First US Affiliate Awards Judging Panel Announced

Months of recruiting secured an excellent roster of key players from the industry, creating a fitting panel to decide our 2022 winners for the inaugural edition of the US Affiliate Awards.

It was very important to us to create an exceptional, well-rounded panel of judges that would represent the influencer, performance and connected industries, including reputable big brands and those with successful partnerships at their core.

When forming its panel of judges, the USPA team aimed to recruit individuals with extensive experience in the performance, affiliate, affiliate or influencer marketing industries and focused on individuals based in the US or operating in the US and Canada.

Natalie Stone, PerformanceIN Senior Awards Event Manager, said, “Our CTA was to find affiliate marketing’s brightest, most respected and experienced thought leaders to evaluate outstanding affiliate and partner, performance and creative marketing work from across North America for our first US Affiliate Awards. ”

The jury will review and score campaigns based on planning, innovation, creativity, execution and results.

Alongside many new faces, the panel welcomes a handful of trusted judges who have previously judged Talking Influence and PerformanceIN’s awards, ensuring the panel’s foundation is solid.

Major brands and partnership experts

Jenny Quigley-Jones, CEO of Digital Voices, waved the flag of influencer marketing at the Affiliate Awards judging panel. Jenny is very knowledgeable in knowing what it takes to make an award-winning entry, taking home the gold trophy for her team’s ‘Best Travel Campaign’ at this year’s Influencer Marketing Awards. Jenny also spoke at NYC’s first Influencer Marketing Show, demonstrating her investment and passion for the American influencer market.

The panel also welcomes individuals from giant brands including Walt Disney, Footlocker and IL MAKIAGE – all of whom have made a name for themselves in influencer marketing, affiliate and performance.

Zahra Bidar-Hernandez currently leads’s affiliate marketing strategy and growth. She has over 15 years of experience blending innovative thinking with an analytical approach to attract, win and engage customers. Zahra will present her various skills to the jury.

Boaz Ariely, Senior Vice President of Performance Marketing at IL MAKIAGE, will bring with him a passion for beauty as well as a great knowledge of growth and performance marketing. With beauty campaigns immensely popular in the influencer space, Boaz will be able to combine performance knowledge with a passion for e-commerce to evaluate campaigns in the influencer, performance, and affiliate areas.

Fashion is another vertical that spans the areas of influence, performance, and affiliate, so Heidi Rumpf, Senior Manager of Affiliate Marketing at Foot Locker, is a great addition to the panel. Heidi was also recognized at the PerformanceIN Top 50 last year and has proven to be a driver for change as well as a strong decision maker.

On the agency side, we invited actors from established agencies such as dentsu and Riddle and Bloom. Jade Mayberry is the Leader of Growth Marketing and Performance Partnerships at dentsu International. He is an experienced marketer trusted by best-in-class digital marketing agencies, start-ups, and direct-to-consumer brands. Jade will bring a multi-faceted, multidimensional perspective to the panel of judges.

Norman Yuen, Vice President of Accounts at Influencer Marketing Award-winning agency Riddle and Bloom, will also share his expertise and insights on the USPA review panel. Norman currently manages multiple brand partnerships, including Amazon and Comcast, with previous work including partnerships with Coca-Cola, Gray Goose, Cadillac, Zappos, TripAdvisor and more.

Diana Lysenko, Global Partnerships Manager at LGBTQ+ social networking and dating app Taimi brings her technology and app experience. Ellen Show has a great knack for communication and strong networking skills, which has helped her launch major collaborations with respected projects in the industry such as Katy Perry, Calum Scott and Todrick Hall. Diana and her team have successfully partnered in accordance with the SCR policy aimed at contributing to the LGBTQ+ community.

The entire panel of judges can be viewed on the USPA website, so take a look and see if you can spot any familiar faces.

Judging process

Once entries are closed, the judging portal will open, allowing juries to rate entries based on areas such as planning, execution, and results. Once the scores are collected and combined, a virtual judging day will be held, which allows reviewers to challenge each other’s thinking, led by our content team.

As this awards program aims to celebrate the best of the best in results-based marketing, judges will seek clear evidence of business success and return on investment. The Jury will decide on the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners after discussing the high and low points of the entries submitted to them.

It’s time to make some decisions

So now that the entries are closed, it’s time for the judges to get their heads together and start scoring excellent quality entries, ready for the winners to be announced live at Sony Hall in New York on September 7.

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