Help a Human through the RedKite Humanity Art Project

Help a Human through the RedKite Humanity Art Project

As we fortunate souls go about our daily lives, a human crisis looms like a dark and ominous cloud. Many good-natured and peaceful people see stubborn and immoral barbarians turn their lives upside down, leaving refugees scattered around the world while invoking an incredible spirit of endurance to endure these difficult times.

So, while trouble continues for people around the world, ‘Humanity’ stepped in to help, all with the aim of making the world a little brighter place for those who have been upset by the brutal intrigues of war, famine and natural disasters.

To honor these commendable people, red kite teamed up with creative studio ‘Ourtypes’ and curated NFT release platform ‘DropHook’ to help stop the wave of horrors through admirable things fine arts environment by applying compassion directly to the canvas and lighting a beacon to counter the spreading darkness. For this reason, a group exhibition featuring rising stars of contemporary art will be held to draw attention to the plight of Europe’s latest refugee union.

A Valuable Collection of Fine Art NFTs

In support of his highly laudable initiative, Humanity has brought together 33 of the best artists in the contemporary environment and produced, among them: 32 unique designs was released in a series of eight prints each. Prices in WETH range from 0.1 to 0.25 and NFTs are on a lightweight and environmentally friendly Polygon Network. A total of 256 NFTs will be released over a 16-day period starting May 31.

Artists who have lent their significant talents to this worthy venture include Carne Griffiths, Dave Buonaguidi, Lucie Bennet, Mr Cenz, Pure Evil and many more, all contributing to an eclectic collection of vibrant artworks of the highest caliber. Each artwork centers around the delicate theme of war and displacement, as the creators express from their hearts what the humanitarian crisis means to them.

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Transparent Donations

After the initial sale, RedKite will donate 25% directly to the relevant charities, with 5% set aside to cover platform costs. The remaining 70% will be transferred to the artists, donate at least 35% Towards worthy causes with the option to donate more if they choose to do so.

RedKite has singled out three major charities as recipients of the funds. Therefore, the beneficiary Refugee Council, UNICEF and the Children’s Voices Foundation focused on helping those affected by the ravages of conflict and improving their quality of being. Also, upon completion, RedKite will publish full details of all the money distributed.

Additional Donations and Free NFTs

RedKite has added a bit of versatility to charities, enabling direct donations to the cause. As a result, philanthropists can pledge their support on the Polygon network using $WETH, $MATIC or $USDC. Following this, the grateful team a free NFT airdrop to all participating wallets as a tribute to their generous gifts. Meanwhile, RedKite will split 100% of the funds raised equally among the three charities.

At the end of the day, small acts of kindness leave a lasting impression, lessening that bitter pill, and leaving behind a remnant of hope. So take a moment to think about those caught in the crossfire and maybe lend a helping hand. There is Humanity in Art.

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