FirstByte Media’s Cosmin Mesenschi Explains How The Company Is A Driving Force Behind Crypto Companies

As bears continue to dominate the crypto markets, we caught up with Cosmin Mesenschi, founder and CEO of FirstByte Media, which allows crypto brands to acquire clients, and it’s becoming more and more important as many people worry about the future. . Crypto platforms surrounded by such a crowd should ensure that their potential customers know the advantages that crypto and blockchain-based platforms offer over traditional ones, and they are here to stay. We asked Cosmin a few questions to understand how they do what they do and add value to their customers.

At FirstByte Media, Cosmin handles operations, manages the team, and develops relationships with the company’s key partners. He has been part of the marketing world for over 5 years and has been in crypto for the past 3 years. It now seeks to expand and innovate in several new markets.

Q: Can you tell us about yourself and your role at FirstByte Media?

A: My name is Cosmin Mesenschi and I am the CEO and Founder of FirstByte Media. I’ve been in marketing roles since I was still in college and was involved in the crypto space during the 2018 bear market. From then on, I saw an opportunity to grow in this market, especially by combining what I learned from the previous ones. industries I’m in, such as the gambling market.

At FirstByte Media, I manage operations and train a solid, cohesive team that develops successful products.

Q: Can you tell us more about FirstByte Media?

A: FirstByte Media is a leading generation company and we help crypto brands gain more customers. Our portfolio of websites aims to get high quality traffic from different sources to generate leads to our partners.

Q: Please describe your approach to the lead generation process at FirstByte Media.

A: At FirstByte Media, we focus a lot on the user’s perspective. Everything we create is crafted and suitable to satisfy our target market. Any decision we make is to help provide solutions for what they are looking for. The crypto and community focus sets us apart from other lead generation companies.

Q: What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

A: By leveraging all of our marketing channels, including SEO, Social Media, Discord, Youtube and much more, we provide unique solutions to our partners that help them reach more people. We have established ourselves as the leading company in the crypto gambling industry and only want to partner with the best.

Q: What future do you see in this market?

A: The best way to answer this question is to offer you some thoughts from our team and other top companies.

“The application of cryptocurrencies in the gambling market takes online gambling to another level. The numerous advantages of using cryptocurrency make crypto gambling very attractive to private players and casino providers” – Vania Zapata, Digital Marketing Manager, FirstByte Media.

The following excerpt from Taylor M., Managing Director of Hunnyplay, also shares his perspectives on the future of crypto gambling:

“With the development of technology and the adoption of cryptocurrencies. It was inevitable that gambling platforms would adopt these assets as a form of betting. More platforms are starting to see the potential of crypto in gambling. Hunnyplay is no exception. We are constantly thinking of new ways to develop new ideas and features on our platform. Crypto gambling is here to stay as we see widespread use, but staying in the game, separating yourself from your opponent will be the main key. ”

I agree with Taylor and creating a brand that stands out in this super competitive market is the top priority for anyone who wants to be a part of it! Supporting the Hunnyplay team is a long-term partnership we value.

Q: Who is the team behind FirstByte?

A: The team consists of people passionate about marketing, video games, crypto and blockchain. Hunger for learning and always trying to push the limits.

Q: Can you tell us more about the industry verticals and brand partnerships you are addressing to us?

A: According to Rayne Davis, President of BC.Game Affiliates, Crypto and iGaming are two of the most innovative industries in the world. A lot of growth is still expected in the coming years and the surface has just been scratched.

And we at FirstByte Media greatly value our partnership with, which we have established since we started our journey.

In addition to the crypto gambling market, which is our primary focus, we are also involved in the betting, education and e-sports sectors. Each has its own brand as we plan to create something unique.

In sharing my views with Vania Zapata, our Director of Digital Marketing, I would like to say that Firstbyte Media has always tried to balance providing best-in-class content in the crypto industry with the needs of the target group in mind first.

Q: Does FirstByte maintain a portfolio of websites?

A: Yes that’s true. Our core workforce is CryptoGamble. BettingDose and MonsterGames are websites that we work on and continue to develop. These websites are completely created and designed by our team.

CryptoGamble was created to provide a unique set of knowledge for advanced players who already know enough about the world of gambling. So with a Vice City-inspired style, we’re taking affiliate marketing in the industry to the next level by trying to bring innovation and a new way of doing what we do.

Q: How can individuals benefit from FirstByte Media?

A: Our brand aims to create open communication between users and the company itself. Committed to providing all content accurately and exclusion of any tampering or manipulation.

Transparency is vital in the crypto market. We are completely transparent in everything we do.

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