Grow Predictably LLC Offers Free Tools to Help Small Businesses Reduce Marketing Costs

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, July 14, 2022 / — Brian K. Shelton has created two revolutionary new tools that help small business owners and entrepreneurs develop marketing strategies that deliver growth and profit margins each quarter. The tools Brian and his team just rolled out are specifically designed to help business owners understand the details of their target audience, including psychographics, demographics, key buying factors, customer value optimization, and avatar personality.

Developing a clear understanding of your target market allows businesses at all stages to create specific messages, products, services and offerings that should keep customers in your company’s ecosystem.

Discover Your Ideal Customer
Creating a customer avatar is one of the most important things businesses can do before they start selling. The first free downloadable tool that Brian and his team created is the “Simple 7-Step Customer Avatar Worksheet”. This worksheet gives companies guiding tips to help them develop an understanding of their customers’ challenges, motivations and desires. Often business owners and companies do not know where to start their research process, so this resource saves time by guiding them through the research process.

This tool can also be used to create multiple client avatars.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Value
An important element that companies struggle with is defining customer value to increase customer lifetime value. With an increase in lifetime value, customers will stay with your business longer, interact more with your brand, and are more likely to recommend you to their network.

Grow Predictably LLC has also produced a proprietary “Customer Value Optimization” guide. This resource allows you to calculate your customer value by looking at product/market relevance, relevant traffic sources, Search Engine Optimization best practices, paid and free advertising, social media marketing, and word of mouth.

It was created as a resource for businesses to explore multiple parts of the customer journey, which can then help create different messages at each stage. The company has made the Customer Value Optimization guide free and can be found on its website.

About Grow Predictably LLC
Grow Predictably LLC started after Brian Shelton earned passive income through affiliate marketing in his day job. He continued to quit his job as he earned five figures each month from his subsidiary. During this time, he discovered his passion for digital marketing and the transformative power businesses can experience with the right marketing strategy.

After the Google Panda update in 2012, the incident hurt its business and impacted its traffic and earnings, meaning it had to spin quickly and stay agile to regain lost revenue. Brian went on to enroll in the Master’s in Marketing program and also became a DigitalMarketer certified partner in hopes of helping empower online entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow their profits and customers.

Today, Brian runs Grow Predictably LLC, with a desire to help 100 businesses grow and succeed in 2022 and beyond.

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