How to choose the best influencer tracking software

Working with influencers can be expensive, especially for small businesses that don’t have a large budget.

This is why conversion tracking is essential so you know the influencer’s impact on sales. Choosing software to track influencer-driven sales can be difficult, but this article aims to help you make the best decision for your business.

In this article we will consider:

Why is influencer conversion tracking important?

With any influencer collaboration, you usually get specific metrics from your influencer like engagement, likes and reach, which means increased brand awareness for your business. However, measuring these vanity metrics in terms of impact on your business is difficult. Does reach mean increased sales? Do posts with more likes mean more sales of a particular product?

Of course, there is value in including influencers in your marketing strategy, but blank metrics don’t tell the whole story. Influencer metrics say nothing about the number of direct sales your influencer makes, and how effective the campaign is in revenue for your brand.

Having a system for tracking influencer marketing sales (aka conversions) means you get two packages of data – custom metrics data and sales data provided by the influencer. Doing this means you can get more strategic with your influencer marketing and start analyzing what works in driving trends and conversions in each campaign.

How can you track influencer conversions?

In short, the fastest way to track your influencer marketing efforts is to use conversion tracking software – it saves you time and effort and has everything in one place. A few tools offer conversion tracking, and many have free trials (including Tapfiliate).

You will need a unique link or discount code to track your sales. The tracking software will automatically recognize which influencer is responsible for which sale. You pay the influencer based on their performance.

Learn more about how to track influencer conversions

What should be considered in impressive conversion tracking software?

When looking for conversion tracking software to track your influencer marketing campaigns, there are a few vital points to consider:

Availability and features

An important part of having conversion tracking software is making sure it’s easy to use and has the right features for your business. The clipboard should be intuitive and you should know quickly where to find things.

Note: With influencer tracking software, you can choose to pay influencers a commission for every sale they lead. Doing so can help you negotiate the price. If you prefer to pay the influencer without adding commission payments, you can.

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With conversion tracking software, you will need to integrate your shopping cart or payment provider to track sales. Check what integrations the software has – usually you can do this in a few clicks. If you have a custom website or shopping cart, what do you need to implement the code so you can track sales? You may need to use your in-house developer or find a developer to assist you with this.

Reporting and monitoring

Tracking the success of your influencer marketing campaign can be done with transparent reporting and tracking. Make sure it has detailed reporting to see which influencers are driving sales.

Data-driven affiliate marketing

Documentation and customer support

Make sure the company you choose has adequate documentation for tracking setup and has an excellent customer support team available to answer your questions.


Check what their prices are – are they within your budget? Are there different pricing levels? Which is best for your brand? Additionally, many monitoring solutions offer free trials to make sure it’s the best solution for your business.

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Which brands are using influencer marketing to increase sales?

Some brands use influencer marketing to generate revenue for their business. Here are a few examples using Tapfiliate to track Influencer sales.

nu company

Vegan snack bar business Nu company produces delicious organic snack bars with plastic-free packaging. They use ethically sourced natural materials and plant a tree for every bar they make. Nu company works with influencers to spread the word about their brand.

NU company
Image source: nu company

NU Company uses Tapfiliate to track their brand ambassador program sales. They have increased conversion rates and revenues for their companies. Their sales are tracked using a unique URL automatically generated by Tapfiliate and provided to the influencer.


Cubus is a Norwegian clothing brand that is part of the Varner family. They meet the basic clothing needs of families using natural materials and have been around for over 40 years. Sustainability is very important to them.

Image source: Tapfiliate

Cubus uses Tapfiliate to track sales from influencers promoting their products on social media. They give coupon codes to some influencers and use unique URLs for influencers to share with their audience.

You have found your impressive monitoring software. What’s next?

To ensure the software is right for your business, be sure to fully use the free trial version if the software you choose offers one. That way, you’ll be sure when you start. The following are the steps:

Be integrated

When you first start out, you need to make sure that tracking software is integrated to track sales effectively. Check which cart or payment provider you can integrate with and follow the instructions.

Invite influencers

The next step is to invite influencers to promote you. Finding the right influencers for your brand is the key to your success. You can place a link promoting your impressive program on your website and send an email to your client list.

Run your first campaign

Once you have influencers, you need to run your first campaign. Depending on your brand, this could be a raffle, competition or coupon. When running campaigns, it is very important to set the start and end dates so that you can track the success of the campaign.

How do you know if an influencer campaign is successful?

You can measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign with several different data points. For each campaign control

  • Revenues
  • Conversion rate
  • ROI
  • Custom metrics like reach, likes and comments

These metrics enable you to make strategic business decisions and determine which influencer campaigns work best for your brand.

Start tracking your influencer sales today

Now that you know why tracking your influencer sales is important, you can decide on a tracking software that meets your needs in terms of features, integrations, customer support and pricing. Then you can start and integrate, invite your influencers, and edit your first campaign. Learn more about what Tapfiliate has to offer and take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

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