How to Maximize Brand Awareness with High-Quality Videos

Every year we read new statistics on the marketing effectiveness of videos. But most brands seem to stick to what they already know and use. There are so many helpful ways to turn videos into super effective brand awareness tools that it would be a shame not to try something new.

We’ve rounded up some excellent ways to turn videos into a great brand awareness tool for your business. Lets start.

Add social proof with customer testimonial videos

Much has been said about the effectiveness of social proof in marketing. In fact, 87% of all customers go online to research your brand and product before committing to purchase from you.

Depending on what you’re selling, they’ll look at video reviews, customer testimonials, case studies, articles, and more. There’s one thing in common with all of these: they’re often not very authentic, and they’re extremely easy to fake. In fact, you’ve probably read at least a few fake reviews yourself. According to research, 74% of all consumers read a fake review last year.

However, video testimonials and reviews are much harder to fake. In return, they take more work to run properly, but are of incredible value.

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To fully harness the power of video, ask some of your best customers to stand in front of a camera and record a video of themselves talking about your product or service. The more natural it sounds, the better. That means no fancy productions, no expensive cameras or editing, just a phone and a customer talking about how you solved their frustration. You can use these video testimonials as part of your homepage, product or landing page, or literally anything you can think of.

In terms of pure return on investment, video is one of the most effective forms of marketing materials.

Use explainer videos to solve several problems at once

Depending on what you’re selling, it can sometimes be really complicated to explain to a customer what it really is. Maybe they know what bidding software is, but what is the value of it to them? Instead of taking them on long product tours, you can create a short explainer video to convey the same idea in a very short time.

While explainer videos have been used a lot in SaaS lately, they can be used for a variety of business applications. Even if you’re selling something commonly known as lawn care, you can use explainer video to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Tell a story of what you believe in, what makes you stand out, and what you did differently. Most importantly, tell people why they should care. As Simon Sinek said, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. A short explainer video is much more engaging and easier to consume than a full page of text, so this is a great way to “connect” your potential customers.

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Source: Intercom explanatory video with over 400 thousand views

Unlike the previous entry, this is one that you shouldn’t do on your own unless you have previous video shooting/editing experience. To create a great explainer video, you need a script, an animator, a voice actor, someone who knows how to use video editing tools, and someone to put it all together. In other words, hire a professional and it will be money well spent.

Pre-roll ads to quickly grab viewers’ attention

Let’s face the facts: nobody really likes ads. However, when they are the right length and properly placed, they can actually be fun and engaging. One of the best ways to leverage videos as paid ads is to use them as a preview of a related video that a potential customer is watching.

Pre-rolls are incredibly useful for branding for a variety of reasons.

For starters, they’re short and succinct and usually no longer than 15 seconds. The viewer is unlikely to lose interest because after all they want to watch the actual video that comes after the preview. Additionally, YouTube and similar platforms allow super-advanced retargeting so you can be sure exactly the right people are watching your videos.

Think of the videos shown before the video as a short version of your explainer. You have to say what you do and what makes you different in as little as 15 seconds. While incredibly challenging, this is a great branding exercise because it allows you to focus on the core values ​​that are important to your company and brand.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a company you admire? It’s not just you. Chances are, your customers want to know who is responding to their social media posts, who is developing the products they use and love, and how everything works at your company on an average day.

You can take a video of what you do in the office and share it with your audience by making a beautiful montage of the most beautiful moments. With the coronavirus pandemic working us all remotely, you can still shoot behind-the-scenes videos. Capture images of each of your employees, combine them, and have great content in record time.

If you want to build a brand, this is the perfect way to showcase your company values ​​and culture and prove to your customers that they are real people who solve their problems every day. Think of it as a great way to show your “why” and appear human in front of your customers.

Get started with video marketing today

Video can be an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. Apart from just making sales, videos can be used to tell the stories that shape your brand. They can also be used to convey the values ​​you believe in and how you want it to be perceived by your customers. The ideas in this article are not only simple and easy to use, but you’ll have a lot of fun working on them.

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