Hotbit develops the Turkish market by applying its globalization strategy

Hotbit develops the Turkish market by applying its globalization strategy

Hotbit cooperates with the blockchain communities of Turkey’s well-known universities. As part of these collaborations, Gazi University participated in Boğaziçi Blockchain Networking Day with the Blockchain community. Attended NFT Istanbul 2022 and Sabancı University Blockchain & Beyond Summit. At the same time, Selçuk University met with crypto lovers by organizing an event called the Coffe Airdrop event with the Blockchain community. Hotbit, a global exchange with 7 million users in the crypto field, has been making a name for itself in the Turkish market recently, while continuing its development in the international arena.

Bogazici Blockchain Networking Day

Hotbit had the opportunity to closely follow this event, which brought together the crypto ecosystem in Turkey in cooperation with the Gazi University Blockchain community. Hotbit, which indirectly participated and supported this event, which was attended by many valuable participants and communities, later switched to the strategy of directly participating and experiencing this ecosystem with its global strategic structure, continuous development in the Turkish market and its vision that contributes to development. .

Blockchain and Beyond Summit 2022

with gregional strategic location, With the intense development in the Turkish market and the vision to contribute to the development of the crypto digital field in Turkey, the Blockchain and Beyond Summit is hosted by the Official Account of the Sabancı University Blockchain and Finance Club, which consists of a group of young people. who love and miss the crypto digital space. Hotbit hopes to help more people interested in the crypto digital space understand the crypto market and hopes that the layman can try it too.

Sabancı University Blockchain and Finance Club members tried to create an enjoyable crypto-digital weekend inside Blockchain and Beyond Summit. Displayed with elements such as simulators, game booths and VR glasses, they resulted in a shimmering attraction, and also made an effort to provide a friendly environment for the blockchain community so that members could feel the appeal of blockchain. The conference is free and open to everyone, especially university students. Hotbit has become one of the key sponsors of the Blockchain and Beyond Summit for the enthusiasm of students and the development of the crypto market, hoping that these young people will become key talents in the future crypto market.

NFT Istanbul 2022

The world is changing with Web 3.0 technologies. NFT is now the agenda and trend setter. In these days when the future is being shaped, it is a must to connect to the future. Experts, technology developers and digital artists come together in Istanbul, where the center of the world and its continents meet.

At the NFT Istanbul 2022 conference, there was a sincere communication between many artists, participants from the crypto market and art lovers. The current market value of NFT is small, but as the market develops and the industry becomes more active, more and more people are turning their attention to the NFT field and entering the NFT market. NFT’s application scenarios are very extensive and mainly include game materials, crypto drawings, etc. is found. NFT’s uniqueness and scarcity make it very suitable for marking ownership of assets on the blockchain. Currently, many well-known IP such as Adidas, Gucci and Prada have entered the NFT market, in addition, more and more artists are joining to sell their artworks.

Coffee Airdrop Konya

Hosted by the Selçuk University Blockchain community, a friendly and warm environment was established in Konya where all crypto lovers came together. In this event, where coffee was served to the participants under the sponsorship of Hotbit, participants who had both educational and enjoyable moments in the blockchain field had the opportunity to share their experiences with each other. Attaching importance to development and interaction, Hotbit will continue to contribute to the growth of the crypto ecosystem by contributing to the gathering of people who are interested and passionate in this field.

As a global cryptocurrency trading platform, Hotbit will adhere to the global strategy to help more people create their own crypto asset accounts, enjoy a decentralized life, feel the charm of the crypto market, and help the global development of the crypto market.

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