How can you nail your impressive stride?

We’ve already covered how to find the right influencer to promote you. At some point, you’ll probably be asking, “How can I get this influencer to work with me?” You thought. This article aims to reveal exactly how you can do this with actionable steps.

Here are the things we will cover:

It can be complicated for an influencer to agree to work with you. It’s not as simple as sending an email saying “We’d love to work with you”. It’s much more nuanced than that. Influencers get hundreds of messages a day, so as a brand you need to experiment and make sure you stand out.

Tip: Influencers with brand affinity, meaning they already know your brand, use and admire your product or service, are often your first point of contact. It’s easier to convince someone who already loves your brand to work with you.

How to stand out

Some influencers receive hundreds or even thousands of messages a day (depending on their size), so it’s essential that you stand out as a brand to get their attention. There are several ways to do this.

Interact with them on social media

If you are interested in an influencer, be sure to interact with them on their social media channels. But be authentic with it. Don’t just go there, like 7 posts and comment on a couple and then submit your offer. Take longer to interact with them and get to know who they are.

Get to know their business

Seeing how many followers an influencer has and whether people are commenting isn’t enough to make you stand out. Look at what they’re posting about, see if they have a website or other social media channels, and have they posted elsewhere? Meet them on a deeper level. It will help you become familiar with his work.

Choose the right channel to talk

When you want to work with an influencer, it is very important to step in the right channel. There’s no point in posting on LinkedIn if your influencer isn’t super active there.

It’s important to review their profile and see if it’s a good way to communicate. If they want you to contact them via email, make sure that’s the medium you use.

If you can’t find an email address or contact form on their blog, reach out to DM them to ask what is the best way to contact them about a collaboration. They will be able to tell you what is best for them.

Build a long-term relationship

When working with influencers, the best way to get good results is to build a long-term relationship with them rather than just one great moment. If you can establish a good relationship, it will work in your favor. Communicate with them regularly, showcase their work, and be responsive.

Discover more about building good relationships with influencers.

How to write the perfect pitch

Once you know which channel to direct them to, it’s critical that you send the right message. You want to persuade someone to work with you, so taking these steps will help you.

Write a strong subject line

Writing a strong subject line can make or break your speech. Why? Because it’s the first thing an influencer sees in a sea of ​​emails. If your subject line isn’t good, they may not open it even if it’s the best speech in the world.

  1. Use an emoji
  2. customize
  3. Get straight to the point

These will help you stand out.

Customize your pitch

When writing a pitch, personalize it and tailor it to your influencer. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. Starting your conversation with “Dear influencer” is a surefire way to piss off an influencer, especially since their name is usually somewhere on their channel.

You can use our templates to get great ideas for pitches.

Depending on how you decide to pitch your influencer (via email or DM), you need to make sure that your pitch includes:

  • A great subject line (if it’s an email)
  • Why you like social media posts – be specific. You can even compliment them for a particular post. If you’ve already been on their page and interacted with them, this will help.
  • An introduction to yourself.
  • Why do you want to work with them – make sure you choose them specifically
  • Promotion of your company (if they are not familiar with your brand)
  • How would you like to work with them – be specific here
  • How will the audience benefit from it?
  • Incentives (this excludes rates)
  • What can they do if they want to work with you.

Tip: Before you get in touch, consider the different types of content and what you want, as well as what payment model you want to work with. One option is to work on an impressive affiliate basis.

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Use a theme

Just ask them “hey, can you do a social media post about us?” instead of asking. Make it part of an overall campaign with a theme. Influencers are more likely to respond to it. For example, the top 5 eco-friendly makeup looks – this is more interesting and attractive than a general request.

Plan ahead

When sending your pitch, be sure to plan ahead. Influencers often plan their content months in advance and can’t drop everything to run your campaigns. Contact them at least a month before asking them to post and try to make it as easy as possible for them. Find out exactly what they need from you and realize it.

Avoid sending tons of follow-up messages

As someone who’s gotten hundreds of follow-up emails, I can tell you it clogs their mailbox and can put you at the bottom of the line. If you’re writing a follow up email, these are some best practices.

  1. Leave it for a week or two before following up.
  2. Always find your original email so they don’t have to spend time searching for what your original email is about.
  3. If you need to create a new email thread, add what your original email is about

Sales pitch examples when you’re on a budget

Here are some examples of how to write a good email speech for an influencer. Each completes a new post, introduces themselves, and makes it clear why they want to work with the influencer, that it will be a paid opportunity, and how they can move things forward.

Hello Sarah,

I hope you’re having a great week so far. I saw the zombie look on Instagram last week and loved the attention to detail – great work, especially that hole where your eye needs to be!

My name is Ashley and I work for her. [insert company name here]. I’m contacting you because we’d love to work with you on a Disney princess beauty campaign because the way you create your looks is unique and creative, and we’d love to see what you do with this challenge. We think the Disney Princess pageant will be a great way to engage your audience and show them something special.

We want to pay you to post a video on instagram and post a free product however you want so you can create the Disney princess look. In addition, we will give you a coupon code for $10 off your users and 10% commission on sales you refer.

If you are interested in this, please reply to this email with your shipping prices so we can discuss it.

Kind regards


Here is another example for an interior design influencer.

Hi Tony,

How are you? I really enjoyed your post today on practical storage solutions for a small home. These secret cabinets were really creative and I love that you always think out of the box.

My name is Ashley and I work for her. [insert company name here]. I’m reaching out to see if you’d like to work with us as part of our spring frenzy campaign. We challenge influencers to create Spring Kitchen themed content. We’d love to see what you can do based on your previous posts on Instagram.

Of course, we pay you for your time and give you a special discount for your followers, making it valuable to your audience. We also want to give you a 10% commission on the sales you refer. Please let us know what your prices are for a shipment.

If you’re interested in working with us, please reply to this email with your fees and we’ll discuss.

Kind regards


Examples of impressive pitches if you’re on a tight budget:

Hello Dan,

I hope you’re having a great week. I loved your vegan pancake recipe post – it made me very hungry and it looked amazing. The addition of peanut butter sauce was an excellent thought.

My name is Ashley and I work for her. [insert company name]. I wanted to contact you to see if you would like to work with us on our National Donut Day campaign. We know that desserts are your specialty, so we want to see you create the “best donut” and we’d love to see what you create.

We’ll send you all the ingredients you need to make your muffin (we can give you a $40 coupon to shop in our store). We want to give you a 15% commission for every sale you refer, plus we can give you a coupon code for your followers with $5 off a $50 spend. We will also share your post on our social media accounts.

If you are ready to make donuts and join the campaign, reply to this e-mail and we will prepare your coupon.

Kind regards


Hey Kim,

How are you? I saw the post you wrote about changing your beauty routine with your sister last week and I love the idea. I couldn’t believe how different the two were.

My name is Ashley and I work for her. [insert brand here]. We’d love to work with you on a campaign called “Grandma’s Charm”, where we ask influencers to recreate the beauties of your grandmother your age.

We can offer you free makeup plus a 15% commission on any sale, and we’ll give you a discount code to share with your followers. We will also share your post on all our social channels.

If you’re interested in working with us, please reply to this email and we’ll help you with the makeover.

Kind regards


Start promoting influencers today

By interacting with influencers on their social media, getting to know their work, choosing the right channel to present, and building a long-term relationship with them, you can make sure you stand out from the crowd and get influencers more interested in working with you. easily. The next step is to ensure that your presentation is unique, themed and well planned so that it engages the influencer. This will help you convince influencers to work with you.

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