GRN Holdings Corporation, Inc.  (OTC: GRNF) about her name

GRN Holdings Corporation, Inc. (OTC: GRNF) about her name

ESTERO, Florida, August 5, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – GRN Holdings Corporation, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRNF) announces a change in management and its business model and a corporate restructuring. One of the first steps to support the company’s new direction is to file amended articles with the Delaware Secretary and a related FINRA action to change the company’s name to Marijuana Inc. In addition to changing the company’s name to Marijuana, the company is announcing the appointment of a new CEO, Donald Steinberg, who is focused on implementing a new business model based on global marijuana retail and distribution.

Donald Steinberg, director of the company commented, “In 2009, I saw the change taking place in the widespread acceptance of marijuana in the United States. I then founded Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA), which at the time was the first publicly listed marijuana company to be listed publicly. Fundamental in the US stock market. We are now seeing countries around the world going through various stages of decriminalization including the beginnings of legal import and export.”

Mr. Steinberg continued, “The name change to Marijuana Company is fundamental to the company’s transformation from an acquisition company to one focused on the global legal distribution of marijuana. I look forward to participating in the massive change that is taking place on a global scale with respect to marijuana.”

The marijuana company has two new divisions. The first is VivaBuds, which was established as a retail model starting in Los Angeles, the world’s largest marijuana market. This program uses a “Tell A Friend” marketing approach to overcome existing traditional supply lines by going directly from farm to consumer.

The second is One World Legends, focusing on Colombia and preparations to export from there. Donald Steinberg stated, “Rocky Petrolo is a fantastic partner with a deep background in the industry.”

“Global distribution of marijuana is still in its infancy and we are restructuring the company to meet demand,” says Rocky Petrolo, president of One World Legends “OWL.” After completing several trips to Colombia that included partnering with licensed farms and industry leaders, she confirmed that the cannabis industry in Colombia is ready to grow high-quality, high-volume cannabis flower. I have also traveled to Spain and Amsterdam to get a sound understanding of the European market as we aim to import from Colombia.

OWL believes that some of the legendary herbal strains known to promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit are “Colombian” strains, which include legendary strains such as the Colombian Gold, Colombian Punta Rojo, and Mango Beach. OWL will distribute Columbian breeds, as well as land breeds such as the Durban Poison and African Kush from Colombia to legal customers. The term “land” is used to refer to the limited number of surviving cannabis strains that have naturally evolved in the geographical area discovered by humans in the 20th century. Landrace strains represent the original cannabis strains, and are therefore the origins of all modern cannabis strains around the world.

“I have worked hard to find land strains from different parts of the world and have obtained seeds to grow in Colombia. I am passionate about the quality of Colombian farming along with ancient seeds. This is our specialty and I think it will be invaluable to preserving the history of cannabis and enjoying the plant,” Stated Rocky Petrullo .

New corporate website and operations

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new website,, as part of the company’s overall refocusing. We encourage our customers and shareholders to visit the site regularly for updates and useful information about our company and our products. This is a beta version of the website that will be updated further in the coming weeks. We also encourage people to visit our retail website at

Company actions and other changes

The company’s operations are moving in a new direction. Changing the name and symbol will help the company better align with its new business model. The company recently filed a 20:1 reverse split with FINRA. This company measure has not yet been approved but the company expects it to be effective soon. Splitting the reserve may help make our company more attractive to institutional investors, ensure that the company maintains its OTCQB listing standards, as well as make equity more attractive to mergers and acquisitions.

With the appointment of Donald Steinberg as CEO and Director, the company’s former CEO resigned from the company’s board of directors, leaving Donald Steinberg as the company’s sole director.

About Donald Steinberg

Don has decades of involvement in the marijuana industry, going back to the 1970s when he was referred to as the largest importer of marijuana in the United States While in “college” of marijuana, he studied stock options and wrote option volatility programs that he implemented at all options exchanges in the United States

Then, seeing the great use of phone cards in Europe, he founded GlobalCom2000 which became a leading phone card company in the United States, the 7-11 card, 1Street A card in the United States bearing the company’s logo and distributed in hundreds of 7 to 11 stores. He then created One World Communications, which became the largest communications affiliate marketing company in the world with 187 offices and training centers in more than 30 countries and 200,000 affiliates. After One World Communications, he created Club Vivanet to provide financial services. In 2009, he founded Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC: MJNA), which was the firstStreet To be a company in the US stock market. After building the market value of Medical Marijuana Inc. To a market cap of nearly $100 million, he retired in Florida. In 2015, he founded the Marijuana Company of America (OTC: MCOA) and resigned in 2019. That year, he founded Marijuana Strategic Ventures (OTC: MSVI) to assist companies in the “general process”. He recently changed the name of that company to Mushrooms Inc. to participate in the mushroom industry.

About GRN Holdings Corporation (GRNF)

GRN Holding Corporation is a publicly listed shell company that engages in the global distribution and sale of marijuana in states and countries where it is permitted. The company began working and collaborating with marijuana growers to distribute high-quality, low-cost marijuana to legal consumers, wholesalers, and retailers. With their “Tell A Friend” form, GRN Holding is preparing to distribute Farmer to Consumer in states where it is legal to do so. GRN Holding is led by people who launched the first publicly traded marijuana company on the US stock market. Medical Marijuana Inc. The team includes prominent leaders in the cannabis industry and successful leaders in the general cannabis market.

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Company contact:

Marijuana, Inc.
Actual address:
23150 Fashion Drive
STE 231
Estero, Florida 33928
United States of America

mailing address:
21301 S Tamiami Tree,
STE 320. PMB 177
Estero, Florida 33928
United States of America

Phone: +1 877-339-1155

Email: [email protected]

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