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AffPapa.com is the most comprehensive directory devoted to iGaming affiliates and operators, bringing together interested parties to collaborate one-on-one on the services they have. AFFPApa Advanced tools and filters provide a quick search of affiliates and operators with the best offers. Check out the smart betting guide for more.

About iGaming

The iGaming.com Group is a distinguished organization operating in the digital media industry with outstanding performance, explosive growth and solid financials. Our hard-working group of industry professionals publish and maintain user-friendly comparison websites in various countries and languages.

iGaming, commonly known as online gaming, refers to the practice of gambling certain forms over the internet on the outcome of an event or game, whether or not the results are randomly generated. Activities that involve playing games on a computer can include things like Poker and Bingo. Online gambling establishments, including slot machines.

Comparing Gaming and iGaming

Although both gaming and iGaming have the same meaning, they are two completely different industries. The first term refers to classic video games, while the next term is used to describe any type of online game that is determined by odds and luck and typically involves financial bets.

Both the traditional gaming industry and the online gaming industry have experienced phenomenal expansion over the past decade. And although there are distinguishing features between the two (such as the use of real money), we have seen both influence each other over time, each mimicking some of the other’s features.

The inclusion of gambling in one of these activities is the key distinction between traditional online gaming and iGaming. As a result, online gaming refers to recreational multiplayer games, while iGaming refers to various online gambling establishments such as casinos, poker sites, and bookies.

What does AFFPApa do?

Recently, the organization has compiled submissions for 20 different awards highlighting iGaming affiliates and operators. Members from each region have resulted in the creation of a true melting pot that exemplifies the phenomenal development of the online gaming industry over the years. It is a platform where you can get information about iGaming and other related companies or sites that are interested in betting.

Sports betting affiliates

Here are some recognized sports betting affiliates; Paddy Power Sports, FanDuel Sports, 5k Betting System, Gods of Betting, Bet365, Betfair, Draft Kings, 888 Sports and others. These sports betting affiliate programs can be listed in the AFFPApa iGaming Awards for their leading role in the betting world. This will allow you to conveniently access the necessary information and know their current schedules and good reports.

How do sports betting affiliates work?

Affiliate marketing encompasses three to four different aspects. Affiliate marketers, company or brand, network and customer play important roles in this process. Affiliate marketers need to promote the brand through a variety of channels to participate in the process. If they are successful, they will receive a commission from the sales they generate or the customers they attract. Therefore, this model not only benefits businesses offering sports betting by bringing in new customers, but also benefits affiliate marketers because they too have the opportunity to profit from it.

Sports betting is gaining popularity because of the enormous benefits they offer. Many people invest in sports to experience the entertainment value they provide, such as the opportunity to increase their wealth, convenience and simplicity to get started.

What should be considered in casino affiliates?

Each affiliate is geared towards a unique market and has its own criteria, it’s impossible to manage them all. When looking for an affiliate, there are many different factors to consider such as GEOs, bonuses, language and even work values! This obviously has the potential to be overwhelming, but don’t worry, because AffPapa has you covered! By using the various filters available on our website, you can choose your preferred criteria and start efficient collaborations.

As a result

AFFPApa iGaming Awards are set up to create a conducive environment for a knowledge or article bank for other betting sites where the necessary information for successful and safe gambling can be found. It also has reliable and distinguished affiliates with records.

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