on your site.

Tip: If you’re an e-commerce store, visitors must be able to navigate to the rest of your site using this landing page in order to get sales from traffic coming here.

So why should you use co-branded pages? Here are a few compelling reasons to consider them as part of your marketing mix:

They can help you increase brand awareness

Increasing brand awareness is critical for businesses that want to grow. Having co-branded affiliate landing pages builds trust in people.

Why? Because they already trust the affiliate enough to click on a link. If the affiliate has a name and logo, they will feel that you are trustworthy, especially if you are a brand unknown to them. The more advertising partnerships you have with your referral partners (and co-branded landing pages), the more recognition your brand will be.

When the look and feel of your co-branded affiliate landing page is inconsistent, visitors can be confused and leave the page.

Example of co-branded partner page from Bluehost
Image source: Bluehost

They can help you increase your conversion rates

You provide social proof to people by creating a personalized landing page and landing page URL. What is social proof? It is when people buy something because other people buy it.
Because an affiliate recommends your brand to their target audience, it’s reassuring when a visitor lands on a landing page URL that includes the affiliate’s brand and name.

It gives the visitor all the social proof they need to keep buying. It effectively says that an affiliate supports your company. Combined with the special offers or discounts you offer them, it’s enough to convince people to buy.

Co-branding allows you to develop consistent messages that create a positive impression of your product and company and increase your conversion rates.

They can help you build a stronger advertising partnership with your affiliates

Creating co-branded affiliate landing pages is a great way to develop a beneficial partnership between your brand and your affiliates. You’re two separate brands, but referral partners know that personalized co-branded landing pages convert better than generic landing pages. A win-win for both you and the affiliate. They get commissions, you get sales.

The benefits of working with your top affiliates to create co-branded landing pages include:

  • Build a solid working relationship
  • Longer lasting results
  • Affiliates become brand ambassadors

Improve affiliate recruitment

When you’re looking for new affiliates and referral partners to start promoting your products, being able to offer them co-branded landing pages is an important selling point. Simply put, affiliates know they convert better than a generic landing page, which means more earnings and revenue for them. That’s why it’s worth mentioning when hiring a high-traffic affiliate.

Tips for Setting Up High-Quality Co-Branded Landing Pages Effectively

Here are a few key tips you should follow to create effective landing pages that produce powerful results:

Choose your affiliates carefully

No need to jump into the advertising majority and create co-branded landing pages with all your affiliates. This would be time consuming and inefficient.

Choose only top-ranking affiliates that come to the table with a large established audience that fits and trusts your product.

Creating customized co-branded landing pages takes time and effort, so invest your energy and resources in experienced affiliate companies that sell to your business.

affiliate co-branded page example
Image source: AJ Madison

Affiliate marketing isn’t just about driving traffic to your website, it’s about generating sales from that traffic. Some affiliates target their audience weakly, sending you copious amounts of traffic with weak commercial intent. On the other hand, professionals know how to better target their audience and increase sales to your business.

Work closely with your affiliates on co-branding

Do not make general design decisions alone. Once you’ve identified the affiliates you want to work with, take the time to become familiar with their website, their general style and message.

Co-branded landing pages need to be created together. Make sure you work together to incorporate relevant content from both sites with co-branding and graphics that tell potential customers a coherent story. For example, you can include a video tutorial of your product from the affiliate or social media links to the affiliate’s pages.

Make sure the links between your co-branded pages and your affiliate’s sites include branding elements from your company and the affiliate site.

For example, set up your co-branded links to include your affiliate’s branding in affiliate link URLs (for example, their name or the name of their site).

This simple detail reassures potential customers that they are still dealing with the affiliate when they are transferred to your site. If a lead looks at the URL on your landing page and doesn’t mention the referring domain, they might be startled and leave the page.

Tip: You can track your campaigns using a project management tool like Asana or a simple excel sheet for microsite and landing page management.

Tips for Making the Most of a Co-Branded Landing Page

To get the most out of your co-branded landing pages, you should keep the following tips in mind:

Add a shared call to action

A shared call to action can effectively persuade customers to purchase a product or service, so include your affiliate’s voice in your call to action.

A recommendation from an influential affiliate precedes a general call-to-action because the affiliate has taken the time to build trust with potential customers before sending them to your site.

Leverage graphics and brands on the affiliate site

Graphics and brand alignment are crucial to helping convince affiliate potential customers to buy your product.

As much as you want to put your brand front and center, remember that the prospect’s journey begins on the affiliate’s site rather than yours.

Always make sure the graphics and branding on your landing page are consistent with those on your affiliate’s site.

Add your affiliate testimonials

Referrals from satisfied customers are always a great way to improve conversions. A better way to improve these is to use a testimonial where the affiliate vouches for your product.

Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates on Co-Branded Pages

Here are a few things you can do to increase conversion rates on co-branded pages:

Make sure the page is easy to navigate

If a customer has trouble finding what they’re looking for on your landing page, they’re more likely to leave the purchase.
Make sure all relevant information is easy to find and include navigation links so an affiliate can easily navigate to another place on your website, especially if you’re an ecommerce website, especially if the landing page isn’t quite what they’re looking for. .

Remember, your top affiliate has put in a tremendous amount of effort to pre-sell your products or services on their website or social media.
Tip: If you’re only selling one product or service, you can remove navigation on different pages of your site and focus on selling your product there. In the example below, the navigation links were removed because they were only selling a product.

co-branded affiliate landing page

Add an FAQ section

The FAQ section can be a great way to answer frequently asked questions about your products or services.

You can go a long way towards eliminating sales barriers by anticipating and addressing the most common objections from potential customers to make the conversion process as smooth as possible.

Take advantage of video

Video is an effective tool for increasing conversion rates on landing pages.
What if the affiliate records the video itself? In this case, you not only give potential customers a better understanding of what your product or service is about, but you also give them the opportunity to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Never underestimate the impact an influencer has on their audience. In many cases, they’ve spent years building a reputation of trust through a well-crafted content marketing strategy – so use their videos to spread that goodwill across your brand.

Get started with co-branded affiliate landing pages today

Co-branded landing pages are a great way to increase conversion rates. By setting them up correctly, you can be sure to broaden the target audience’s connection to your product and brand with the affiliate and increase the likelihood that visitors will buy from you.
Try these tips to get the most out of your co-branded landing pages and see how much of a difference they make in your sales!

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