Himo World Announces Open Beta of NFT-Based Strategy Game

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Himo World, an NFT-based strategy game developed by Kaofox Corp, has announced the launch of its open beta. The open beta will launch in July 2022 and will give players the opportunity to experience the most advanced iteration of player versus player (PvP) gameplay to date.

Himo World Open Beta

The free-to-play version includes features that have made GameFi the most innovative gaming industry in the world. Powered by BNB Chain, Himo World uses a create-to-win and compete-to-win model that rewards players for time spent. Himo World, a strategic match-3 game, combines squad building elements to offer a wide variety. Unique heroes with unlimited skill combinations.

Available as both a mobile and web application, Himo World includes features that will attract players of all abilities. The Hero Progression System rewards repetitive play with squad synergies and tier tiers designed to encourage competition and ensure longevity. In addition to the PvP mode, future versions will allow players to engage in rogue-like player versus environment (PvE) and many other exciting game modes.

The Hero Advancement System allows players to level up their heroes for the first time in the World of Himo. Along with higher levels of heroes, they can learn new skills; This means that players can now fill unlockable skill slots to trigger more skills. Besides the high rarity, Genesis heroes can now learn up to 4 skills. Players can use the win-win feature to unlock more heroes’ skill slots at different level milestones.

Gold, a brand new in-game utility, will significantly contribute to the birth of the create-win model in Himo World. In the game, gold earned after each match is scaled according to the player’s rank level. This latest model in GameFi can help participants become active “creators” and unlock more untapped potential in GameFi, the path Himo World aspires to pursue.

The system will have eight rank tiers, including the following. Novice, Apprentice, Master, Magnus, Disciple, Master, Grandmaster, and Legendary, increasingly. Each tier tier has five tiers where players can reach the required tier points and receive certain corresponding rewards. Specifically, more rank levels will be available in this open beta version.

world He strongly believes in the potential of the create-to-win model and competitive GameFi soon. The creators of this unique and creative strategic match-3 game strongly believe in the sustainable growth of the genre to contribute to the rise of a new type of competitive gamer in a future where the border between traditional and Gamefi players is indistinguishable. In the short term, this has been evidenced by an impressive influx of new users since the closed beta in May and a very high retention and engagement up to this point.

Himo World is an NFT game with deck building, strategy mechanics and match-3 gameplay. It’s very easy to play, but hard to master, unlike other casual match-3 games.

The game features free-to-play, create to win and compete to win. Other game modes include rogue-like PvE, seasonal ranking system, tournaments, coin and item bets, and many more groundbreaking features yet to be discovered.

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