Evo Surfers: The latest play-to-win project that brings Gamefi into the age of integration

Evo Surfers: The latest play-to-win project that brings Gamefi into the age of integration

The pandemic has thrown many things into a downtrend, but one thing has definitely gained momentum: Blockchain-based games. Putting NFT (incomparable token) and crypto into the game, these games not only provided virtual entertainment, but also developed a new way for users to earn money at home: play-win. According to DApp Radar, gaming apps on the blockchain have increased by 71% compared to last year. And the craziest? Top game Axie Infinity has harvested $4 billion from NFT sales and more than $2 billion from in-game crypto AXS. These blockchain games with earnings and financial possibilities have become a whole new industry called Gamefi.

It seems that it is not easy for Gamefi to experience a bigger boom in 2022. As we face fiercer competition and more sophisticated users, it’s important to find the key to unlock more of Gamefi’s achievements. Recently in May, a new blockchain-based game called Evo Surfers gained a lot of attention from the community right after its release.

Evo Surfers It is the first Gamefi project to take on the theme of giant civilization evolution. It is also considered one of the most authentic metaverse games due to its immersive gameplay, including interstellar travel, and allowing users to build their own realms from the lands in the game with economic rules. But what attracts players the most is the innovative integration of win-win, Gamefi and Defi, which offers a host of ways for players to earn money and opportunities for the game to evolve into an endless ecosystem.

Players will take part in various missions and battles and will be able to obtain different in-game assets such as vehicles or equipment called Cachas, patents and terrains. Assets can be traded as NFTs in the domestic or secondary markets and even used to generate additional profits, such as how it works with royalties. The first process of getting NFTs is called egg twisting. As of now, the community is counting down the days for egg twisting to begin as early egg twisters are said to be able to receive SSR NFTs, i.e. superior NFTs with high quality attributes and therefore high values. These NFTs can give investors the fastest payback within 10 days.

Moreover, the game also includes a well-designed dual coin model and Defi products to give users more earning options. And as it grows, it will have its own DAO to manage the distribution of the incremental profits from the gaming ecosystem.

As you can see, Evo Surfers not only offers a high level of game content and design, but also makes the unprecedented innovative integration of multidimensional profit-making mechanisms in-game and pushes Gamefi’s limits. It would be reckless to guess that Evo Surfers has a pretty good chance of leading the new Gamefi Race.

Big story: advance civilization with cute skeletons

Evo Surfers places its story against the background of the evolution of human civilization. All players will build human civilization from the primitive tribes stage to interstellar colonization. Players can experience an intense journey of the progress of human civilization and realize self-realization by building something from scratch and creating a consensus from unified cooperation.

The overall gameplay experience of Evo Surfers is much more complex and well-structured. Plenty of items from cute characters, different environments from each stage of civilization, different races with different professions and abilities, different types of quests and adventures, and multiple ways to restore power, etc. It contains. Players will have a variety of fun by combining different combinations. implement various maneuvers and strategies.

The game also has a well-designed reward system. As civilization advances through joint efforts, the game will upgrade and release new lands, vehicles, quests, techniques and rewards to continue to encourage players and keep the excitement going.

Various assets: multiple NFTs with multiple earning methods

Evo Surfers’ largest reward system consists of a play-to-win mechanism and blockchain-based rewards such as NFTs, tokens and the additional income they generate. The three major Evo Surfer NFTs include Cacha NFTs, which are avatars of the main cute skeletal characters, and vehicle and technical NFTs in the game, called Patents, as well as fashion NFTs that can enhance Cacha’s attributes.

There are many ways to get Evo Surfer NFTs. The most interesting way is the aforementioned egg twist where users can get their Superior Cachas, patent NFTs and fashion NFTs including the genesis patent that guarantees a stable income. But users don’t know exactly what they’re getting with the eggs, which provide a kind of excitement similar to blind boxes.

One of the biggest innovations of Evo Surfers NFTs is that, among all NFTS types, patent NFT holders can enjoy not only selling the patents but also generating royalty-like income. In other words, when someone else consumes crypto for the patent, some of the expense will go to the original owner’s account as dividends until the patent is sold to the new owner.

After reaching a certain level of the game, users can also purchase and utilize the land by renting it or charging certain fees for the use of the land, making it a small Metaverse real estate business.

Binary tokenomics: stable and solid growth

If trading NFT and enjoying the patent commission is not enough, Evo Surfers will also issue not one but two platform tokens, EVO and EVOG, to create a dual coin economy in-game.

Evo will be the main carrier of gaming value and will be traded on the DEX and major exchanges. Egg, Cacha is in-game currency for buying patents and trading NFT. It is also proof of getting dividends from the game. All decentralized financial activities will be carried out with EVO.

EVOG, on the other hand, will mostly be used as a utility token in the game. Players will consume EVOG to cultivate Cacha or Cacha synthesis and other in-game needs. However, the value of EVOG can be bridged with EVO by creating and trading NFTs. Users can consume EVOG to scan or synthesize higher level Cacha and sell it to get EVO.

The binary token model may be more complex, but it is vital for EVOG’s value to be appreciated. Using Evog to meet frequent in-game demand can save Evo owners from worrying about excessive inflation that will hurt the Evo’s value.

Final integration: Defi

Perhaps the most innovative integration Evo Surfers has made is combining Gamefi and Defi. If a user somehow does not want to play or trade, they can take advantage of the Defi innovation, sit back and still enjoy the increased profits of the gram.

Evo Surfers offers a range of Defi options including liquidity mining, Evo bonds and staking; amongst these, staking offers the most diverse way to benefit financially. The user can use Evo tokens as collateral, i.e. to stake, receive dividends at different percentages depending on how much they bet and whether they burn their EVO. Last but not least, users can also stake their EVO tokens in the Evo Surfer DAO to become shareholders of the entire game and receive dividends from the income of the entire platform. Evo Surfers invests 50% of its earnings into the DAO every week as dividends to DAO investors.

As can be seen from above, Evo Surfers has combined the royalty-like passive income model of patent NFTs, metaverse land business, binary tokenomics and Defi in one game. This multidimensional integration itself is Evo Surfers’ biggest innovation, and is probably the key to becoming the next hit in the Gamefi space.

Learn more about Evo Surfers: https://www.evosurfers.com

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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