Flower-Inspired NFT Art Exhibition from 1.Dibs

Flower-Inspired NFT Art Exhibition from 1.Dibs

1stDibs, a leading marketplace for exceptional design, It is primarily known for its retailing. high quality products in furniture, jewelery and art. Another series of the company rich spring are auctions and NFTs. With a monthly curated show top CryptoArtists, 1.Dibs NFT art market It is a continuation of the brand’s mission. It promotes curation, quality and originality, enabling it to become a leading destination for those who seek the most beautiful things in the world.

The name of the company’s April NFT art exhibition is ‘BL00M and led by Spanish multidisciplinary Ignasi Monreal, along with four other leading CryptoArtists. although a Each of the seven different works of art, the product of five different minds, The flower universe, which serves as the vocal of the exhibition, and the human connection with nature point.


Monreal’s nine artworks are based on the iconic Poppy, Lotus and Tulip flowers. work of art that has the purpose of combining the wonders of nature with the seemingly arbitrary human complications.

Monreal has chosen two ways to do this, the first is three flowers. vast bond refers to human existence – poppy opium and therefore addictive Due to the nature of cryptocurrency exchanges, the lotus flower is a symbol of purity and spirituality. Besides awakening, prosperity and success, the tulip flower represents ‘financial bubbles’. It was created by humans in the 17th century, referring to the Dutch ‘tulip mania’.

second method monreal one of the undisputed ‘dynamic digital garden’ concept. The most creative NFT innovations to date. This is because every work of art The ever-changing dynamics of this thing we humans call ‘crypto’ blooms when the asset is sold or fades when the market is empty. Other metaphorical implications will also be incorporated into artworks such as the changing sky and buzzing insects. tapping into your flower intuition will help keep you informed about the state of the crypto market.

All nine of Monreal’s distinctive, colorful and constantly dynamic designs, With the help of London-based animation studio NO GHOST. More NFTs in ‘BL00M’ are coming a eclectic mix of artists 1.Dibs’ and Monreal share a passion for instilling poetry human existence with art and flowers.

‘What a Beautiful Place to Spill’ by London-based artist CoverArtMan features a restorative quality with the centerpiece, which is a woman leaning against a vintage car in an oasis your flowers. For the artist, the juxtaposition between a car and nature, Back off and tune in as you navigate the sometimes unconscious human experience.

‘Child of Light’ SOUL DYES It features an angel inspired by Gustav Klimt surrounded by cosmic symbols that simultaneously depict the sun, the moon, the orbit of the earth and a sunflower. This The name behind the artwork is the code for the ‘student of wisdom’, a very important 17th century teaching. hermetic philosophy.

‘Bedroom View’ from the German artist Aris Roth is a futuristic, anime-esque dreamscape. she has a glamorous female figure that seems to be encouraged by the abundance of flowers. The landscape around.

Final track, ‘Wild Thoughts’ Surrealist ShayIt is a metaphorical approach. Silhouette of a young man’s head transformed into a Northern Renaissance style collage. Inside the man’s head is a collection of flowers, berries and a hummingbird. each deftly depicts the most prominent parts of a person’s neck and skull.

BL00M Auction

namesake of the collection Auction technically it’s already up and running, but every entity The first reserve price must be reached for the auction clock to start running. Depending the artwork in question will have a reserve price of Ξ1,000 (£2,290) to Ξ4,000. (£9,160). Each of the works is exactly one-to-one.

Other NFTs from 1.Dibs

BL00M 11. NFT exhibition 1.Dibs, ie much more famous digital art offers on site. Exhibits also draw inspiration from a wide variety of artistic styles. ‘net art’, real and surreal 3D animations, music production, artwork elements of the digital canvas and themes such as escapism, ‘metaglyphs’, portals, ‘weird’ worlds’ and more.

As you might expect, many artworks have already been snatched from such exhibitions. Web3 art enthusiasts via auction. However, not all is gone, so be sure to check out 1.Dibs. exhibition page To see if there’s anything to suit your artistic taste.

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