Facebook Launches Music Revenue Sharing Program: How Does It Work?

Facebook Launches Music Revenue Sharing Program: How Does It Work?

Social media has many positive aspects, such as income earning opportunities. In fact, it is very lucrative for some creators to quit their jobs to focus on creating content full time. Social media companies are increasingly improving their platforms to help creators make more money.

An example is Facebook, which introduced a program to share music revenue for its creators. Keep reading to find out what the Facebook Music Revenue Sharing Program is all about and how it works.

What is the Facebook Music Revenue Sharing Program?

Facebook’s Music Revenue Sharing Program is the first of its kind initiative that shares ad revenue with content creators who use licensed music in their videos. The software was announced in a July 2022 Meta blog post as follows:

Today, we’re introducing music earnings sharing to Facebook, making it easier for video creators to monetize their videos using licensed music from our extensive catalog. This gives creators and music rights holders a new way to make money from videos on Facebook.

This is another way for Facebook creators to make money on the platform. In May 2022, Meta improved monetization opportunities for Reels creators. One way this has been done is by incentivizing Reels creators to consistently post original content.

But it’s not the only platform that motivates creators to publish original content. Instagram has announced that it will start rewarding original content as well. Of course, the new music revenue-sharing program is another way Facebook is positioning its platform to compete with TikTok.

However, this time Facebook is focusing on long content rather than short video.

How does Facebook Music Earning Sharing Work

Content creators get 20% of the revenue from videos that contain tracks from Facebook’s licensed music library. The library includes music by artists such as rapper Post Malone, singer Leah Kate, and more.

The program is open to creators who qualify for in-stream ads and adhere to Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policy. This is a best practice guide if you want to make money on the platform.

To qualify for the Facebook Music Revenue Sharing Program, creators must post videos of at least one minute duration that contain a visual element. Only videos uploaded to a Facebook page are eligible. Learn more about revenue sharing best practices on Facebook.

This is the motivation you need to start using a Facebook Page if you are still using your profile to create content. Still not convinced? Here’s why a Facebook page is better than a brand profile.

After you upload a video eligible for the Music Earning Sharing Program, you can track your expected earnings in Creator Studio.

Facebook’s music revenue sharing program is available to creators in the US first and will roll out globally in the coming months. The platform also plans to add more music options to its licensed music library in the future.

Should You Participate in Facebook’s Music Revenue Sharing Program?

You should always stay up to date with new features and software on the social media platforms you are using if you are serious about content creation. Using new features and joining new programs positions you as a creator who takes their work seriously.

It also keeps you relevant, which is essential given how crowded the content creation space can be. Consider joining Facebook’s music revenue sharing program and see if you enjoy creating long videos with licensed music. Find how your audience will receive it, too.

After a few months, you can decide if the money is worth the time and effort you put into creating this type of content. Plus, you can join the program for free, so you have nothing to lose by trying. Here are all the new ways to make money on Facebook and Instagram if you’re interested.

Facebook helps creators make more money

Years ago, creators could only make money through affiliate marketing and sponsorship of brands on social media. But this is no longer the case. Social media companies like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are filling their platforms with multiple income generation opportunities to help creators earn a living.

Facebook is trying to stay ahead of the curve by adding features and software to help creators make more money. Between multiple ad revenue programs and Reels’ incentives, the opportunities are endless. If you are a creator on Facebook, take advantage of all these opportunities to increase your chances of making money on the platform.

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